Nomads Pilgrimage

Nomad moon is made for the wolf’s pilgrimage

Walks with my own step in grass song

Creaking trees try teaching me my roots


Verdant water beads hear the whale heart

Beating through this pebble shore

To the planets beginning before blue

Before seed and green before green


Rolling awake I make chalk marks on the road

Far from the sea driftwood body gathering words

I compile my ink note corridors

Charcoal ants and crows whirl

Through the scrawling air


Heart swells light passing through my bones

Stretching mountain shadows away from the cellular fire

Garden snake leaves the white page of my head

She is the minister before the court of clouds


Behind her mask of mud and straw

She reads from the parchment of truth

A torn moth wing a testimony of hatching

An elders Consciousness through the pupils light

A story pulled from the sky to rest on


Rattling leaves and the stir of ash makes the world

A clear fountain of pure land empty of thoughts

Flowers grow through a mirror of winter mind

Paint brushes the moon over roses beneath snow

Over the troubled bears dream into the hives nectar


I grip the small energetic heart of snake

In the owl hole of shivering silver branches

Wings spread through my hands

In the unseen stream I conjure worlds into form

Healing grey hues of shadows worn.



Bear That Wears The Bee Coat

I’m the bear that wears the bee coat

Each bee was a star

From the beginning of nights flow

My relatives follow me

Out of the ancient stone carving

We will dance with those

That know who they are.


If you want to be a spirit dancer

Dream everyday

And do your work at night

While sleeping in the cave

Of your skull

With your curving blade of thought

Harvest the heart


Beneath pendulum shadows

Breathe starlight fragments

Of your many soul wanderings

Exhale the blood map drift

Blue rivers between clouds


Wake up the grieving body

To the place of becoming

Reach the stone hearts ridge

Light a snow ringed fire

With flint and steel

Burning copal and sage

Chia seed and the old hornets nest


Through hanging bone and feather

We weep prayers into the earth

Smoke filled tree of life

With one branch down

So you’d raise your thoughts in the air

With human antlers uniting

The four quarters of the world


Winged hands raising energy

Clapping down echo’s in the valley

Petition and praise petition and praise

Bears bees and human antlered ones dance

In the quickening stillness of this poem

We release our dried sticks

That connected us to the shadows of others


Suspended like starfish in the dream world

Slowly spiraling to the center

We go our way together now

A new tribe in the fires of energy grids

Vast pilgrimage through the eyes

Of the ancestors who help keep this world together.



“Almost Me”

Chasing a result

Left me feeling bare

Worthiness questioned

Happiness was rare


Incomplete body

Unnatural lull

Focused surface view

My glass was half full


As I searched outside

I would squint to see

Always wanting more

That I’m almost me


Then I stopped the chase

Listened to my heart

Set aside my fears

And played my true part


Using what I have

Trusting it’s enough

Letting my light shine

Clearing out old stuff


Being my true self

Weight began to shed

Forward moving now

No more have to tread


Intentions in sync

Life clearly in flow

Always been complete

I just didn’t know


Sun shining brighter

Gratitude in stow

No more almost me

I was always whole




Copyright 2012 G. Brian Benson





“I was Listening to the Wind Today”

I was listening to the wind today

it beckoned me

whispering your name

unleashing a legion of fire breathing dragons

from deep inside my veins

splashing onto my glistening skin



dancing in a torrid ecstasy

gliding across my quivering body

saturating me with your swirling passion

and at the height of their celebration

I heard a faint distant sound

a stirring from deep within

a rustling of leaves in a primeval forest

expanding into a thunderous drum

rendering all of my senses asunder

my breath inhaled you

my every pore exhaled you

as the splendour of your precious liquid love

erupted and overflowed

giving golden wings to my grateful heart

carrying me to the edge of the universe

I lay there smiling

as the dragons marched into my eyes

returning to their peaceful slumber

I was listening to the wind today

it beckoned to me

whispering your name



I was listening to the wind today – Song in mp3 format




Can you see your light inside you?
It shines both day and night
Leading you both near and far
Keeping your path in sight

Can you feel your light inside you?
As it courses through your veins
Inspired greatness housed within
To share for all to gain

Can you taste your light inside you?
Flavored sweet and pure
Water, land and truthful food
Grant energy and cures

Can you hear your light inside you?
As it speaks to you in song
Guiding you to flow each day
Helping you stay strong

Can you touch your light inside you?
Compassion, joy and heat
A tender kiss, a warm embrace
Rituals to be complete

Can you sense your light inside you?
It’s spoken from within
Hunches, feelings, heart felt signs
Giving life a whole new spin

Will you trust your light inside you?
Your gifts, your being, your core
True greatness lay in wait
To be shared, enjoyed, explored


Copyright G. Brian Benson 2011