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Texas people and offensive cutting Johnson re-signed a year

In order to ensure the depth of the offensive front line, Texas retains a reliable player.

According to wholesale nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, Texas will re-sign the offense Johnson, wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys for sale and Roderick Johnson.

The 25-year-old Johnson served as a substitute cut in the team, and the left and right sides were competent. Last season, Johnson played all 16 regular seasons, cheap jerseys online 3 of them, in the left side of the Laremy Tunsil or the right cut Titz – Howard (Tytus Howard) fill the vacancy when it is possible.

Texas people also reinforce the offensive front line in the lunar season. They traded Marcus Cannon, signed the striker Justin McCray and cheap jerseys the center Justin Britt, instead of the new season, the first season, the first season, Nick Martin (Nick) Martin) and Zach Fulton.

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