Higher Intelligence Does the Shopping With Me

Shopping with Spirit… a few days ago I went to our local health food store and observed myself loading up on Vitamin C and Bee Pollen Lozenges lightly thinking ‘just in case’. Like on automatic pilot I found my body walk over to the shelf and put into my basket honeybeelittle sachets of Vitamin C, a bag of Superchews (also Vitamin C), and Propolis Lozenges (Bee Pollen) all to strengthen the immune system. I watched it happen and thought ”That’s odd. We are all healthy – there must be something rolling towards us…”

The very next day my daughter’s throat started hurting a little, so I gave both of us Vitamin C – and in the evening again – in addition to our fresh food. The next morning her throat was hurting really bad and she asked me whether I could go get some lozenges for her… and I just grinned and reached behind me where the bee pollen lozenges  (disinfecting and immune strengthening) already waited for her. She was more grateful than surprised. Pretty cool, right? Again, we both took the Vitamin C in the morning and evening. And the following morning the throat was fine again.

INTUITION IN ACTION vs. TAKING INSPIRED ACTION. The first was what I have just shared with you. The second would be, had I thought ”buy Vitamin C…!”  and then chosen to take the inspired action to actually DO it. This was more like automatic intuitioninspired action without my thinking/choosing process: My higher Intelligence just walked me over, had me go through the physical movement of loading the items into the basket, and while I witnessed it, it was the most natural thing to do. Quantum Being with future memory of things to come. It was just the thing to do. Period.

I didn’t doubt it either, because there was no thinking involved other than my wondering about why that may be needed – more like a curious child that wonders how something works. I was fully present. A great example for letting your heart lead, because my mind would have seen no logical reason ”for something we didn’t really need at the moment” and rather spent the money on something ‘more important or more fun’… but my heart knew that this was exactly what we needed to support our bodies in doing their best work – with success. What a great help it has been, especially with my daughter being in the middle of the exams of her last year of school where every day counts and it is important to be fit and fresh and able to think clearly.

So, be inspired, let your heart lead and when something like this happens to you, just TRUST that your higher Intelligence knows what it is doing – even if you don’t.

Here’s to your health and happiness,

with gratitude for the Love that guides us
(and goes shopping with us if we let Her)

☆✩ Tanya ✩☆


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