Holding Peace and Love In Our Hearts

As we carry love and peace in our heart, we experience love and peace in our world. The more we maintain a loving, peaceful presence, the more loving, peaceful people and situations we encounter. When we embody these feelings, we emit a frequency that resonates with other people of a similar vibration. We can tell how we are doing by the nature of the people in our life and situations we find ourselves in: Are the people in our life mostly loving, caring people? Do we encounter harmonious situations most of the time?

Peace_Hands-150x150Holding peace in our heart sounds like an easy thing to do, but it can be challenging. Emotions like anger can be intoxicating. How often during the day do we find ourselves angry about a situation we are confronted with? How often do we experience frustration or unhappiness? These emotions create discordant energies within us, and detract from a peaceful existence.

The way we react to a given situation is by choice. It is not what we are confronted with in life that matters; it is how we react to it. When we allow another to “push our buttons”, we are acting in an unconscious manner, activating a program in our subconscious. We are human and this stuff happens. The key is to be conscious of what is happening as an objective observer, and change the way we respond. When we react to someone or a situation via a subconscious program, we allow the situation or person to take control. These programs can be changed. This can take some time, but the benefits far outweigh the effort.

Peace-Love-And-HappinessAfter deciding to change the way I respond to these situations, this is what I have found happens over a period of time:

  • I realize that I did it again – I responded before thinking.
  • I see what is happening, as I’m doing it.
  • I perceive what is occurring during the encounter and consciously make a decision to remain centered and come from a place of love and compassion, thereby changing my typical reaction.
  • With diligence, practice and remaining the conscious observer, responding in an appropriate manner, I realize what happened after the occurrence – I responded in a constructive manner!

Making these changes requires determination, time, effort and patience.


Contemplation & Meditation
Another method to change our programming is to set aside some personal quiet time daily. This time can be spent contemplating the day as an objective observer, replaying the events of the day that you would like to change; reliving them, experiencing a favorable outcome.


Another approach for this time – which does not necessarily change our programming, but does increase our vibration – would be to meditate, focusing on your breathing, a mantra or just watching your thoughts as an objective observer. Any form of meditation is beneficial, and there are many.

Yet another method would be to focus on the feeling of love, appreciation, gratitude or compassion for 5 minutes, gradually increasing to 15 or 20 minutes a day.

When we start our day with something of this nature, we set the tone for the day and we increase our vibration; our vibration determines the quality of the people and events in our life. Having some contemplative time in the evening can shift any discordant energy of the day and prepare us for peaceful sleep.


Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,




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