There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; he must form a clear mental picture of the things he wants, and hold this picture in his thoughts with the fixed PURPOSE to get what he wants, and the unwavering FAITH that he does get what he wants, closing his mind against all that may tend to shake his purpose, dim his vision, or quench his faith. – Wallace Wattles.

Everything which exists is formed and defined by the thinking substance which fills the interspaces of the universe. We call it consciousness. It is the stuff from which our thoughts are created and from whence they take form. When we ask what consciousness is, the reply must be that it is all that exists in our reality and all which does not. Consciousness is infinite. It is merely our awareness of it that increases, allowing us to experience spiritual evolutionary growth.

Quantum physicists enjoy breaking down matter to the most minuscule particle possible; which might not even be the smallest there is, but only the smallest our current technology allows us to recognize. No matter how minutely we break down what we call matter, there will always be something surrounding it; giving it form and, what we call, existence. When these particles are combined in different ways, by the intelligent consciousness which surrounds them, objects of matter are created. This is how we have tables, people, trees, cars, animals and everything else which we have defined as existing in our world. That which does not exist we call nothing. However, by defining and acknowledging nothing, we are validating its existence. The undefined space, which we label as meaningless nothingness, that surrounds and permeates through particles of matter is actually what gives form and life to everything. It is The Force that the Jedi’s revere in Star Wars, and rightly so. What makes us what we are? I don’t mean our personalities, but why am I able to sit here at a computer and type? I am a collection of particles, atoms and molecules that is held together by…? I am held together by nothing and nothing works perfectly. All the space that surrounds every unit of the matter that forms me is what holds me together. The intelligent nothingness which gives me life is all around me and flows through me. Yoda was right.

All by which I am defined, is all that I am not.

It has also been shown in Quantum physics laboratories that electrons, our source of energy and light, jump from one course to another. This may seem uneventful at first mention; however, there is more to the story. When the electrons reposition from one path to a different one they don’t pass through space to do so, they only disappear and reappear. Where do they go in between? They go nowhere and that is where they energize. Nowhere is where there is nothing and that is where the source of light and life resides.

Magic is part of life.

Having said all this we can now see how silly it is for us to call the source of our Life Force Energy nothing and have it reside nowhere. We are so determined to view and define our existence in absolute terms that we have virtually cut ourselves off from the source. How did this happen? When we began to think as rational beings we had to disregard everything that couldn’t be explained logically; a system of accepted wisdom which grew from fear and an attempt to control life as much as possible. Prior to this, people were aware of the forces in life which could influence and affect transformation. Ooops, did I just define magic? The “M” word is like a weed. We try to stamp it out, but it always grows up between the cracks. We try to cheapen it by reducing it to a form of show business, but then along comes Harry Potter and we can’t stop people from loving the idea of magic.

Magic is part of life. When I can smile at someone and transform his or her face into a smiling one, it’s magic. Transformation is also part of life. Nothing, as we call it, is magic and that is what gives us form. The problem is that it is difficult to control people when they become aware that transformation is possible. If they were to become conscious that they have the power to change their lives by changing the way they think, they are then in a situation where they are able to choose their own belief systems, realize their own power, discover they can heal their body, mind and spirit, rise above the system which has taken control here on Earth and decide to be happy. It is then and only then that the control, by the dark forces, that has enslaved us, ends. When you’re happy, you’re energized, vitalized and you know that what they call nothing is more real than what we call something. When you feel a balance between the seen and the unseen, the real and the unreal, something and nothing, you create a state of wholeness, for it is then that the Life Force Energy, whose purpose is to raise you up, will flow through you freely.


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A New Meditation

Meditation has become part of the spiritual practice of most light workers.  Usually it involves setting aside a time and a place where one can quiet themselves and totally focus on the moment, with eyes closed and particular attention focused on the breath. This practice has produced wonderful results in those who devote a portion of their day to leaving the world behind and focusing on the now, for you see, dear ones, when you are in the moment you are truly alive and clearly connected to the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself and universal consciousness.

