Website Design & Development

Inspirational Media Online specializes in website customization. We utilize CMS technology – Content Management Systems – such as WordPress and Joomla.  Whether you have an existing website or need one, we can help you with your online presence!


Some commonly asked questions:


“I have a website I am very happy with and I’m looking for someone I can call on from time to time, to update some of the content. Do you provide this service?”

Yes! We are happy to be on standby and manage any updates you wish to make on your website for a very reasonably priced fee, charged on a per hour basis or part thereof. We love to be of assistance and would welcome the opportunity to maintain your website and assist you!


“I have a website but no idea on how to update it and I would very much like to.
I would like an admin feature so I can login and manage my own website.
How can you help me?”

We can assist you by transferring your current website to a WordPress or Joomla CMS (Content Management System). Both these systems provide you with an admin feature. Not only can you update current information, you can also add new pages as required, thereby allowing your web presence to be more dynamic and fluid. WordPress is a particularly good platform for blogging if you wish to be more interactive with your customers, clients or friends.

As part of our service we would discuss your current and potential future needs to assess which system would suit you best.


“I have a website already and it has been developed using WordPress (or Joomla). For the most part I am comfortable with making basic updates, but occasionally require the services of someone to create a special page, banner or incorporate a plugin for a specific purpose I have in mind. Do you provide this service?”

Yes, we understand many like to create their own websites utilizing CMS technology. And we understand that sometimes you want someone to step in and assist with some of the trickier or more time consuming tasks. We are happy to help! You are welcome to contact us at outlining what your needs may be and we will let you know how we can assist.




Information for New Clients


We appreciate your support of our services and look forward to assisting you with your online presence! Here we share some of the ways we can work together to ensure your project runs smoothly….


For clients who require a NEW website:

Thank you for choosing Inspirational Media Online for your project! There is much to consider for your new website. Here’s a few questions to reflect upon:


  • Do you have a vision of how your website will look? Do you like specific colors, design styles, perhaps a favorite font? If you have certain preferences, sharing these with us at the onset of your project will greatly benefit all involved. You get a design based on elements YOU like and we have a clarity of vision which assists us to tailor make according to your specifications. This is one of the key elements that contributes to your project being completed in a timely manner.


  • Do you have an existing logo (and associated images) you wish to incorporate into your new website? If you have an existing logo to be incorporated into your website, along with other graphics or images, these will greatly assist us with design considerations. If you don’t have a logo please talk with us about your needs so we know how best to help you.


  • Do you hold a clear vision of the purpose of your website? It can be time consuming sitting down and mapping out the purpose and content of your website, however it is essential. You’ll need to be clear on what you are offering so you (and we) know how best to serve that purpose and attain your goals for your website and business.


  • Have you considered the structure of your website and written the content for your pages? If not, will you do this yourself or employ the services of an Online Copywriter? It takes time to put together content for webpages. You may decide you wish to employ an Online Copywriter who specializes in writing content designed to appeal to your website customers and visitors. Or, you may decide to take your time and put together your own page content.


  • Have you purchased a domain name? If you have purchased a domain name already, please provide us with those details and the company you have purchased your domain name through. This will be required in order for us to connect your website name with the content we have created. If you haven’t yet purchased your domain name, we recommend Godaddy and are members of their Affiliate Program. Any purchases you make through them helps support us in the work we do. We appreciate your support if you find Godaddy has the right products for you. In order for us to receive our commission you need to click on the Godaddy advertisements and links found on this website.
    GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar



  • Have you considered where your website will be hosted? There are many wonderful web hosting providers offering a great variety of services. Do your research and look for someone who will meet your requirements and provide great service, support and excellent well priced products.


  • If you have products to sell, have you selected a payment processing or shopping cart provider? Some of our clients simply use Paypal for website product sales, while others have purchased through shopping cart providers. If you are unsure what your website will require, please email us to discuss further.


  • Once completed, do you wish to maintain the website with regular updates yourself? With the systems we use, you can do! Both Joomla and WordPress instructions and ‘how to’s’ can be found on the internet. There are many support forums as well to assist you as you learn how to utilize your chosen CMS system. Shortly we will be offering for sale on this website Lynne’s handy hints on how to use WordPress and Joomla. AND, if you simply prefer we continue to update your website, we would be very happy to help!


At Inspirational Media Online, what matters to you, matters to us. We take pleasure in being flexible and love to work alongside you to produce what YOU want!