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“I am excited about this task,” Calvin said recently in an interview. “I am grateful to believe that I have become the leader of the future. My duty is never satisfied. I can’t say that” I can get a great contract now, I can be able to play & rsquo ;. This is never what I do, it will not be. Now I have to work harder to promote my progress, prove that I deserve to give me the contract. “

After further reinvolution of the offensive group, the close-end position may be the weakest ring. In addition to Karndin is a clear start player, Cowbi also signed Blake Bell (Blake Bell), which is good at opening the road. Dalton Shultz entered his career, but he only completed only 1 ball last season. In this position, there is also Cole Hikutini and a new Xiwen-McKiion (Sean Mckeon) and Charlie Takoepeau.

Edelman will ablate the game for Dragon, Jagu, Lion and Dolphin. Uppeached last season, he played all 16 regular seasons, completed 98 battles, pushed 1106 yards, and achieved 3 reaches. It is also in the 57 yard, attacking 179 yards.

Breddy said: “I grew up next to the EA headquarters in the Bay area, I was girrheated by the football world. I can go to the Madden NFL cover is suggesting to me. I don’t believe what curse, I am ready to accept challenge! Madden I can’t fight me !!! “

Tom-Braddy mounts Madon NFL new board cover

Tom Brady’s career has not achieved a lot of achievements. Breddy will become the latest cover of EA’s Madon NFL, which also comes with G.O.A. Edition of the edition (the greatest player version).

Joe-Thomas hopes that Brown does not use the champion to sign the quarter

Left Duan Joe-Thomas’s current career is spent in Brown, and his cover quality has not been said, often with a bunuary, excess the task.

When Witten has a single game season to complete more than 60 batches, Calvin completed a total of 58 batches in the 3-year end. Last season, he completed 31 battles for 36 yards for 3 times to achieve 365 yards.

In the first season of Mike McCarthy, Calvin has the opportunity to play an important role. Although he exhibited the ball in the past, he did not stably ensure that he could make a threat at each game. He hoped that he would have to make breakthroughs in the new season after learning from Wen Teng last season.

Brown is definitely a clear sick, after all, they have wanted to use a champion-Manning in 1999, but only get a Tim-Kuji. Therefore, the next few months should cause Brown’s extra attention. In addition to the champion, they also have 12 signs to strengthen the team. If there is no suitable quarter-by-person candidate, Texas A & AMP; M University’s defensive end Mels-Galt should be a champion.

A year ago, Madon’s curse invaded the Patriot’s near-end Aroni Robski, let him play 8 games, announced the reimbursement, only to watch the super bowl 51 on the side. However, the nightmare of New England seems to have not ended yet.

The 29-year-old Boden is played in 2012 to 2017 for the patriot, and he joined the Miami dolphin last season. However, he was in the dolphin offensive group, just completed 8 shots to get 91 yards, completed 3 batches to get 13 yards, but he played an important role in the special team, playing 66% of the Dolphin Specialist Group.

The patriots like Bunden’s role in the special group, and they also believe that he can contribute to offensive. He may be more suitable for the mission to give him the mission, and patriots will be happy to return.

Lightning general manager – Tom Taylor Scott (Tom Telesco) had last season, expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the team back to the attack. Cornerback – Chris Davis (Chris Davis) as a return man, the longest distance of only 35 yards back to the attack, the first 48 in the league. Next season, Jones will enlist the help of the group lightning offensive attack from a better position.

“Still choosing a defensive player.” Thomas said in a certain show, “I think a rushing hand & hellip; & hellip; Take the class sign 4 points to be extra careful, because when you look at your eyes, this sign Just playing the drift. But if you choose a member of the defensive front line, even if it is not as good as expected, you can always find the position suitable for him to play. Brown team needs to participate in and Cheap jerseys dedicated the players. I want to choose quit quarters. The risk of Wei Wei is very clear. “

Last season, Jones played as a wide receiver completed just nine catches, but he can not be ignored in the role of special teams. After the lightning came, Jones will be the team’s kickoff return man, the team will further examine whether the organization of its hand as a punt return. Jones ‘contract for another return man Ted – also good news in terms of Jean (Ted Ginn), he will be Jones’ contract as a reference for finding more benefits.