MeditationTraditionally, meditation has been an undertaking that is done apart from daily activities such as work or even recreation.  Eyes close, rhythmic breathing begins and the energetic vibration rises. For centuries, in many cultures, spiritual people have endeavored to meditate in this manner, but the time has come to expand from practicing  meditation, to living it every moment with eyes wide open.  For you see, in this New Age on Earth, we are creating a new reality, one which requires full attention.  This is not to say that traditional methods of meditation are no longer useful, quite the contrary, but why stop there?  Yes, meditation was learned in a particular way, but practices and beliefs must be updated, just like software on computers.

Many people do not like change.  They are comfortable with things the way they are, but nothing remains the same, especially in this day and age.  Almost as soon as a new way of thinking emerges, it becomes outdated and replaced by another, more relevant and forward one. In post 2012, where humanity currently dwells, ascension is occurring more rapidly than ever. One must learn to adjust very quickly, for the alternative is struggle and we see that on a daily basis.  Light workers have been practicing and preparing for this for the past two decades, now they have graduated and the implementation of what was learned has begun. The good news is, yes there is good news, guidance is being made available in ways that were not accessible on such a grand scale for eons.  More people are channeling and receiving new information than ever and it is not by coincidence, no, it is by design.  There has been a special cosmic dispensation that has thinned the veil so this can happen.  How cool is that?

tao 5Perhaps it would be helpful to define meditation, in order to get a clearer understanding of how it can be integrated into every moment of daily life.  When one meditates, they focus on their breathing, the breath that comes from within the living body.  It is a process that is accomplished automatically, no matter what beliefs a person may have, who their parents are or what they look like. Breath is a common denominator for all.  There is no discussion or disagreement about whether or not it is right or good to breathe, it is universally accepted amongst all living beings.  Therefore, a primary characteristic of meditation is that it doesn’t involve ego.  The breath and the heartbeat contain the primal rhythms of life, the original influence of all music and the aspect of all living creatures that resonates to the divine motion of the universe.

When a person meditates, they intend to cease all other actions and, once again, become the divine being that they ARE, leaving behind the mental and basking in the inner aspects of the energy body.  They generally close their eyes, sit in a comfortable position and become the best that they can be.  As they relax and open their hearts and chakras, they begin to melt into all that is, and connect with the ancient aspects of their multidimensional being. Even if they do not realize it, when they are in a meditative state, they have, by varying degrees, escaped the collective consciousness, while sitting in the midst of it.

Therefore, once this has been experienced, why not just stay in that vibration?  How can I function is society while in this state, you may ask?  You are able to, by focusing on every moment and by doing so, you will go through the rest of your days in a walking meditation.  Yes, of course, at first it will take practice, but isn’t that what you have been doing all those times you sat in a meditative state?  When you live in the now, you are truly present in every moment that you have agreed to experience in this lifetime.  You are not thinking of anything else except what is happening to you at the moment.  After a while you will learn to prefer it over the blind-sighted, absent-minded existence which those who are caught in the whirlwind of the collective consciousness experience from moment to moment.

Living in a waking meditative state, with eyes wide open, you see miracles, synchronicity and the loving actions of others.  You are living in the rhythm of life and gracefully dancing, every moment, to the music that is piped into the very existence of every atom of everything that is, here on Earth.  So why sit and meditate the traditional way, you may ask?  Because it is the way to bring yourself into an even deeper, serene place each time you do and that is what you take with you into your day.  It is a continuing process of becoming more yourself and what could be better than that?  After all, how will we ever move forward if we keep doing things the same way–on and on? Redefine your definition of spirituality, for it is a living meditation!


