A Goddess Awakens

She wakes from a forgetful, trance-like state
Unconsciously rolls over
and feels an embryo inside
Forgetting her divine power and wisdom
Sophia calls to her

She walks out the door
Tripping over the obstacles in her path
Shedding tears for time lapsed
Embracing her divine feminine

She faces the blowing wind
Approaching a male rock
even in her magical presence
Growing stronger

She leaves the rock
Befriending another entranced maiden
She says
“You are not a slave”
Vision restored

She sings the immortal song of Isis
Endowing all those on her path with
The Christ Light

She sets other Goddesses free
Uncompromising in who she is
Her juices are flowing
She is glowing from within

She remembers
the baby growing inside
Her offer to the world
Conceived without conception

She is pregnant with

Amazing Grace!
A single woman
Giving birth to humanity’s savior

Psyche Enlightened
takes her rightful place
and consciously creates a new world order.


One weekend after my divorce, I was divinely inspired to write a dozen or so poems, each one helped me deal with the pain and confusion. One poem in particular speaks to the deep recess of my soul—words on a page that reflected my rebirth process.

Hope slipped through the crack of despair as some part of me was expressing something real, something that maybe other Awakening Goddesses could relate with.  This was the poem I wrote.


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