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NFL nearly 50 years of classic campaign: Meadolan 3.0

In 1978, Herman Edwards grabbed the ball in the end of the competition and returned to the battle to help the Philadelphus eagle got a miraculous victory in the Giant Stadium. In 2003, it was a giant court. Brian Westbrook received 1 minute and 34 seconds before the end of the game. The 84-yard is returned to reaches the array, and the giant is killed. The time has been on December 19, 2010, and the game has 8 minutes and 17 seconds. The giant leads to 31:10, what happens?

As a key game in the promotion of the playoffs, the New York giant and the Philadelphia eagle have no way, and the Eli Manning is obviously better. The first game has 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Eli is an accurate side of the side. His best partner Mario Manningham has established a leading 7: 0 early. The next half competition was almost ruled by the giant, and completed two times and a shot score; anti-view of the eagle offensive, changing the wrong, the number of the number, Jeremy Maclin even appeared in the case of almost no collision, squatting down Major mistakes.

In the second half, the eagle seizes the giant’s mistakes. In the third quarter of the competition, it will be divided by Vick and Maclin before it is divided into just 14 points. After the beginning of the fourth quarter, Desean Jackson took the ball after a time, and once again took the eagle into the darkness. Eli Manning once again passed the ball to the ball, 31-10, at this time, there is 8 minutes and 17 seconds from the end of the game. At this time, it seems that the balance of victory has tilted the New York giant. At this time, there was a person standing out, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale his name is Michael Vick.

Re-retry the ball, Michael Vick quickly stighed a wave of offensive, a scales of surgery, and found the proximal front Celek in the frontcourt, the latter was killing the giant twice End zone, 31-17. And the time is less than a minute from the giant. The next game gradually became dramatic, the Eagle’s special group successfully used Onside Kick (gambling kick), retransmit the ball again. The Horn counterattack is also completely blown. The next attack, Vick demonstrated his amazing running ability after escaping the giant defensive group, and after the flash of the flash of the running ball, it was only the data from the giant terminal. There is a distance of about 5 yards left. And Vick is not expensive, running again and reaches up to Dance, 31-24, the eagle is only backward! At this time, the ELI is no longer the ELI of the wind and rain. Under the constant oppression of the Eagle Defensive Group, his pass has lost the number. After the failure of the three-stop conversion, the giant will not have Punt, put the ball to the right hand. . And the eagle has no waste of the giant to send this gift, and it is VICK. After finding the right pass target, we will run twice two consecutive times, and bring the ball from this part of the 12 yard to the other party’s 13 yards. . After that, Maclin’s ball gathered as if water to the drain, and the score finally scored 1 minute 16 seconds before the end of the end of 31.

Then the eagle snatched, through a relatively relatively beautiful attack, the giant’s attack was started at the 36 yard of the party. However, the next two offensive Eli failed, with the 3rd gear to defend the eagle’s defensive cut Trevor Law, the ball is 29 yards, the giant will then consume all possible time. After that, I called a pause in 12 seconds before the end. Then the referee returned to 14 seconds, the giant abandoned the kick, and the long-player Zak Dessie opened a high ball to discard the kick Matt Dodge, then Dodge quickly kicked a straightforward Punt instead of the world to give DESEAN JACKSON. The next scene is absolutely unforgettable & hellip; & hellip; Jackson brought the ball at 35 yards and then fell to 30 yards after picking up the ball, but reasonably chose the running route, and successfully broke through the giant player to chase the block and cut into half, outside Under the beautiful blocking of Jason Avant, thoroughly smash the giant’s entire number of special groups and ran 65 yards. Finally, Jackson also ran a few steps in front of the entire giant’s rest area before the end area, and determined that the time was completely consumed to run into the Arhead, announced the end, the final 38 is amazingly reversed to defeat the giant. The grandfather of the giant coach Tom Coughlin was anxious to lose the tactical plate on the ground, lost to the same district, and did not kill the playoffs for two consecutive years. He can only help.

The eagle completed the task of almost impossible to complete the task & mdash; & mdash; Mi Doudz miracle reproduces! DESEAN JACKSON has also become the first player who uses Punt / Kick to return to the killer while ensuring the time. At the same time, this great attack is also rated as the greatest classic moment by many fans.

This game Michael Vick passes 242 yards, send 3 reachable arches and 1 copy; the running ball is 130 yards (more than the two running guards of the giant), once a time. This is not easy for those who just get out of life. Although the eagle fails to go farther in the playoff game, as a steel man, I deeply fell in love with the eagle after this game, in love with me, I think it is good in wholesale nfl jerseys history. Quadruplicate Michael Vick!

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