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Googling Spirituality

Do you Love yourself? Are you your favorite person in the whole world? Do you love your body now as much as you did when you were a child? Do you know that you chose to be born into your current form? Does it feel good to be in your body and to see its reflection? If you answered no to any of the above, realize that the concepts of non-Love are learned. The good part, however, what is learned can be un-learned.

love-yourselfThe truth is that in different societies, current self concepts might turn out to be totally irrelevant and useless. A certain body type may be attractive here, but not necessarily there. Do you believe it is essential to be a certain size before you can love your body or that it is healthier to maintain a certain weight? Every person is unique, so it is not necessarily true that what is right for one is also appropriate for another. In addition, it doesn’t always follow that those who are the correct weight are healthy. In fact, there are, for such an advanced society, too many unhealthy people of all shapes and sizes, why is that? There are many reasons, but primarily the growing and processing methods of the food we eat and the concepts and beliefs held by individuals, which regulate the energetic vibration of the Light Body and play a huge part in the state of well being–even more than the diet of the person, a concept not embraced by most. Added to this, we are being fed information about what is healthy and what is not, but still un-wellness pervades.

Light-Workers, living in the last vestiges of the so called civilized world, have reached the point where they must depend upon one another and the Internet for valid, alternative information about making the transition into the new vibrational frequencies that define the next Earthly environment that officially began in December of 2012. The wisdom and knowledge of this new, young civilization is being transmitted, through special Divine Dispensation, to those designated to receive it–those with a life purpose to be transmitters of this information. It is no coincidence that so many people are now channelling words from the Higher Realms, for many versions of the new information are needed to reach those on varying vibrational levels.

reclaim-powerFeelings must be used to determine which information resonates with the vibration of each person. The time has come to fine tune the Solar Plexus, the Seat of our Soul, so that one may learn the Art of Discernment. This talent will be essential for energetic survival in the higher realms, for there will be no guidebooks or gurus there. It is a process of reclaiming your power and belief in yourself above all.

Currently on Earth there is a grass roots culture forming, especially among Light -Workers. Wisdom and knowledge is primarily being obtained by Googling questions on every aspect of life, from wellness, to what to eat, how to think and even what to believe. The reason for this is because many no longer have confidence in what they see around them and it is becoming known that wisdom is coming through those outside the traditional sources of knowledge.

Even the mainstream scientific community is opening its mind to what was once considered to be out of the realm of the possible. Modern Science has only been around for a short time, compared to how long the Earth has been inhabited by even more advanced civilizations. According to historians, the Earth has been populated by humans for only a few thousand years, but we are finding out that is an outdated notion, just as was once thought that the Earth was flat.

question-everythingThe new trend is to question everything that has been traditionally taught and validating it either with online research on spiritual websites, information from other Light Workers or even wisdom that one might channel themselves. There is an immense amount of information available to allow one to become informed. After compiling this knowledge, feelings and intuition must be added to the mix to make a decision that is right for each person. As intuitive powers are developed, the process becomes easier and more natural. Eventually new lifestyles will begin to form based on revised beliefs and a fresh set of truths and values, custom tailored to each individual.

In days past, people had to rely on values and teachings that were learned from family members or teachers. Knowledge was limited and generally the same for everyone. People were at the mercy of those who held the knowledge of the culture, whether it pertained to them or not. Today, virtually all knowledge is available to most of the population, allowing humanity the opportunity to expand by leaps and bounds. It’s an open mike and wisdom is being integrated almost immediately. At any moment it is possible to Google anything and search for an answer or even attend a spiritual seminar right from your home. Today the process of searching for answers has taken on new meaning, the results are instantaneous.

Zi’antha through Wendy Ann Zellea


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The Wisdom That Resides Within Us

Today I was attempting to recall the formula for converting Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius, as I will be visiting the UK in the next few months. The formula just popped in my head, subtract 32 degrees and divide by 5/9 to arrive at the temperature in C°. Of course I learned that mathematical equation in science class many years ago, but I had not thought of it for all that time, yet it was stored somewhere in the chasms of my memory. It did not amaze me that I was able to recall the formula as I was consciously aware that I learned it. I have been convinced, as have most of us, that what I am able to remember is only what I have actually learned or been exposed to in this current lifetime, but if that is true then how is it I remember what happened in past lifetimes and where do all new ideas come from? I believe at this point we all know the answer to that question.

