Love Love Love

“No matter what happens, believe in LOVE, a force so strong, so real, so magnificent, so healing, so beautiful, so exciting that it transforms everything in its path!

Where there is the greatest LOVE, there are always miracles!” … Marie Fay

I read a wonderful story this evening about a husband and wife who were together for 70 years, and, after all that time, they died within hours of each other. It just made me stop and think about how beautiful it is that they would not have to live without one another after sharing the majority of their lives together. It is rare that you hear such a lovely story and it did make me smile.

Romantic_Love_WallpapersNow when we think of love, we usually automatically jump to the kind that is associated with romance and couples and first kisses and fuzzy tummies and starry eyes and dates and marriage. How many movies and books have been written about this amazing topic!? Yes, this is definitely a beautiful kind of love and one that most of us wish to experience at least once in our lifetime. It is like a natural instinct that we feel when we reach our teenage years, a desire to feel a deep connection with another soul. I reckon the biggest topic of conversation on the planet is about romance and relationships! When we fall in love, everything seems possible, the world looks beautiful, we are bursting to share how we feel with the other person and we want to shout it from the rooftops. After a while, we settle into the relationship and the early buzz calms down. It is in the lifetime of shared experiences afterwards that the real love blossoms!

baby-loveThen we have the kind of love that is shared between family and friends. We all live in a world that is based upon relations with others. The first kind is the bond that is formed between baby and parent. A newborn comes into the world full to the brim with unconditional love, it knows only to be its glorious self and it oozes love from every pore. The love that a parent feels for a child must be one of the strongest forces in the universe, even if it is not always obvious, a parent carries a child in their heart forever. They say that if a child is in danger, a parent could do the “impossible” to keep them from harm. Then, later in years, a child begins to form friendships and strong bonds are made, sometimes to last a lifetime. The kind of love that is shared between friends is magic, friendships create the most beautiful mosaic of love and it is very special indeed.

Pet-loveAnother kind of love is the one that we feel for our pets, this can be a magnificent experience because an animal places no conditions on us and will always greet us with love. I once read an article about how a man asked a young boy what his definition of love was and the boy said “It’s when your dog licks your face”… the man thought that this was a lovely reply, but then the boy added “even when you have left it at home alone all day!” Not a lot to be added to this, eh?

heart-meAnd then there is the most important kind of love in the whole world … SELF LOVE! The greatest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself! Everything begins and ends with YOU! How you feel about yourself determines how you feel about every single person you encounter along your path. And sometimes this can be the greatest challenge for us, loving and accepting ourselves just the way we are! When you fall in love with yourself, a force is unleashed within you that transforms your life and everybody’s lives that you encounter! It is unstoppable, it is magnificent, it is amazing, it is healing, it is powerful, it is truly miraculous! Love is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and to the world! Yes, where there is the greatest love, there are always miracles!

“To love the world unconditionally, you must unconditionally love yourself” … Marie Fay


Until next time,

Love from me, Marie XXX



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