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Sea Eagle 4-point Wei Russel Wilson founded a four-point health

On July 7th, when Russell Wilson is still high school students, he got the opportunity to participate in the Mantun Passage College held in Louisiana, studying and wholesale jerseys online training in four days. He was learned by himself. Things are shocked.

He has been inspired by this experience, and Wilson has held their own one-day pass training camp since Joining cheap nfl jerseys online. But now, he wants to do more.

On Wednesday, he announced that he would work with the front teammates Jake Heaps to create Russell Wilson 4-Jano School.

Wilson has high expectations to our new college. He will go to China next week to participate in the promotion activities held by Nike and Alibaba. As part of the trip, Wilson said that he will look for a venue that may hold four-point guards next year.

Wilson said that he trained with 8,000 children in the previous pass training camp, and Hips coached 60 children alone in his own Passing College.

On the company’s official website, the price of the learning course is Cheap Jerseys from china free shipping $ 125 to $ 300. The age of participating students ranges Cheap Jerseys from china free shipping 10 to 22 years.

Wilson said that he would not always stay with the students on the training site & mdash; & mdash; especially during the season & mdash; & mdash; but he will have other methods and students to keep in touch.