How do we define the origin of new ideas, thought forms and information that have not been learned and experienced, where do they come from? We can describe the experience by saying that we are inspired, or downloading or even channeling, which in many cases is the truth, but in reality, there is nothing that is really new, only things that have been forgotten. All knowledge resides within us, therefore when we have a great new idea, it is really not something we thought of or created, it is only a remembrance, a pulling out of the hat of our etheric mind, so to speak, that which has always been there, but was filed away in the “other incarnations” section. This is not to say that we cannot receive inspiration and information from outside sources, as in the case of channeled information, for we most certainly can and do, but when we resonate with these new ideas it becomes apparent that we are only becoming re-acquainted with what had been forgotten.

Once we become aware of the possibility that we know more than we think and that actually we know everything, we are able to start manifesting what we call miracles, or put another way, that which is outside of what we believe to be possible. Then once we begin to expand what we believe to be possible, we start to create the abundance we desire.

The way to gain access to the infinite source of everything is to practice. When I cannot think of the solution to a question, I just ask for guidance from my Angels and Ascended Masters and before long an idea pops in my head. When I am not inspired to write, I surrender to and embrace the quiet time and before long the inspiration come in an outpouring of thoughts.

My lineage is of Archangel Zadkiel, I work with Saint Germain and Merlin. I am aware of this, but how did I come to know? Through focus, I became conscious of what I was drawn to and allowed myself to see the validity of these spiritual roots. Once I get the inkling that something might be true, and pass it through the filter of my feelings to determine if I believe it to be so, I then allow myself to know what I cannot rationally have proven with conventional methods. I accept and believe that the rational, logical system of thinking that we have existed under for eons is now becoming outdated and functions too slowly to keep up with the changes that are occurring on Earth at this time.

Once you accept your origins, you can be more focused on your life purpose and character traits and understand yourself more fully. We all know from whence we came, we must only remember and once we do, we will feel more at home on this planet suspended in space, with our feet on the lovely mantle of the being we call Mother Earth. Remember, everything we need to know, we already know. So the next time someone says you are a “know it all”, just say, “I know”.



Beauty Is Truth

Beauty is truth, truth beauty—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” ~ John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

When we speak of beauty, it refers to more than the way we look or the clothes we wear. Beauty is the expression of our soul and our highest self into the physical realms; however, it extends far beyond the obvious, visual, outward person that we present to the world. Beauty is also present in the personality, emotional and energetic aspects of our being. By default, every part of each one of us is entirely beautiful, but as time passes, our beauty is traded for a myriad of other qualities, some of which are not so charming. The thing to remember is that the exquisite blueprint remains and the proof of the perfection that originally existed is documented for all eternity. So how do we return to that perfection?

flower-sunshineTo begin with, surround yourself with beauty. This does not just mean going out and buying new furniture and beautiful ornaments for your home, it also includes every aspect of your life, including your thoughts, the words you speak and even the looks on your face. For you see, if you want to live a beautiful life, then it is up to you to create one. It will not do to include anything that does not embody the energy of beauty. If you become aware of a thought that is not of the highest level, don’t create another thought to punish yourself for it. Then you have two thoughts that you do not want to keep. A better plan, is to let that thought go into the void, into the storehouse of consciousness and replace it with a beautiful thought. The same goes for your words. If you say something that you wish you hadn’t, don’t add insult to injury by feeling bad about yourself for saying it. Again, let it go and in both cases invoke the Violet Flame to purify the situation. When you think beautiful thoughts and speak beautiful words you are surrounding yourself with beauty.

