Nomads Pilgrimage

Nomad moon is made for the wolf’s pilgrimage

Walks with my own step in grass song

Creaking trees try teaching me my roots


Verdant water beads hear the whale heart

Beating through this pebble shore

To the planets beginning before blue

Before seed and green before green


Rolling awake I make chalk marks on the road

Far from the sea driftwood body gathering words

I compile my ink note corridors

Charcoal ants and crows whirl

Through the scrawling air


Heart swells light passing through my bones

Stretching mountain shadows away from the cellular fire

Garden snake leaves the white page of my head

She is the minister before the court of clouds


Behind her mask of mud and straw

She reads from the parchment of truth

A torn moth wing a testimony of hatching

An elders Consciousness through the pupils light

A story pulled from the sky to rest on


Rattling leaves and the stir of ash makes the world

A clear fountain of pure land empty of thoughts

Flowers grow through a mirror of winter mind

Paint brushes the moon over roses beneath snow

Over the troubled bears dream into the hives nectar


I grip the small energetic heart of snake

In the owl hole of shivering silver branches

Wings spread through my hands

In the unseen stream I conjure worlds into form

Healing grey hues of shadows worn.



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