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Seattle Hawks Entry to Guard C. J. Spitle

C.J. C. J. Spiller found a new home in Seattle.

This free player runs to join the Seattle Eagle.

After being cut by New Orleans in the beginning of this month, Spil was also trained in New York jet and oakley sunglasses sale Washington red skin, and now he finally found a new team.

Considering the position of the Hawks who are troubled by the injury, this sign is reasonable. Two-year Run Weight Thomas Rawls Hardbone surgery and rookie C.J. C. J. Prosise Although the returned training but his injured hand expects to wear three-week gypsum.

In the case of the first Christine Michael, only five rounds of Alex Collins and Terrence Magee, Spitle have the opportunity to get The opportunity will be played.

Spiel last season is only 112 yards in Saints. This has spent a lot of effort in the 2015 season, and Springs is disappointed for Sean Payton. But the saints have never found a real role for Spitle, especially Spitle, also suffered a series of injuries.

Spiel never approached the excellent performance in 2012, but the Hawk handled the problem of running guards. They obviously see what they like in Spil, but don’t make mistakes, oakley sunglasses outlet online this season Haiying’s running guards should be & mdash; & mdash; also will be & mdash; & mdash; belongs to Michael.

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