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Lightning quartz Webbert: Facing idol Marioa is a crazy experience

When Eugene in Oregon, Justin Herbert is very understanding of the 2014 Haysmann winner Marcus Mariota. Nowadays, the two-digit Oregon University four-defense handed over on Thursday night.

Mario Tag was first got an opportunity for the first time in this season because of the first quadruplicate Derek Carr. After he got on the game, he quickly led the Las Vegas raid to complete the attack.

After the two, a wonderful confidence was launched.

Herbert showed his potential with an excellent pass again. It is more special for him to be able to tell one of the favorite four-point guards.

“It’s quite crazy experience,” Herbert talked about the face of Mario Tower. “I looked at Musus grew up. He used to be my favorite player. I know the Oregon University. I can tell him in the game, I can see that he is really great. This It is everything I want. “

Mario Tak and Herbert have become the second for Oregon colleepers in the wholesale nfl jerseys competition in 1948 and their respective teams have achieved the most password number.

Although Mario Tagged back to the peak state in this game, Herbert took the team to win the fight against the team at the time of the overtime, helping the team won 30-27.

Although it is excellent, Herbert wants to praise his opponent.

“I can see all his things that he can do during the Oregon, his excellent exercise quality and mobile capabilities and his precise pass, … this is everything I want to do,” Herbert said. “It is a great experience that can be played and faced to face my hero.”

Herbert’s 32 shots were successfully obtained for 22 times, and the 314 yards were successfully achieved, and the 4-time mushroom was completed and 14 yards were completed. This is his seventh pass through the seventh season. This is a new show of 300 yards of the number of 300 yards in the nfl jerseys history. In this competition, his pass reached the number of times reached 27 times, and the number of times the rookie four-point gardened single season passed. Before this game, Herbert is already only the 5th field this season to reach 275 yards, and a total of 25 reached a total of less than 10 times.

Obviously, this wonderful performance in this Thursday night is just a start for Herbert.

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