The vibration of beauty not only gives pleasure to your senses, it also exalts your heart and spirit. Pure beauty is divine and holds the highest vibration that we may experience in the Third Dimension, therefore, the more beauty we have in our life, the higher our vibration and stronger our connection to Source will be.

surround-yourself-with-beautiful-thingsThe easiest way to begin is to take a look around your home, your workspace or your car, what do you see? Does it give you pleasure or do you notice something that you would rather change? Of course, the first thing you must do is get rid of clutter, but we all know that. Clutter can never be beautiful. So, after you’ve gotten rid of the mess and clean the place up, what do you see? Simple changes can sometimes be the most effective, a table moved here or a pillow placed there can change the energy of a room significantly and once you have done this, you have created another place of beauty in your home.

Have you added crystals to the rooms in your home and your workplace? Crystals are naturally beautiful and create a high vibration wherever they are. If you are already working with stones, when was the last time you paid attention to those crystals, cleared them or even moved them around? Working with crystals in this simple manner is an extremely effective way to raise the energy of the space and over time you will notice a difference when you walk into that room. Place crystals near your computer to deflect any energy that might be harmful or stressful to you. Malachite is an excellent stone to use near your computer. Amethyst is a stone that you might want in your bedroom, for it promotes restful sleep. Many books are available and much information is online to help you decide which crystals can benefit your lifestyle. If you don’t live near a crystal shop, you can buy crystals online and if you’re not sure which one to buy, since you’re not able to physically interact with the Crystal, you can use a pendulum to help you determine which stone is correct for you. Don’t forget to wear or carry crystals during the day, they are sentient beings who are anxious to work with you.

Angel-Wallpaper-angels-9902019-1024-768What could be more beautiful than an Angel? Not much I would venture to say, so call on your Angelic Helpers and the Ascended Masters, as much as possible, because they are waiting to hear from you. They will help you even with the most mundane activities, such as finding where you left your glasses. You will be surprised how quickly you accomplish a goal when you ask for Angelic assistance. When you do, your life begins to flow gracefully seamlessly and effortlessly and you will always be surrounded by beauty.

This may seem like very basic, simple advice that you’ve heard before, but 2013 is the year that we start a new phase–the beginning of the elliptical return toward the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. So let us revisit all the simple things that were so important to us when we began our spiritual journey in this physical incarnation and apply them to the new reality we are moving into. We are living in our physical bodies and all energy work can assist us in optimizing this experience. We do not move past working with even the simplest, smallest, common crystal, for remember, everything is made of the same substance and that substance is energy and that substance is Divine and perfectly beautiful.

I am Zi’antha
Keeper of the Principles of Divine Grace



We Are Our Own Spiritual Teacher

Those of us who have embarked on a spiritual journey have, more often than not, had teachers, taken classes, gone to seminars and learned many techniques that have been helpful in facilitating their participation in Conscious Human Evolution. Humanity is moving into the Crystalline Era of its development. What this means is that everything is changing very rapidly. The Earth, our bodies and minds are adapting to the next phase of humanity’s expansion. Whether you choose to participate or not is irrelevant, because it is a process that involves everyone. Eventually you must experience the transition, transmutation and transformation of life moving towards a Fifth Dimensional consciousness.

icebergsThere is no one who can tell you exactly how to make the journey, which is part of the beauty of the rite of passage. There are no traditions or handed down ceremonies for modern day Conscious Human Evolution, each one of us must learn what steps to take on our own. We are our own spiritual teachers, floating on an iceberg that broke off the glacier, stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean and wandering in an infinite wilderness without a compass. However, all is not lost, in fact, we are less on our own than when we had teachers and gurus telling us what to believe and how to ascend. They were only sharing what they had learned on their path, but that path is not yours. They did not know what was best for us, and in spite of their loving intentions, they were keeping us from finding our own way, something we all must do. There is only one method for each of us to evolve off the iceberg, off of the island and out of the wilderness and the only being that knows that path is YOU. Your Higher Self knows how to proceed, how to discover answers to the unanswerable, how to find your way when impossibly lost and how to move from hopelessness to bliss.

