Sharing Our Stories – Radio Season Finale

You are invited to call in and share your inspirational stories with us for our Radio Season Finale!  Our northern hemisphere team have books to write and a spring and summer to enjoy!  So for our first Radio Season Finale we’ve decided to celebrate with a VERY SPECIAL show.  Please join Nancy Wait and Lynne Maree on-air and share your story!


  • April 30th at 5 pm Eastern.
  • Maximum length: 10-12 minutes please.


To ensure your spot in advance, please contact Lynne Maree at:


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou


nancy-aboutusQuoting our very own Nancy Wait from her article “Memoir As Soul Work” ~:

All art is expression.

All expression is a way of putting it “out there.”

As soon as we put it out there it’s no longer inside us, or merely inside us. It has been expressed outwardly. So we can now hear it, feel it, see it, touch it – outside of us. And so we get to know ourselves better in the world. And so we become more knowing.

This is especially true of memoir.


Memoir is the story of us. It is about who we are, who we think we are, who we think we might have been, and who we were.

We write our stories with the hope they will be read and that readers will have a response, that they will be moved in some way.

But whether or not they respond in ways we expect or desire, whether or not our books fly off the shelves, something utterly amazing has occurred within us along the way of transforming our memory into prose: we have become conscious of who we actually are.


Look forward to hearing all your stories!  Please remember to reserve your spot on the show with Lynne and we’ll catch you on-air on the 30th!

Link to the “To Inspire” Radio Show on the 30th of April ~ Share Your Stories                Please share with your friends!





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