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Bear running guards to copy Tayry-Hill’s performance

After the ancestors of the Aiki, Matt Nago went to Fengcheng, wholesale nfl jerseys the Xiongk Cohen was a new look forward to: he hoped that he can be in Na The base is a role similar to Tyreek Hill.

“I still remember that the body was measured, and the coach will ask me who my template is.” Cohen recalled that “my answer is always Terry Khal. I think you can copy him in the chief attack group. Performance. Now their coaches come over, I feel that I can continue to work hard to this goal. “

Cohen and Hill are more amazing types than physique. Cohen is more short, he only has 168cm, both of which are transferred backcrostable players, can contribute countless cheap jerseys for sale offensive groups and special groups.

In Cohen’s rookie season, he has a total of 5 reacons (2 rushing balls, 1 ball reachable, 1 return to up to 1 passenger, reaching), a total of 723 yards . Abandoning the kickback code 9.4, the kickback attack is 22.4, and the 61-yard of the three seats is also attacked to the sensational stadium.

Hill is more amazing compared with the data, and he has harvested 20 reachaes in two years, 12 of whom cheap nfl jerseys from china a rookie year, helping him into the All-Pro lineup. Hill’s second year was specially attacked the external road, 105 times were passed down 75 times. A total of 1183 yards were obtained.

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