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Cowboy boss is very confident in the four-point guard and wholesale nfl jerseys from china the external army

Dak Prescott said that the team will “make everyone stunned” in the new season, but it would not include the team boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones).

According to reports, Jones himself said that he is more confident to his quarter-saving every day. Ezekie Elliott is also expected to remain healthy, cheap nike nfl jerseys online and the season is full. Attacking front lines are also promoted, and the two-wheeled Sikanner-Williams will serve as the first left striker.

But on the other hand, the appearance of the leader legion is completely different. The previous back of the back of Dez Bryant and the first close-end Edge – Witten Witten have passed the team, fresh blood Ai Allen Hurns, Di Anti-Thompson, Dalton Schultz and Tavon Austin are all Prescott needs to be worn. player of.

However, Jones believes that the new ethnic laundry Sanjay Lal is the most powerful attraction in the break. Extended Cole Beasley (Cole Beasley) Previously, Lal’s Cartishment made him “the first time is learning how to run the route, not in the real feeling.”

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