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Floris said: “He is a very good runner, which has produced excellence. But we have other players. So he has a little limited. But when he played, he felt that other people may I don’t think this deems his talent & hellip; & hellip; I hope that everything will be smooth in the future. “

Wakaro used to be the first round show in Saints in 2013, and it is also one of the remaining security guards left in the free market. He ranked twins in the 2018 101 renowned players given in the NFL official website.

At present, his injuries temporarily give Jonas Gray and Brandon Banden more opportunities to convince the coach group they can bear greater responsibility. Travaris Cadet, James White and Dion – Lewis may also get more opportunities in the training camp and in the preseason. .

Howard has a contract with the dolphin for 2 years $ 9.75 million contracts, of which 4.75 million in March will become guaranteed in March this year. His performance is not good in the performance of dolphins. Previously, for the four seasons of Chicago and Philadelphia, Howard was pushed in average 4.3 yards, and the two seasons were driven into thousands. This year, his punch code is only 1.2.

The ram signed the outer handle Robert Woods in this year, and they also selected External Board Kupp and Josh Reynolds. But even if these new offensive players, we will still want to see what the team’s new coach Sean Mcvay will use the potential of Austin.

The “Boston Global News” reporter reported that Bronte’s right ankral ligament was sprained. It is still unclear that the severity of this sprain is, but the insider revealed that Brondt would prepare the game of the ranch season.

Last season, the injury hindered the development of Wakaro. After 12 games played, he entered the injury reserve list and ended in advance. He received core muscle surgery. When the break is interviewed, Waacalo said that he has been fully rehabilled.

Since the eighth hand of the show in 2013, Austin has been more useful as a role player rather than the team’s number one. This did not prevent the ram from giving him a new 42 million new post from Resimlihaber contract last year.

After the start of the body status test, Brunt is now obviously the best running guard in the patriot training camp. This knee is injured is a setback on him. After he returns to & mdash;, if it returns to the second week, it will be a patriot main run.

Viking will certainly inject a strong intensive agent in the ground to attack after Peterson. The offensive front line showed poor Viking, the rush of 73.4 yards, ranking alliance bottom. Before the injury in the second week, Peterson averaged 1.6 yards per shock.

Texas people’s line of Kralayi may not be able to play on Machi Night

Despite the Houston Texas people, Jade, Clowney, the eight games in this season, but I feel that he did not really out. Obviously, in the next Monday night game, he will not let us have such a feel.

“He is cope with the back injury, this is very painful, so we have to give him some time,” Clama Bill O’Brien (BRIEN) said to the reporter on Friday. “I will say that he is unlikely to play Monday Night.”

“It is not easy for him,” O’Brien said. “There is no doubt. He has to deal with injuries in the early days. You will not want anyone to meet this thing. He now strives to be better, strive to accept treatment, strive to return to the game. Injury is part of the game When the young players were injured, they truly learned how to handle injuries and overcome injuries. This is what he is doing now. He is working with the trainer to receive treatment and strive to return to the game, help the team “

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