9 years agoLightning announced former Ravens return man Jones signed for 2 years

San Diego Chargers hope to reinforce their SWAT team in this offseason, so they are highly motivated to seek return man in the market. According to the official NFL Network reporter revealed that lightning has taken over the former Baltimore Ravens outside and return man Yakubu – Jones (Jacoby Jones) on a two-year, $ 5.5 million contract agreement.

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The Hawks’ Running Location may face a hard way in the face of unbeaten tigers. Carol said Fred Jackson sprained in the high ankle of the Detroit Lion, but he thought Jackson is expected to play the game against the tiger. If Lynch and Jackson are defective, thomas Rawls will might bear all three-dimensional mission in this game.

According to reports, this guidance is entirely the idea of ​​Manning. This helps Tannesi & mdash; & mdash; learning new offensive system & mdash; & mdash; he is not allowed to meet with coaches during the offset period due to labor agreements.

2016 season Auckland raid people regular season summary and playoffsIn 2017, the raid fans were only awkward. The first day of the new year was searching for raids in the official website. The top five four mentioned four points to Delk Carl, an exciting minority fans, four major offensive data The top ten, can you forget the humiliation of 15 years without entering the playoffs? The raid fans vetoed, a perfect season, but the Calles reimbursed huge shadow.

Pedon-Manning once guided dolphins quartz satentine Hill trainingIn addition to shooting a lot of advertisements that will be played throughout the season, PEYTON MANING will do what is still doing after declaring?

The steel man has passed the brown four-point guard in Brown’s home for the third consecutive time. During the training camp, I was the first Wats Harrison, which was the first to learn the twistedness of Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown).

At first, the team boss John Mara is the team owner. In the family, front teammate, former coach, in the election of Manning, the forefront of Manning, the forefront of Ernie Accrsi, and the Persevered Father Wellington Mara. Afterwards, Mara announced that the giants will retreat to Manning’s 10 jerseys.

In the course, the raid person announced that the top of the league was abandoned and the next abandoned kick is long and the full guarantee is long. After the Polish cannon decline, the cornerstone as a special group has always made sneak a peek here huge contribution to the team. In addition, Donald Petin means that this famous gas does not have such a big offensive front line will continue to perform efficient performance, in the last season Donald Petion only released only Bji-Thomas (the first offensive front line ” Players) more 8 times four-point guard. The average score of this offensive line is higher than the “Team” (Cowboy). Occupational Bowl Revenue Cleach – Oudurmore played 94.3 points of road covering in the striker position. The ripening of the front line allows the main running Werata Vivus – Murray Sitting in 12 reachaes, De Andre-Washington 5.3, Jarren Richard Availability 6.1 data is also among the top of the league. The raid will be promoted by each of the unified number of large numbers, and the road surface of the League 5th. In the attack, Carl’s pass target is more average, and Armani Cuber caught the ball. Clarbter, 85 times, shared Most high-gloss.

Watt is a player who completed this achievement in his career first since the formal appearance of data statistics. The other two were 1987 due to professional players strike, Charles Glaze and Tommy Haynes.

3 years agoThe Pittsburgh Steelman’s rookie outside the army became the first new show player who won 2 times in his career in his career. He helped steel 21-18 to win Cleveland Brown, but obviously he felt that such performance is not enough.

This may also be Manning try to test how much love is more likely to do, and you can do it in this area. If he is doing very well while guiding Tam Hill, maybe he will never chase the TV guests or the team management work.

Duris once selected the best lineup, but his performance was not in accordance with him a 6-year $ 96 million contract under 2015. In the top 5 games in this season, he just got 3 hugs. During this season, he had missed a game due to violation of the team rules.

During the preseason, Bill had contacted a few teams with several teams but eventually could not reach a transaction. But now they finally decided to send Durus away. This trading decision is also in line with the general manager of Brandon Brandon Beane to reshape the team lineup.

