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American tiger or external successor cheap nfl jerseys from china Robinson uses privilege labels

The stay at this lift season, the stay of the Jaguji team is worth seeing. However, one of the players seem to have been set.

According to the local media reports in Frirlida, if you can’t sign your long, Allen Robinson is signed, the Jaguchi will use the privilege label.

Robinson’s first week in the first week of the season, the tribute to tear, so that the America tiger loses it to take over, which has been plagued them in the season. There will be only 8 unscrupulous players in the team inevitably want to do every way to leave him.

Robinson completed 80 battles in 2015, got 1400 yards and wholesale nfl jerseys for sale 14 reaches. Although the data decreased last season, it was still completed 73 battles, and the 883 yards were promoted and 6 reached. No matter whether the America will continue to use Blake Bortles as a quarter-off, the other players will be a necessary hospital.

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