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[Average 前] The 10th week of Sunday, the patriot @ 马

This week’s Sunday Tournament will be a repeat of the 2015 Meeting final. The 21st century wholesale nfl jerseys online strongest Strong Strong New England Patriot will come to the Mi Gao ball in Denver Plateau to challenge the wild horse. Although the wild horses have stepped on the superb bowl, in the 6 games in the two teams, the patriot won five games. Can it be a horses who have been wholesale jerseys from china the home to slam in the home? I think this is really difficult.

Danfo Ye immediately washed with the eagle blood in Philadelphia in Philadelphia. Because I can’t stand the four-point WiTrevo-Simaian’s life, I will once again sacrificed the four-point guards who have given a hopes, and will he become the savior of the wild horse again? It is still still in the wait. The Wild Horse Created The Saving Committee failed to play a average level this season, CJ-Anderson and cheap jerseys free shipping Jamar Charles’s state is not as good as before, the pavement attack is weak, they have been on the attack. Overseas Wei Feng-Miller is still the most reliable member of the team, and facing his play of patriots is always extravagant. In the past 6 times in the past, Miller sent a 7.5th kill, 2 times to create a ball, 1 successfully returned to the ball, 1 copy, such as such a comprehensive manifestation It is indeed worthy of the title of the strongest outer defensive person in the Alliance.

Let’s take a new England Patriots, last week they ushered in this season’s short holiday, although this season did not last season of terror, but they still ended the half season with 6 wins and 2. The four-point Wei Tem-Bred-Braddy, which has become a legend, still does not stop his footsteps. In the past three games, the averaging 335.7 yards, a total of 6 times, and the pass score reached 104.9. At the nearly 40, he could not see the state, since the 2016 season, Braddy has passed the 44-time Damadam but only 4 times of being copied, and the CD-trial reached the horror of 11/1. Under the leadership of the old man, the patriot is still the biggest hot in the super bowl, and the wild horses are likely to be the ghosts under the next knife.

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