There is no New Age pill.

With that being said it might be prudent to start listening to the guidance that is your birthright and understand that you possess all the wisdom you require. I am not suggesting that you turn your back on the world, but do understand that you are an observer and onlooker. You will not gain wisdom from the goings on of others, but instead from quieting your mind and listening to the voice within you. It speaks to you throughout the day and even in your dreams. There is a dialogue going on between your Higher Self and what you call YOU, better known as the self that has been created from the time you incarnated into this lifetime. Everything that is happening right now in your life is a message for you, intended to show you whether you are making useful decisions or those that will cause you to meet with resistance. What you can learn from others are tools to make your journey easier. Whether it be meditation, Yoga, Reiki, dowsing, Platonic Solids or crystals, to name a few and there are many more; if you feel drawn to learning or participating in one of these areas, it is meant for you, to make the process easier.

What I have noticed, in my pursuits of gaining knowledge from others is that we tend to look for someone to do the job for us. This will not happen. There is no New Age pill that will suddenly transport you to Nirvana. There is a path to follow and you are your own teacher when it comes to your own spiritual growth. If you follow someone else, you will find that you have to find your way back on your own and end up where you began, perhaps only slightly farther. Stop for a moment and begin a dialogue with yourself and keep it going forever and you will find that all the answers to all your questions are there for you and always have been.


“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.” Jane Austen, Mansfield Park



New Energy Spots

I am from Atlantis.  I am from Lemuria.  I am from Pleiades and I am from Sirius.  I have lived in Ancient Greece and sat on the throne of early Celtic kingdoms, but currently I live in New Jersey.  This place on Earth in which I now dwell, is being born and nurtured, by me, to be a power spot of the future.  What makes this so, you may ask; it is because I am holding the light and rising to the highest vibration of the New Age that man has seen in eons. It is not only me that is doing this, there are many light workers all over the globe who have dedicated their lives to holding as much light as possible and raising their vibration as high as possible. What makes my place on earth a power spot now?  It is because I am currently living on a significant point on the Earth’s energy grid and holding that spot so that the grid can be secure.  I am meant to be here and by doing so, I am fulfilling an important part of my life’s purpose.


earth_grid1There was a time when the Earth’s energy grid was complete, but as the vibration of humanity diminished over the ages, the integrity of the grid weakened and became fragmented, resulting in a dis-communication of the axitonal lines that connect life on earth to the cosmos. The purpose of this connection is to maintain and regulate the quality of life on this planet and the life forms that inhabit it.  When the signals are weakened, life must work much harder to maintain its optimal condition. In other words, as we can see, things begin to deteriorate.


Fortunately for us there is Divine Grace, meaning that for some mysterious reason, just at the right time, when it was needed most, man has awakened his consciousness to the awareness that we had better do something quickly or else! In addition, there has been a Divine Dispensation, allowing much-needed, higher vibrating information to be transmitted from Angels, Ascended Master and other highest beings, to those willing and able to open up their hearts to receive it.   Because of these events the necessary energy tools are available to make this evolutionary process occur more easily and quickly.  We have been provided with the means to let go of the denseness that has kept us trapped in the Collective Consciousness and we are now able to rise to blissful higher realms while still living in our three dimensional bodies on Earth.


atlantis1sMany of us are able to remember those incarnations we experienced in Atlantis, Lemuria, and other ancient cultures in countries that still currently exist, such as Egypt, Ireland and the Americas. It is all well and good to remember these days and these lives, but that’s not try to re-create what we have already experienced and let us not forget that these societies did not meet the ends to which they strived. Instead, let us look forward to a highly evolved culture that we have just begun to create.   These are the first days of the next Golden Age, the one that will flourish and not fall, one that will succeed and the one that we are now building. We are beginning to see the fruits of our work, and our hopes and our dreams.


