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[Average 前] The 10th week of Sunday, the patriot @ 马

This week’s Sunday Tournament will be a repeat of the 2015 Meeting final. The 21st century wholesale nfl jerseys online strongest Strong Strong New England Patriot will come to the Mi Gao ball in Denver Plateau to challenge the wild horse. Although the wild horses have stepped on the superb bowl, in the 6 games in the two teams, the patriot won five games. Can it be a horses who have been wholesale jerseys from china the home to slam in the home? I think this is really difficult.

Danfo Ye immediately washed with the eagle blood in Philadelphia in Philadelphia. Because I can’t stand the four-point WiTrevo-Simaian’s life, I will once again sacrificed the four-point guards who have given a hopes, and will he become the savior of the wild horse again? It is still still in the wait. The Wild Horse Created The Saving Committee failed to play a average level this season, CJ-Anderson and cheap jerseys free shipping Jamar Charles’s state is not as good as before, the pavement attack is weak, they have been on the attack. Overseas Wei Feng-Miller is still the most reliable member of the team, and facing his play of patriots is always extravagant. In the past 6 times in the past, Miller sent a 7.5th kill, 2 times to create a ball, 1 successfully returned to the ball, 1 copy, such as such a comprehensive manifestation It is indeed worthy of the title of the strongest outer defensive person in the Alliance.

Let’s take a new England Patriots, last week they ushered in this season’s short holiday, although this season did not last season of terror, but they still ended the half season with 6 wins and 2. The four-point Wei Tem-Bred-Braddy, which has become a legend, still does not stop his footsteps. In the past three games, the averaging 335.7 yards, a total of 6 times, and the pass score reached 104.9. At the nearly 40, he could not see the state, since the 2016 season, Braddy has passed the 44-time Damadam but only 4 times of being copied, and the CD-trial reached the horror of 11/1. Under the leadership of the old man, the patriot is still the biggest hot in the super bowl, and the wild horses are likely to be the ghosts under the next knife.

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49 people new-cut machine ankle injured, seasonal reimbursement

San Francisco 49 people’s new show line Weix Poland (Chris Borland) can tell the opportunity this season, leaving a deep impression on everyone, just when he is in the year’s best defensive new show, when you fierce, unfortunately It’s coming, his rookie season may have to end in advance.

The team defensive coordinator We mentioned on Tuesday: “Poland wants to appear low in the last 2 games. He is injured in the Sunday Haiying team. Take it in advance. “

On Sunday, the 49 people have quited the race competition, so they can make this decision in advance. As a player, the 3rd round of this year, he began to take the injured defensive leader Patrick Willis in the 7th week and quickly evolved into a machine. In the subsequent three games, wholesale jerseys he won a total of 58 times. If the last two games can’t, his final data this year is 107 times, and once kills and 2 copies, almost since the 6th week.

And he also won his own position in the team, although Navorro Bowman, Navorro Bowman, will be a good news for cheap football jerseys free shipping the team.

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Eagle Junchi Handlaham: The team is dominant in partition

When the nfl jerseys offseason is interfered with epidemic, those teams that continuing last season coach and star players will benefit from preparation season.

In Guonong District, there is only one team that meets this condition: Philadelphia Eagle. In the case of replacement of the coach group, the Eagle Doug Pederson is the only leader.

1 year agoAlthough future training arrangements are still unknown, Eagle Braham believes that Braham believes that due to Pederson’s stay, the team has an unique advantage in partition.

“I think so,” Glaham said. “The most important thing is to occupy the advantage, I think we have advantages now. We have the same coach. What we have to do is to ensure that we use the rest during the original way.”

Glaham has experienced the interference of the break. In 2011, since the labor agreement decisive cheap nfl jerseys from china once stopped, it was the second year of Glaham entered the alliance. At least this year, the team can keep in touch with the player.

“I just want to participate in training, do my best, so we can help each other, lead us to return to excellent state, that is, in the new season, enter the super bowl,” Glaham said.

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Strong union! NFL Grungy Skin into the “Fortress Night” game mall!

nfl jerseys Professional Rugby Alliance announced to join hands with Epic Games! On November 10, Beijing, the NFL team’s skin will be officially released in the “Fortress Night” game mall!

