Writing Coaching Services through Nancy Wait

Do you have a story to tell? Having trouble getting on with it? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. The only question now is, how motivated are you to writing it down? How committed are you? That is all it takes—the willingness to commit. After that, it’s just a matter of doing the work. And it can be fun.

long_roadYou don’t have to do it alone. As a professional writing coach I can guide you through the process to a finished story. I can help you go beyond your anxiety and frustrations. Together we’ll sort through whatever you feel might be a conflict or concern, so that you can move ahead to reach your goals.

Sometimes all we need is someone who believes in us to unearth the treasure that lies within. If I believe in you, you will come to believe in yourself.

I work mainly with memoir writers, with those who tell first-person stories.

typingIt takes courage to put yourself out there, to tell the world what happened to you, to lay yourself on the line. But if you’ve got a story to tell, you’ll do it. All you need do is commit to it.

As a coach, my purpose is to assist you in any way I am able, toward envisioning, outlining, shaping, refining, and completing your goal. To actually get your content down. And have fun doing it. Yes, writing can be hard work, but when you are engaged in something you love, the work itself is the reward.

nancy-aboutusTell me your dream. Tell me what it’s about. Send me some pages. And we’ll take it from there. Unless you live in or near New York City, the sessions will be conducted via Skype video. The first session is free. There is no charge for reading, only for our sessions.


I have been a writing coach and editor since 2006. Before that I taught writing in group sessions. My book, The Nancy Who Drew: The Memoir That Solved A Mystery was published in 2011.



A one-hour session is $50 via PayPal. I also offer a discount if you book four sessions in advance.

For more information, please send an email to nancy@inspirationalstorytellers.com



This video (book trailer) explains why Nancy Wait taught herself to write and her amazing journey as she connected with the blueprint of her soul. What a story!!




Story and Paintings of Little Man by Nancy Wait ~ dedicated to artists and fruit sellers everywhere, and those who are willing to look deeper and risk changing.