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The fourth week of key competition prospects: New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chief

Although it is not arranged in the night game, the overbearing champion team has been focused on the fact that However, the new crown cases that have suddenly appeared in the two teams make the game have to be extended to become Monday Night. Obviously, the patriot has been affected, and the first four-point guards Cam Newton will have to miss the game. However, there is a high degree of excitement in the emirate, and maybe Bill Belichick can come up with a new way to make the patriot have a winning hope.

Antonio – Brown apologized for his own field

Pittsburgh Steelman’s External Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) made a temper in the battle between Baltima Crow on Sunday, but he didn’t realize his mistake after the game, wholesale jerseys until the head coach and team quit The gas has expressed his disappointment.

However, Lylnad clarified: “I have never said that I have never retired! I have said that the brain shock makes me think about my family / game when I lack, but I didn’t say that I retired! My goal is 15 years of career, I will try to achieve the goal every day! Don’t believe everything you see. “

In the face of crows with excellent mushroom attack, the chief did not give the opponent any opportunity to win, and the patriotism is also a team of shocked balls. In fact, the patriots defeated the chief in the 2018 season, relying on a large number of mushroom attacks to control the ball and the rhythm, so that the Emirates is difficult to enter. In the three games in this season, the patriot has more than 200 yards. In fact, the chiefs of the chiefs are still at the bottom level in the alliance. Has the running guards of Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead and James White, etc., can make the patriot to win hope in this game ?

Smith said: “We accept and understand all criticism. We have bad, criticism is inevitable.” The last week, the opponent of the crow will be Cleveland Brown, if you want to enter the playoffs, they need to win the victory, but also need to send I hope to lose the game in San Diego lightning.

The crow take over: our performance should be criticized

Baltimore Crowd this week is bad, they have 13-25 in Houston Texas. External hand Steve Smith said in the interview after the game: “We were defeated, this is very bad. Things happen this, the problem appears on our offensive group. To win, you first need to score This time we didn’t win enough score. Unfortunately, I did not help the team to win. “

Brown is dissatisfied in the competition is that he has a 64-size long-distance open chance, but this is not found to find him with the Ben Roethlisberger. So he patted a ice bucket and he hit a palm of the passing coach. When some reporters asked him, Brown said this is his passion, just like the children look forward to Christmas. Ben and the head coach Mike Tomlin expressed the dissatisfaction with Brown, and a front teammate pointed out that Brown is a selfish player always puts his own interests before the team.

In 2018, it became the best defensive rookie of the Alliance, said: “Third Week, this is when I start thinking, & lsquo; wait now. Now I have a wife and child. I hurt 3 weeks. I will still Is it the same as before? Do I want to play? You will think about these things. & Rsquo; “

This recruitment continues the diversified trend of NFL scouting sectors. In addition to Harvey and Europe, there are also many women to start scouting in various cheap nfl jerseys From china teams: Hannah Burnett joined the giants, Kathleen Wood, Join Brown, La Leey Hecklinski also joined Brown.

Originally, even if there is no Patrick Mahomes to Die Tom Brady, Mahmus will also be equally exciting. However, Newton was confirmed by new crown pneumonia and disrupted this plan. Now, the old brian hoyer will be in danger. In the new offensive system that the patriot is tailored to him, Newton has water, the state is close to the peak of the 2015 season. But Hoyel’s debut means that patriots may change offensive strategies, especially Hoyel can’t have a threat to the ball like Newton. Hoyel received a first opportunity for the last season to represent Indiana Polis Pony against the Armean Dolphin. He played in that game. 39 passed the ball 18 successfully obtained 204 yards 1 time, 3 times The ball is copied. In the face of strong enemies, how would Hoyell play? Can he lead the patriot?

The shot of the chief highlighting attack is also due to excellent ball. In the Exterior Position They have Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and Michael Hardman, while they have Tel Avis Travis Kelce. By the Defensive Player of the Year last season, von Christi – Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) Seoul led the Patriots second-line defense is mixed. In the four games of the extraordale, Gilmoor is only completed 5 batches in 5 batches when the chief is the closest defensive player. In these four games, when he is the most close to Hill’s defensive player, the latter has not completed it. In addition, this season’s second-line defense forces the number of rankings of the opponent’s right. But they also face the problem of age, in the game of Seattle Hawks, the patriot will make the opponent to advance 288 yards to get 5 times. They have made the opponent’s pass to more than 20 yards from this season. The patriot may focus on Hill and Kelps, while allowing other second-line defensive players to stand against other tallers. Perhaps Belipk has developed many new tricks for the defensive plan of this game. Can the patriot second-line defense be able to resist the offense of the Emirates?

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