The NFL Professional Rugby Alliance announced to join hands with Epic Games, the most well-known work of the latter is today’s “Fortress Night”.

On November 10, Beijing time, NFL jerseys will be officially put on the official mall of the Fortress Night. Players will be able to fight their favorite teams in the game! Each player can purchase up to 8 skin.

In addition to the NFL jersey series, “Fortress Night” also prepared a football theme dance action, reclamation props, aircraft, and referee skin for players. The addition of rugby elements will release the player’s passion!

After the player purchases the NFL jersey skin, you can choose the jersey of any team in the 32 team, and can customize the jersey number. According to the gender of the game character, the skin is automatically adapted to male / female model; players can adjust the team and number at the selection page each time you choose to start the game with the NFL jersey skin.

The NFL jersey skin will start selling in the game mall at 9 o’clock on November 10, Beijing.

This cooperation is “Fortress Night” to cooperate with other companies for the first time. This cooperation will help “the night” to release the passion of games and football!

For this cooperation, NFL Chief Media and Commercial Operation Officer Brian Rolap evaluation: “We are witnessed” Fortress Night “in global influence, many players in the league also love this game. For those who are both NFL fans, “Fortress” faithful players, this cooperation helps them better express their love for the team in the game, and help NFL’s brand image in the game player population. Further spread. “

“There is a lot of NFL fans inside our company, and we know that many players have a very high enthusiasm for rugby,” Epic Games jointly founder Mark Leyna, “Let the player represent a favorite team in the game, this The idea is too cool, when this idea is really realized, all our people are excited! “

Players can purchase NFL jersey skin in the “Fortress Night” game mall. Once the player is successful, you can view and apply the appropriate game skin in your personal interface.3 weeks ago

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Famous Hall of Defensive Dragonfly Fred – Denn Dragon 38 years old

Professional football Hall of House confirmed the famous Fred Dean Dreaming on Wednesday, enjoying 68 years old.

“The whole professional football Hall of Fame mourned Fred – Den Den,” David Baker “in David, President and CEO, said in a statement. “He embodied many values ​​cheap nfl jerseys from china this great exercise in his life & mdash; & mdash; put it, is straightforward, cheap jerseys from china and we express condolences to Fred’s wife Pom and his family. We will always save him forever. The heritage, revealed future generation. The Hall of Fame will be half-flag to commemorate Fred. “

Den’s career has been 49 people and San Diego lightning in San Francisco, and I have been selected for the 141 games. 4 times selection of professional bowls, and I have selected the best lineup for 2 times and win the super bowl of champion.

In 1975, Dean from Louisian University of Technology was selected by lightning, and he quickly got a first opportunity. He has a lightning effectiveness in the past 7 years before his career, 2 times in a career bowl, and followed the team into the playoffs. During the 1981 season, he was traded to 49, helping the team to win the first super bowl of the team.

The last five seasons in the last five seasons were spent in 1983, and they won 17.5 kills, and finally selected professional bowls. He won the second super bowl of champion in 1984 and his last season in 1985.

Den was selected in 2008.

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Former Chiefs coach invited the team Eagles quarterback McNabb speech

When the Super Bowl approaching, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy – Reid (Andy Reid) decided to invite an old friend to cheer for the team.

Reed had played quarterback Donovan – McNabb (Donovan McNabb) in training on Thursday before the team chiefs delivered a speech. McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles Reed had worked for 11 years, won five division titles, five times into the NLCS, wholesale nfl jerseys once into the Super Bowl.

“He entered the Super Bowl,” Reid said in talking about McNabb. “He played in the league a long career. He shared listening experience is a good thing.”

McNabb in 1999 and 2009 is one of the key members of the Hawks, but he was never able to win the Super Bowl champion Eagles career. Reed Eagles in time to stay longer, but eventually also leave after the end of the 2012 season, wholesale jerseys then joined the Chiefs.

Now, Reid again led the team got the opportunity to win the Super Bowl championship. He therefore believed to share experiences let McNabb is a good idea. Although McNabb has not won the championship, but he was experienced. We can look at his speech can motivate Chiefs win the championship.