“This is really cool,” Tamnele said. “A person with his career, he is a living legend, just won the super bowl of champion & mdash; & mdash; can do things that he has done in the offensive group and is really cool in this area: Front slogan, what you like, you want teammates to run the route running method, the small details of the game. We really discuss the game, this is what we all love. “

This defensive group is like a nerve knife than a nerve knife compared to the province of the competition. Along Smith returns, renewed the corner David – Emrmusen, buy the first season of the first season of Leiji-Nilsen and the Bruce of the Sea Eagle, the head coach Jack – Delrio Originally I hope that this defensive second-line class can take responsibility after Charles Woodson retired, but the whole season has not completed this task.

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The team’s four-point guards Alex Smith also mentioned that the team has lost competitiveness in the second half, the problem is too single in the way. In the second half, the chief cannot achieve its own competition plan, and the chasing is more and more difficult. This lasts continued until the end of the game. The defensive success of the other party restricted the offense of the chief, and Charles’s efforts have never contributed to the team.

At the group of professional football in front of the epidemic, the celebrity journey Marcus Alan (Marcus Allen) took the collective photo of the four-point guards of the famous Hall. And he now taunt this opportunity to ridicule his colleague.

There is no doubt that Charles’s touches will be more than 11 times in Tennesi Titan. In the first game, Charles conducted 7 sports tricks and completed 4 battles. The coach Andy Red (Andy Reid also said this phenomenon is a big phase of the tactical plan deployed in Charles before the player. At the time of holding the ball, Charles performance is not high enough, just ran out of 19 yards, catching a ball, which makes the chief and the victory. The chief of the chief point is only 22 minutes, and the offensive group has organized 56 sets of attacks. Compared with it, the opponent Titan planned 75 files.

Crow valued played fullback this season and tight end, which makes Brown’s appearance rate of less than Liu Cheng, and almost only vertical attack, there is little short-range ball forward, the upper limit of Brown’s career and perhaps also because the style monotonous and limited, almost no diversification play much after the physical contact, attack, will be an important topic of his career.

“Our idea is that we strive to create the most competitive environment in each position,” Smith said. “So some things have to be DeShawn learning & mdash; & mdash; all of these rookies are they too came to the team, there are many things about the pro game is that they do not understand..”

Charles should be more active in the second week.

In the unveiling battle of the team, the performance of Jamal Charles does not match, and how do we predict his performance? Maybe the results of the game are self-evident, but Charles’s performance is still worthy.

Despite the entry of the Saving Hall of Run, I used the passage to make the opponent’s defensive group when I was suitable when I was in the right time. He has achieved 6 pass to reach in his career, including 3 times in the 1983 season. He was successfully passed on the season.

& Mdash; & mdash; chiefs Mike Er – Hardeman ‘legs Kung Fu “class, then under the H-25 catches for 500+ yards and six touchdowns, once honed the ball, so that he may chiefs and Tyree g – Hill make up two-horse partner;

Cowboy arranges a new show Collins in the training camp

Dallas Cowbi is highly hoped to fall in La & Rsquo; El Collins, the team arranges him to take the right trip in the training camp. Because of the original main right cut Doug-Fri (Doug Free), Collins got his own first opportunity.

Collins said: “For Nfl Jerseys me, this is a completely unfamiliar new location. I have to focus on the details every day. I feel very good until now.” After returning to the team, the denim will arrange Collins to try the right. True position. If you want to appear in the new season, Collins needs to compete with Ronald Lear.

“We want to provide a competitive environment in the team. So (Watson) will participate in the competition,” Smith said. “(But) like I said, we charge for Tom and his ability to attack feel good, but (Watson) will participate in the competition, just in front of each player, he will have time to play.”

Texans general manager: Rookie quarterback Watson a chance to be a starter

In this year’s draft pick to trade up quarterback DeShawn – after Watson (Deshaun Watson), Houston Texans almost immediately made it clear that at the start of training camp – Tom Savage (Tom Savage) will be the starting quarter guard.

After adding the draft, Simonnes’s broker said that Cincinnati was signed him. The Houston media reported that Texas has signed with Howard. The remaining four players are still signed by any team as a free player.

You can guess answers if you don’t need to search. Allen will not send a photo in the famous guards in the celebrity hall without any reason and then mention quad-saving data. The highest-born person in this photo is of course him.

