A New Meditation

Meditation has become part of the spiritual practice of most light workers.  Usually it involves setting aside a time and a place where one can quiet themselves and totally focus on the moment, with eyes closed and particular attention focused on the breath. This practice has produced wonderful results in those who devote a portion of their day to leaving the world behind and focusing on the now, for you see, dear ones, when you are in the moment you are truly alive and clearly connected to the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself and universal consciousness.

MeditationTraditionally, meditation has been an undertaking that is done apart from daily activities such as work or even recreation.  Eyes close, rhythmic breathing begins and the energetic vibration rises. For centuries, in many cultures, spiritual people have endeavored to meditate in this manner, but the time has come to expand from practicing  meditation, to living it every moment with eyes wide open.  For you see, in this New Age on Earth, we are creating a new reality, one which requires full attention.  This is not to say that traditional methods of meditation are no longer useful, quite the contrary, but why stop there?  Yes, meditation was learned in a particular way, but practices and beliefs must be updated, just like software on computers.

Many people do not like change.  They are comfortable with things the way they are, but nothing remains the same, especially in this day and age.  Almost as soon as a new way of thinking emerges, it becomes outdated and replaced by another, more relevant and forward one. In post 2012, where humanity currently dwells, ascension is occurring more rapidly than ever. One must learn to adjust very quickly, for the alternative is struggle and we see that on a daily basis.  Light workers have been practicing and preparing for this for the past two decades, now they have graduated and the implementation of what was learned has begun. The good news is, yes there is good news, guidance is being made available in ways that were not accessible on such a grand scale for eons.  More people are channeling and receiving new information than ever and it is not by coincidence, no, it is by design.  There has been a special cosmic dispensation that has thinned the veil so this can happen.  How cool is that?

tao 5Perhaps it would be helpful to define meditation, in order to get a clearer understanding of how it can be integrated into every moment of daily life.  When one meditates, they focus on their breathing, the breath that comes from within the living body.  It is a process that is accomplished automatically, no matter what beliefs a person may have, who their parents are or what they look like. Breath is a common denominator for all.  There is no discussion or disagreement about whether or not it is right or good to breathe, it is universally accepted amongst all living beings.  Therefore, a primary characteristic of meditation is that it doesn’t involve ego.  The breath and the heartbeat contain the primal rhythms of life, the original influence of all music and the aspect of all living creatures that resonates to the divine motion of the universe.

When a person meditates, they intend to cease all other actions and, once again, become the divine being that they ARE, leaving behind the mental and basking in the inner aspects of the energy body.  They generally close their eyes, sit in a comfortable position and become the best that they can be.  As they relax and open their hearts and chakras, they begin to melt into all that is, and connect with the ancient aspects of their multidimensional being. Even if they do not realize it, when they are in a meditative state, they have, by varying degrees, escaped the collective consciousness, while sitting in the midst of it.

Therefore, once this has been experienced, why not just stay in that vibration?  How can I function is society while in this state, you may ask?  You are able to, by focusing on every moment and by doing so, you will go through the rest of your days in a walking meditation.  Yes, of course, at first it will take practice, but isn’t that what you have been doing all those times you sat in a meditative state?  When you live in the now, you are truly present in every moment that you have agreed to experience in this lifetime.  You are not thinking of anything else except what is happening to you at the moment.  After a while you will learn to prefer it over the blind-sighted, absent-minded existence which those who are caught in the whirlwind of the collective consciousness experience from moment to moment.

Living in a waking meditative state, with eyes wide open, you see miracles, synchronicity and the loving actions of others.  You are living in the rhythm of life and gracefully dancing, every moment, to the music that is piped into the very existence of every atom of everything that is, here on Earth.  So why sit and meditate the traditional way, you may ask?  Because it is the way to bring yourself into an even deeper, serene place each time you do and that is what you take with you into your day.  It is a continuing process of becoming more yourself and what could be better than that?  After all, how will we ever move forward if we keep doing things the same way–on and on? Redefine your definition of spirituality, for it is a living meditation!


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