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Coach: Doug signed – Maroni responsible for the offensive front, another layer of meaning is that once the middle of the season giving up Rodriguez – Bradley, Maroni also took FireWire coach pointer. B +

Elays Manning called for everyone to wait patiently for the giant attack recoveryThe New York Giants in the first week of the regular season showed bad performance, which led to a lot of fans, and recently the team’s four-point Wei Yile Manning (Eli Manning) I hope everyone will keep patient.

Sunday ankle injury suffered security guard Jamal – Adams (Jamal Adams) may therefore miss the game this week. He played in all 12 games before the Jets, no doubt the best group of defensive players. Gone after him, how to make up a strong guard position will be a big hole to make the team a headache.

In addition, the Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley (C.J. Mosley) has also been added to the injured reserve list. Mosley had five years as the crow effect, this off-season with the Jets signed a five-year $ 85 million a huge contract. Groin injury caused him to miss most of the training and competition, Mosley played only two games all year, playing 108 stalls defense, completed 9 tackles, one steals return touchdowns, once get off the ball.

The last game Manning only completed 220 yards pass, the team’s entire game was only 3 points by playing, and the ground offense is a bad 35 yard, no external hands complete more than 54 yards, old will cloth Landon Marshall is just a boller.

Market: retain German – McCaw pedicle and Gorst Koski of course welcome. But lost Revis, Will Fogg and Bronner and other main defense group, offensive group but also to third gear running back Shaun – Willingen leave, Bailey Cech has been sit back attitude. C-

Bennet said: “I think our defensive group is the best in Nfl jerseys history. We will press our way, no matter who opponents, we will stop them. In my opinion, no one can Beat us. “Although the body is in a pass era, the Hawk’s defensive group does prove its uniqueness through data. 5 games were only 33 points, and the number was also the third few since 2004. In the past 5 games, their fields were lost 6.6 points, the lost code was 193.6, where the number of ground codes was 70.8 yards.

Lightning after the ball back against the running back Justin Jackson – all the way forward, and finally against the wide receiver Mike Williams – Williams 19 yards rushing touchdowns by surprise, narrowing the score disadvantage.

Damien – Williams contributed several wonderful red ball to help the team advance, the Macho and running back Darrell Williams – Williams (Darrel Williams) completed 11 yards touchdown connection, to further expand the score advantage .

Draft: low first-round pick Sean picked up the red setter – Ray is a very valuable addition twenty-three rookie also the vitality of the offensive group, avoiding Ryan – vacant Crediton injuries reimbursement. B +

Coach: Mike finally fired – Smith, to lure them away from the Seahawks training came up on Dan – Quinn as coach, and hired Kyle came – Shanahan in charge of the attack, coupled with Rahim – Morris have such experience coach the coach served as deputy coach, coaching a big shake from the Falcons. AMarket: Brooks – Reed, Justin – Durant, Charles – Godfrey, Schofield, etc., came to power after the supplement Quinn focused almost exclusively on the defense group, and are introduced into the low-paid. B

Although the Hawks’ defense is really good, it is necessary to have a history of history. Bentet still has some speech. In 2006, Danfo Yam took only 26 points in 5 games. In 2005, Indianapolis pony lost 29 points in 5 games. Even if compared to other teams in the past ten years, the Hawks have not yet been best. If you want to be a history, they really have a long way.

Sea Eagle: We are the best defensive group in historySeattle Hawks The horrible defense is back, and they only let the opponent take a total of 33 points in the past 5 games. This week they defeated Arizona, the score of the opponent was limited to 6 points, and the number of offensive codes was only 216 yards. Despite the use of No. 3 quartzworth, it is possible to be rocked offensive group, but the Haiying defensive end Michael Bennett has its own view.

Chiefs in the fourth quarter remembered how to break the Lightning defense, the ball quickly into the end zone 10 yards before lightning. After a few tentative, but also a running back Damien – Williams Road complete a yards rushing, 28-14 chiefs once again extended the lead to two touchdowns.

Market: paying grabbed front-Star guard Mike – You Padi, then after another low-wage sign Lamar – Woodley, Witherspoon and Corey – Reading and other veteran defensive group, but it is worth noting that, “the world second angle Wei “Cromartie did not leave vacancies filled. B +

Followed by lightning security guard Adrian – the case of pressure Phillips (Adrian Phillips), and wide receiver Demarcus – Robinson (Demarcus Robinson) completed five-yard touchdown connection, Chiefs scored the first. Harrison – Barker (Harrison Butker) followed by additional points firmly hit shot, lightning Emirates 7-0.

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