Collins who was originally considered to have the first round of potential finally decided by a murder case, then the cowboy and he had a contract for a three-year contract, a contract worth $ 1.6 million. It was originally like a tiger to add the cowmament with the strongest offensive front line of the league. Collins naturally hopes to be a member of this sharp line, and what he has to do now is to be familiar with new position, and keep health.

[Column] A wide receiver draft version of the small? 2019 session of the wide receiver became the new golden generation

The first 15 weeks of warfare, for many committed grappling playoffs, their season is still in full swing, but for many young people have begun to taste the professional arena is concerned, as if the Pig to eat ginseng fruit, not taste to taste already coming to an end. Josh Raiders – Jacobs and Nick 49 – Bosa already locked up Rookie of the two trophies, but other young people also need not discouraged, after all, a career high mountains, such as this year’s rookie wide receiver who they, they have quietly established its own golden generation.

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Floris said: “He is a very good runner, which has produced excellence. But we have other players. So he has a little limited. But when he played, he felt that other people may I don’t think this deems his talent & hellip; & hellip; I hope that everything will be smooth in the future. “

Wakaro used to be the first round show in Saints in 2013, and it is also one of the remaining security guards left in the free market. He ranked twins in the 2018 101 renowned players given in the NFL official website.

At present, his injuries temporarily give Jonas Gray and Brandon Banden more opportunities to convince the coach group they can bear greater responsibility. Travaris Cadet, James White and Dion – Lewis may also get more opportunities in the training camp and in the preseason. .

Howard has a contract with the dolphin for 2 years $ 9.75 million contracts, of which 4.75 million in March will become guaranteed in March this year. His performance is not good in the performance of dolphins. Previously, for the four seasons of Chicago and Philadelphia, Howard was pushed in average 4.3 yards, and the two seasons were driven into thousands. This year, his punch code is only 1.2.

The ram signed the outer handle Robert Woods in this year, and they also selected External Board Kupp and Josh Reynolds. But even if these new offensive players, we will still want to see what the team’s new coach Sean Mcvay will use the potential of Austin.

The “Boston Global News” reporter reported that Bronte’s right ankral ligament was sprained. It is still unclear that the severity of this sprain is, but the insider revealed that Brondt would prepare the game of the ranch season.

Last season, the injury hindered the development of Wakaro. After 12 games played, he entered the injury reserve list and ended in advance. He received core muscle surgery. When the break is interviewed, Waacalo said that he has been fully rehabilled.

Since the eighth hand of the show in 2013, Austin has been more useful as a role player rather than the team’s number one. This did not prevent the ram from giving him a new 42 million new post from Resimlihaber contract last year.

After the start of the body status test, Brunt is now obviously the best running guard in the patriot training camp. This knee is injured is a setback on him. After he returns to & mdash;, if it returns to the second week, it will be a patriot main run.

Viking will certainly inject a strong intensive agent in the ground to attack after Peterson. The offensive front line showed poor Viking, the rush of 73.4 yards, ranking alliance bottom. Before the injury in the second week, Peterson averaged 1.6 yards per shock.

Texas people’s line of Kralayi may not be able to play on Machi Night

Despite the Houston Texas people, Jade, Clowney, the eight games in this season, but I feel that he did not really out. Obviously, in the next Monday night game, he will not let us have such a feel.

“He is cope with the back injury, this is very painful, so we have to give him some time,” Clama Bill O’Brien (BRIEN) said to the reporter on Friday. “I will say that he is unlikely to play Monday Night.”

“It is not easy for him,” O’Brien said. “There is no doubt. He has to deal with injuries in the early days. You will not want anyone to meet this thing. He now strives to be better, strive to accept treatment, strive to return to the game. Injury is part of the game When the young players were injured, they truly learned how to handle injuries and overcome injuries. This is what he is doing now. He is working with the trainer to receive treatment and strive to return to the game, help the team “

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The fourth week of key competition prospects: New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chief

Although it is not arranged in the night game, the overbearing champion team has been focused on the fact that However, the new crown cases that have suddenly appeared in the two teams make the game have to be extended to become Monday Night. Obviously, the patriot has been affected, and the first four-point guards Cam Newton will have to miss the game. However, there is a high degree of excitement in the emirate, and maybe Bill Belichick can come up with a new way to make the patriot have a winning hope.

