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Eagle Junchi Handlaham: The team is dominant in partition

When the nfl jerseys offseason is interfered with epidemic, those teams that continuing last season coach and star players will benefit from preparation season.

In Guonong District, there is only one team that meets this condition: Philadelphia Eagle. In the case of replacement of the coach group, the Eagle Doug Pederson is the only leader.

1 year agoAlthough future training arrangements are still unknown, Eagle Braham believes that Braham believes that due to Pederson’s stay, the team has an unique advantage in partition.

“I think so,” Glaham said. “The most important thing is to occupy the advantage, I think we have advantages now. We have the same coach. What we have to do is to ensure that we use the rest during the original way.”

Glaham has experienced the interference of the break. In 2011, since the labor agreement decisive cheap nfl jerseys from china once stopped, it was the second year of Glaham entered the alliance. At least this year, the team can keep in touch with the player.

“I just want to participate in training, do my best, so we can help each other, lead us to return to excellent state, that is, in the new season, enter the super bowl,” Glaham said.

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