The key now is to be creative. We are in uncharted territory, there are no guidebooks  and no manuals. We are our own gurus and teachers, for only we know the path we should follow and the actions we must take to accomplish our goals, but keep in mind there are no mistakes, because if something doesn’t work, it will only lead you closer to the answer. Yes, this is it, the beginning of what we have worked and hoped for.  Observe it with joy, relish it with wonder and give thanks that you were blessed enough to be part of it.  Realize the magic of life and learn to dance to the rhythm.


I am Zi’antha, Keeper of the Principles of Divine Grace.



What Does It Mean To Be A Lightworker and What Is The Definition of Spirituality?

It seems to mean different things as the evolutionary process continues. In 2013, spirituality is the process of being one’s self. A light worker is one who works with energy through themselves. The spiritual path, then, is one of returning to the being that we are so that our gifts and our purpose may be realized on the Earth plane.

lightworkersHow we begin this process is by quieting the mind so that we may hear ourselves, letting go of the noise and chatter and thinking of nothing. When you find yourself back in the noise, even if it is only a minute later, start thinking of nothing again. You created the habit of living in the collective consciousness and you can create a new habit of living within and from yourself. Begin to hear what your are saying to yourself. What do you like and with what do you resonate? When you acknowledge your desires, you are connecting to your Higher Self and what it is telling you. Surround yourself with beauty and you will hear the truth for truth is beauty.

No matter how many classes you take, books you read or seminars you attend, there is really only one path to spirituality and that path is knowing and being yourself. The learning you do in the spiritual realm can give you tools with which to help you achieve self-knowledge, but the real work must be done by you. But what does it mean to truly be yourself? It means letting go of the collective consciousness which shaped your personality and becoming the actual person that you are, the being you were before all the programming shaped you into a working model. The more you become yourself, the more inspiration, guidance and knowledge you can receive from the higher realms, for only when you are truly yourself can you receive and perfectly resonate with the wisdom that lives within you.

The Ascension process that led to 2012 has completed. We no longer are preparing for the New Age to come, for now it’s 2013 and what we have been waiting for is here, NOW. We have graduated from graduate school and we are living the life that we have anticipated for decades. Can you not feel the momentum? Do you not see the grace within which we live? We equate the word lesson with a learning process or sometimes even a punishment. We have to learn our lessons or we suffer them over and over. How many times have we heard and said that? In 2013 we are no longer here to suffer, we are here to EXPERIENCE.

experienceEverything that exists on Earth is a spark of a Divine Source that created life in order that it may experience all aspects of duality, high and low, good and bad. Each of us is allowing those events to be created…a myriad of unique combinations of circumstances. Therefore, everything we’ve passed through in our lives, whether we label it positive or negative, is only an experience. When we are having a difficult time, ego is diminished and it is then that we are able, if we so choose, to break through the wall of our ego so that we may grow and evolve spiritually. It is then that we acknowledge what has occurred and determine that we need not meet with it again. Therefore, what we call learning experiences or negative aspects of our lives are really blessings in disguise, for without them we would not take those accelerated steps down the path towards knowing ourselves and after all, that is our goal in life–what we are doing while we are here. The pain we might endure along the way is merely the resistance we create to the process of stepping into the unknown. The funny part it is not the unknown, for it is from whence we came.

Dear Light workers, do not think for a moment that you are the only ones living through unwanted experiences. There are many others going through the same thing. The difference being that light workers are able to release lower energies and transmute them into pure light, in other words healing, and by working with higher beings and the gifts of Divine Grace, we no longer hold on to the unwanted aspects of our lives…instead we may embrace the beauty and magic that is our legacy.

Let us not belittle or diminish ourselves by assuming that we need reprimanding or punishment for choices we have made in the past. Instead let us realize that we had a variety of experiences in our lives, all of which led us to who we are now and all of which should be treasured as part of us. Be yourself and connect with your higher self. Bask in the magnificent life that lies before you.

You don’t have to win, you already have.

Keeper of the divine Principles of Grace