Antonio – Brown apologized for his own field

Pittsburgh Steelman’s External Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) made a temper in the battle between Baltima Crow on Sunday, but he didn’t realize his mistake after the game, wholesale jerseys until the head coach and team quit The gas has expressed his disappointment.

However, Lylnad clarified: “I have never said that I have never retired! I have said that the brain shock makes me think about my family / game when I lack, but I didn’t say that I retired! My goal is 15 years of career, I will try to achieve the goal every day! Don’t believe everything you see. “

In the face of crows with excellent mushroom attack, the chief did not give the opponent any opportunity to win, and the patriotism is also a team of shocked balls. In fact, the patriots defeated the chief in the 2018 season, relying on a large number of mushroom attacks to control the ball and the rhythm, so that the Emirates is difficult to enter. In the three games in this season, the patriot has more than 200 yards. In fact, the chiefs of the chiefs are still at the bottom level in the alliance. Has the running guards of Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead and James White, etc., can make the patriot to win hope in this game ?

Smith said: “We accept and understand all criticism. We have bad, criticism is inevitable.” The last week, the opponent of the crow will be Cleveland Brown, if you want to enter the playoffs, they need to win the victory, but also need to send I hope to lose the game in San Diego lightning.

The crow take over: our performance should be criticized

Baltimore Crowd this week is bad, they have 13-25 in Houston Texas. External hand Steve Smith said in the interview after the game: “We were defeated, this is very bad. Things happen this, the problem appears on our offensive group. To win, you first need to score This time we didn’t win enough score. Unfortunately, I did not help the team to win. “

Brown is dissatisfied in the competition is that he has a 64-size long-distance open chance, but this is not found to find him with the Ben Roethlisberger. So he patted a ice bucket and he hit a palm of the passing coach. When some reporters asked him, Brown said this is his passion, just like the children look forward to Christmas. Ben and the head coach Mike Tomlin expressed the dissatisfaction with Brown, and a front teammate pointed out that Brown is a selfish player always puts his own interests before the team.

In 2018, it became the best defensive rookie of the Alliance, said: “Third Week, this is when I start thinking, & lsquo; wait now. Now I have a wife and child. I hurt 3 weeks. I will still Is it the same as before? Do I want to play? You will think about these things. & Rsquo; “

This recruitment continues the diversified trend of NFL scouting sectors. In addition to Harvey and Europe, there are also many women to start scouting in various cheap nfl jerseys From china teams: Hannah Burnett joined the giants, Kathleen Wood, Join Brown, La Leey Hecklinski also joined Brown.

Originally, even if there is no Patrick Mahomes to Die Tom Brady, Mahmus will also be equally exciting. However, Newton was confirmed by new crown pneumonia and disrupted this plan. Now, the old brian hoyer will be in danger. In the new offensive system that the patriot is tailored to him, Newton has water, the state is close to the peak of the 2015 season. But Hoyel’s debut means that patriots may change offensive strategies, especially Hoyel can’t have a threat to the ball like Newton. Hoyel received a first opportunity for the last season to represent Indiana Polis Pony against the Armean Dolphin. He played in that game. 39 passed the ball 18 successfully obtained 204 yards 1 time, 3 times The ball is copied. In the face of strong enemies, how would Hoyell play? Can he lead the patriot?

The shot of the chief highlighting attack is also due to excellent ball. In the Exterior Position They have Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and Michael Hardman, while they have Tel Avis Travis Kelce. By the Defensive Player of the Year last season, von Christi – Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) Seoul led the Patriots second-line defense is mixed. In the four games of the extraordale, Gilmoor is only completed 5 batches in 5 batches when the chief is the closest defensive player. In these four games, when he is the most close to Hill’s defensive player, the latter has not completed it. In addition, this season’s second-line defense forces the number of rankings of the opponent’s right. But they also face the problem of age, in the game of Seattle Hawks, the patriot will make the opponent to advance 288 yards to get 5 times. They have made the opponent’s pass to more than 20 yards from this season. The patriot may focus on Hill and Kelps, while allowing other second-line defensive players to stand against other tallers. Perhaps Belipk has developed many new tricks for the defensive plan of this game. Can the patriot second-line defense be able to resist the offense of the Emirates?

