The Wisdom That Resides Within Us

Today I was attempting to recall the formula for converting Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius, as I will be visiting the UK in the next few months. The formula just popped in my head, subtract 32 degrees and divide by 5/9 to arrive at the temperature in C°. Of course I learned that mathematical equation in science class many years ago, but I had not thought of it for all that time, yet it was stored somewhere in the chasms of my memory. It did not amaze me that I was able to recall the formula as I was consciously aware that I learned it. I have been convinced, as have most of us, that what I am able to remember is only what I have actually learned or been exposed to in this current lifetime, but if that is true then how is it I remember what happened in past lifetimes and where do all new ideas come from? I believe at this point we all know the answer to that question.

How do we define the origin of new ideas, thought forms and information that have not been learned and experienced, where do they come from? We can describe the experience by saying that we are inspired, or downloading or even channeling, which in many cases is the truth, but in reality, there is nothing that is really new, only things that have been forgotten. All knowledge resides within us, therefore when we have a great new idea, it is really not something we thought of or created, it is only a remembrance, a pulling out of the hat of our etheric mind, so to speak, that which has always been there, but was filed away in the “other incarnations” section. This is not to say that we cannot receive inspiration and information from outside sources, as in the case of channeled information, for we most certainly can and do, but when we resonate with these new ideas it becomes apparent that we are only becoming re-acquainted with what had been forgotten.

Once we become aware of the possibility that we know more than we think and that actually we know everything, we are able to start manifesting what we call miracles, or put another way, that which is outside of what we believe to be possible. Then once we begin to expand what we believe to be possible, we start to create the abundance we desire.

The way to gain access to the infinite source of everything is to practice. When I cannot think of the solution to a question, I just ask for guidance from my Angels and Ascended Masters and before long an idea pops in my head. When I am not inspired to write, I surrender to and embrace the quiet time and before long the inspiration come in an outpouring of thoughts.

My lineage is of Archangel Zadkiel, I work with Saint Germain and Merlin. I am aware of this, but how did I come to know? Through focus, I became conscious of what I was drawn to and allowed myself to see the validity of these spiritual roots. Once I get the inkling that something might be true, and pass it through the filter of my feelings to determine if I believe it to be so, I then allow myself to know what I cannot rationally have proven with conventional methods. I accept and believe that the rational, logical system of thinking that we have existed under for eons is now becoming outdated and functions too slowly to keep up with the changes that are occurring on Earth at this time.

Once you accept your origins, you can be more focused on your life purpose and character traits and understand yourself more fully. We all know from whence we came, we must only remember and once we do, we will feel more at home on this planet suspended in space, with our feet on the lovely mantle of the being we call Mother Earth. Remember, everything we need to know, we already know. So the next time someone says you are a “know it all”, just say, “I know”.



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