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Doug-Madron Ren Jacksonville America Tiger Tiger

Doug-Marrone has got the chance of coach.

Jacksonville America Tiger announced by the assistant coach / offensive front line coach to be the team responsible for attacking. At present, 2 wins and Wholesale NFL Jerseys 12-negative Jagules have fired coach, Bradley after 20-21, was fired after Houston Texas.

Malone is an ideal candidate for temporary coach. He joined the Jagua to serve as an assistant https://talentindonesia.id/ coach in 2015.

After the two-year Buffalobier coach in 2013 to 2014, Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping Malone was selected by the new boss after picking up by the new boss. He won 15 wins in the two years of Bill, but in 2014, Bill has achieved 9 wins and 7-loss records, which is the first time Bill has achieved more than a winner of the season since 2004.

At that time, Malone, who was considered to be a hot candidate of other team coach, was ignored by multiple slot gacor malam ini teams. Marshall has been in silently in the past two years.

Considering Malone’s experience, the Jaguo chose him to lead the team to end this season. This season is a reasonable choice. Moreover, Malone may become a candidate for the coach of the Jirai next year.














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Sea Eagle Player: Quin is a defensive master

The popularity of Dan Quinn in the players did not decline because he decided to enter the Atlantian Falc. A day ago, the line guard K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) predicts that the Falcon will easily enter the playoffs next season. After a day, Witter once again said that Quin is a true defensive master, he will help the team in a super bowl of championship.

Defensive Didway Michael Bennett revealed in the media day, Quinn has designed a perfect defensive strategy for the new England patriot. This Nette describes Quin’s plan to “master”. At the same time, Bennet emphasizes that Quin has learned every player, he can put the players in the most suitable position and inspire them all their capabilities. Finally, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap this Note supplements, Quin’s qualification will help him succeed in any team.

Previously, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap the defensive front line player CLIFF AVRIL also said that Qui Dynasty is very good at tuning a single player. He can decompose every tactic to a lot of small parts to help players raise to a new realm. Safety Yal Thomas said: “He will adhere to his own coaching concept. It will succeed like him.”

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Dolphin coach: Josh Run needs to win the first four-point guard

Beijing April 28th, wholesale nfl jerseys Miami Dolphin deals, Josh Rosen, but don’t expect dolphins to take the first position.

Dolphin coach Brian Florez clearly said that Rosen will not have different treatments with other players of the team.

2 years ago“When Run came here, he must compete for any position he wants to play. Everyone in the team is so,” Florez said. “People who can perform excellence and try to help the team win in the training ground, such talents will gain a chance.”

The dolphin has a second round of this year’s selection and 2020’s fifth round draft cheap jerseys from china Arizona. This is a good transaction, but there are still many jobs to do in Loson in the last season’s lowest four-point guard (66.7).

Runson will have the opportunity to prove that he can become a short-term and long-term answer to dolphins. But the name of the main quadrant will not give him easy.

“You have to win the right to get this title,” Florez said. “You have to do this in the player meeting and in the training ground. Such a player gave him the title of this, I think it is unfair from many ways. You have to win this position.”

At present, the old four-point guards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is the team’s main four-point guard. The last month of dolphins signed him with a contract of 11 million US dollars. The original main force quadruple Ryan Tannehill has been traded to Tennesi Toyan. Dolphins are ready to let Rosen and Fitz Patrick compete.

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Running back Xiaoen – Lynch topped the sales chart first May jersey

Beijing June 12 hearing when running back Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) might come back and join the Oakland Raiders news, it is clear that his No. 24 jersey Raiders could quickly become a best-selling NFL jerseys. And indeed true.

In May, Lynch jersey sales ranked first.

After Lynch, New England Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) jersey sales ranked second. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Nasdaq – Prescott (Dak Prescott) and running back Eze Kiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) were ranked third and wholesale jerseys fourth.

Houston Texans rookie quarterback DeShawn – Watson (Deshaun Watson) ranked fifth, he is also the highest ranked all rookies in & mdash; & mdash; this could signal the Texans fans, if the current episode – Tom Savage (Tom Savage) poor performance in the new season of the degree of patience.

Raiders quarterback Drake – Carl (Derek Carr) ranked sixth, outside the New York Giants took over the small Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) ranked seventh. In addition, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson – Wentz (Carson Wentz) ranked eighth, outside Atlanta Falcons took over Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) ranked ninth, the New England Patriots tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) ranked tenth.