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Titan offensive coordinator said it will re-use Drek Henry

Beijing February 7th, Titan, every jerseys wholesale Derrick Henry, who was a thousand code in the season, can be said to be a miracle.

After the first 12 games in the season, Henry was only promoted by 474 yards in 128 times. If this rhythm (10.67 times, it promotes 39.47 yards), he can only advance 631.5 yards throughout the year. The first 12 games had his scorpion code in 60 yards, and six more than 35 yards.

The 14th week of the night match of the American tiger is a turning point. Henry’s game was pushed into 238 yards, reached 4 times, plus three games, and after the season, one quarter was 87 times, and pushed 585 yards. This makes his season’s total shock propulsion code number of 1059. In addition, he has been in the 12-shot of the 12-year-in-laws this season, and buy cheap football jerseys online there are seven times from the last four weeks.

Henry has been greatly different from these two periods. In the first 12 games, he only had more than 2 games. But in the four games, the original Tantel offensive coordinator Matt Lafleur allowed him to punch at least 16 times (33 shots in the 15th week).

The new offense coordinator Arthur Smith said he would continue to reuse Henry.

“Dreick will be an important part of the offensive group.” Smith said, “The skills he mastered is rare, it can be said that the score in football.”