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Wholesale Nfl Jerseys TV network reporter Ian RapoPort reported according to the informed news report that there is still a team intentional deal when the privileged labeling player renewed on the deadline of the deadline. This rushing hand.

Rogers: The team should be resolved with the Corporation as soon as possible.This season, Green Bay Packaging Forensic Takers Compend Yorkdy Nelson and Randall Cobb is considered to be the best unique plug in the alliance. However, after the end of the season, Kobo will become a free player. Aaron Rodgers is open to this week, the most important thing in the team is a long to sign a long way to sign as soon as possible.

The two sides must complete the renewal of the renewal before 4 pm in the eastern United States. If Enacovo can’t get a long, he can only get a one-year contract. The privileged tag contract value of the defensive end this year is $ 17.8 million. The 25-year-old Encocy has not yet signed this contract. Before he signed, he belongs to no contract state, so if he chooses to absent the training camp, the American tiger can’t fined him.

After the loss of Normandy, the reason for the loss is whimsy.The same players with most of the Carolina Blager team, the performance of Josh, Josh Norman, in the superb bowl competition, is not bad & mdash; & mdash; contribute twice to destroy the ball At the same time, it is basically freeze the Denver’s wild horse number to Demaryius Thomas. The whole game, the wild horse has only obtained the number of 104 yards of the pass advancement.

After the deadline, it will become more difficult & mdash; & mdash; the team usually does not want to pay a high price to get a contract for only 1 year. But this is not impossible. Before the regular season of last year, Houston Texas traded to the Seattle Hawks, but the Delivery returns of the dexis people were not ideal.

After the game, Normand has lost his words for the team, and continuously repeats in an interview: “It is difficult to play two teams (group) (IT & # 39; s Hard to Play Two teams).” We don’t Know what another Team is referring to, maybe, it is more like a referee group, not a black pantlet offensive group that expresses an abnormality, because the Black Leopard has received a total of 12 yellow flags today, and mostly happened before the kick.

Given that the pirates have increased in the new season after reward, it is easy to understand why Alice is reluctant to leave the field. In the new season, Aliis greeted the greatest player in history, the most stable and reliable passing target of the most stable and reliable career in history. In addition, the external connections led by Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have already shown potential last season, and the near-end front position is not lacking.

The comprehensive ability of Kobo is one of the reasons why he has received award. He can not only be laid on the slot, but also outside, even as a threat to running guards. After his ball, the promotion capacity is extremely excellent, or it can be played as a counterattack. It can be called the most all-round player of the packaged offensive group. In the past three seasons, UNBIT is the highest-efficient external hand in the alliance. Rogers have used him as a pass target, and the quadruptions were as high as 131.6. This also illustrates why he is eager to hope that the team can continue to resume.

“Continue to advance,” Norman said after the game. “We must become stronger and overcome all the difficulties and hardships next year. Unfortunately, this is a super bowl, and we have the most important game so far.”

In addition to protective measures, Aliis also changes in training methods. He said that it will divide the team into two groups of people to train, which is to make young players get more time and opportunities in the training type of the break, which can make up for the training time of the loss. Aliis is still considering the isolation of the third quarter to prevent it.

Pirate coach Aliis: will be present in Papent Boss CoverBruce Arians followed the necessary epidemic prevention measures during the epidemic, but he refused to stop the epidemic from being taught in accordance with habits.

This season, Kobo welcomed the first thousand code season, Rogers referred to the slot as “excellent teammates” and appreciated the training attitude of Koh. In the past, Rogers said that Choose is the best decision made by Tend Thompson’s management career in Ted Thompson. Last summer, the New York Giants have signed a contract for a five-year worth $ 43 million with Victor Cruz. The predictive price of Kobo will be comparable.

