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The raid is signed to run the Klovo, and the wire Weavaba

Beijing March 29th Auckland raids announced the signing of Sya-Clovo, and Brandon Marshall (BRANDON MARSHALL).

In one year, the two contracts have been more than $ 2.5 million in the contract value of Klovar, and the Marshall’s contract value is up to $ 4.1 million.

The two performances of the raids last season’s best running guards-MARSHAWN LYNCH is now free players. Signing Klovo may mean that Martin will not return. As for Lynch, Jon Gruden said that the team always welcomes him.

26-year-old Klova joined the New York jet with a New York jet with a $ 3 year of 12 million for Cleveland Brown. He won the 685 yard 6 times, but interesting is that one third of the number is in a game, when he was only 15 times in the fifth week of Dain Buddha wild horse. The 219 yards were obtained, and the average of 14.6 yards per shock, wholesale jerseys set the nfl jerseys record. This year, he was cut by the jet.

Marshall has become a free player after deciding whether the contract option is not performed in Denver. At the age of 29, he got 11 games last season but only won 42 times.

After the end of the season, Marshall admitted that he would not be sure about his future in the absence of the wilderness in the third consecutive season.

Marshall’s career starts in Jacksonville, and he joins the wild horse in 2013. He won a total of 419 hugs in his career 6.5 times and killed 4 times forced the ball twice.

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