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Despite the first four games, McCaron has a chance to become the first in Bill. He has achieved a success rate of 64.7% in his career, and 920 yards were obtained 6 times to double twice. The four-point guards reached 93.6, and 2 wins and 2 losses were achieved.

When this rule is just announced, many people think that this will play a reverse role, because the team will use more short kickings, force the ball to land in the distance from the score to force the opponent to pick up The ball is rebounded, and unexpected impact will also increase.

Gain and the close relationship between Pertton Manning, who has proven to be a fate, PeiTon Manning, may increase the Falcon’s interest, the falcon may make him and it is the first four four Matt Ryan, one of the assassins.

Glasgow from the University of Michigan in the third round of the 2016 draft, was selected lion. After that, in spite of frequent changes in position, he has been a stable and comprehensive ability of the players.

After 4 years of effectiveness for Cincinnati, McCarron won arbitration in February to obtain the right to become free players. He was previously considered to get the attention of the team that Nenesovan, Cleveland Brown, Denver Musab and New York Jet needed. However, these days have found the first four-point guards, but McCarren unattended.

“For me not to stay not very happy, because I love Michigan, I love the Detroit area, Ann Arbor love,” Glasgow told the Detroit media. “I stayed here for almost 10 years, this segment is a great experience, I really, really like the people in the locker room, I think we have a good team, a group of good players. So cheap Jerseys from China that ways, leave feeling bad. but you do not have to play, so I feel able to join other teams and earn some money is a exciting thing. “

“Whether he participated or not participating in the training camp, it depends on things,” Reide is expressed in local media. “So we will continue to work, I hope he can participate in training at the beginning of the training camp.”

Gates’ strength is the advantage of the four-point guards and the use of tactics in the pass attack, which is an attractive advantage for 49 people. 49 people are currently prioritized. It is a transfer of a bottleneck in a bottleneck in a bottleneck in a bottlek kaepernick. 49 people may consider the team’s current defensive sharp line coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) and the defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as the main coach candidate.

The number of cowbits in 2013 is 4.5 yards. This data is raised to 4.6 yards in 2014. This data last season is still maintained at 4.6 yards, and the new season’s denim ground offense is really expected.

49 people, falcon intends to contact the wild horse offensive coordinatorSan Francisco 49 people and Atlantian Funding Earls were brought to Jim Harbaugh and Mike Smith in the past 24 hours, and the horse did not stop the new head coach.

Chief coach: I believe that the line Wei Houston signs new approximately before the training campKansas City Emirates Justin Houston has no body contrary, and has not signed a privileged player contract, and does not participate in the mini training camp this week. But the head coach Andy Reid is still optimistic that he will see Houston in the training camp.

If the two sides cannot reach a long-term contract before July 15, Houston will only accept the privileged player contract for a 1 year worth $ 13.1 million. If Houston is planning to sign this contract, he can wait until the end of the season, do this again. In fact, the differences between the two sides may go to Houston to return to the team until the beginning of the regular season, this is another privileged player, Dallas denim, dez bryant, is considering.

Gain, which is widely considered to be one of NFL young offensive genius, has gone to other teams to throw the owner of the Olive branch. Choosing a brigade of the Mustang Super Bowl Refused the chance to participate in the coach of Cleveland Brown in January this year.

However, Bill, which completed 2 transactions, has accumulated 5 draft prior to the first 65 shots, including the first round of the 12th time. Bill is considered to continue to enter the top ten and select the four-point guard in the future. They have signed McCarren without changing the plan.

News: The Alliance will continue to perform the 25 yard line of the bottomThe NFL of last season made an interesting rule change, and the bottom is the bottom, the offensive party will start at the position of the 25-yard line. This change is to reduce the execution of the ball.

Lion has no intention of starting offensive line player Graham – Glasgow renewalDetroit Lions offensive line player Graham – Glasgow (Graham Glasgow) entire college career and spent his career so far in Michigan.

In his rookie season, Glasgow center and left guard in front in total starting 11 games. He starts 16 games in a different position in the second season. 2018 season, he was fixed in the center position, only to let the opponent get a sack. Last season, he changed in accordance with the requirements of the team to play the right care front, did not let the opponent get too sack.