What Does It Mean To Be A Lightworker and What Is The Definition of Spirituality?

It seems to mean different things as the evolutionary process continues. In 2013, spirituality is the process of being one’s self. A light worker is one who works with energy through themselves. The spiritual path, then, is one of returning to the being that we are so that our gifts and our purpose may be realized on the Earth plane.

lightworkersHow we begin this process is by quieting the mind so that we may hear ourselves, letting go of the noise and chatter and thinking of nothing. When you find yourself back in the noise, even if it is only a minute later, start thinking of nothing again. You created the habit of living in the collective consciousness and you can create a new habit of living within and from yourself. Begin to hear what your are saying to yourself. What do you like and with what do you resonate? When you acknowledge your desires, you are connecting to your Higher Self and what it is telling you. Surround yourself with beauty and you will hear the truth for truth is beauty.

No matter how many classes you take, books you read or seminars you attend, there is really only one path to spirituality and that path is knowing and being yourself. The learning you do in the spiritual realm can give you tools with which to help you achieve self-knowledge, but the real work must be done by you. But what does it mean to truly be yourself? It means letting go of the collective consciousness which shaped your personality and becoming the actual person that you are, the being you were before all the programming shaped you into a working model. The more you become yourself, the more inspiration, guidance and knowledge you can receive from the higher realms, for only when you are truly yourself can you receive and perfectly resonate with the wisdom that lives within you.

The Ascension process that led to 2012 has completed. We no longer are preparing for the New Age to come, for now it’s 2013 and what we have been waiting for is here, NOW. We have graduated from graduate school and we are living the life that we have anticipated for decades. Can you not feel the momentum? Do you not see the grace within which we live? We equate the word lesson with a learning process or sometimes even a punishment. We have to learn our lessons or we suffer them over and over. How many times have we heard and said that? In 2013 we are no longer here to suffer, we are here to EXPERIENCE.

experienceEverything that exists on Earth is a spark of a Divine Source that created life in order that it may experience all aspects of duality, high and low, good and bad. Each of us is allowing those events to be created…a myriad of unique combinations of circumstances. Therefore, everything we’ve passed through in our lives, whether we label it positive or negative, is only an experience. When we are having a difficult time, ego is diminished and it is then that we are able, if we so choose, to break through the wall of our ego so that we may grow and evolve spiritually. It is then that we acknowledge what has occurred and determine that we need not meet with it again. Therefore, what we call learning experiences or negative aspects of our lives are really blessings in disguise, for without them we would not take those accelerated steps down the path towards knowing ourselves and after all, that is our goal in life–what we are doing while we are here. The pain we might endure along the way is merely the resistance we create to the process of stepping into the unknown. The funny part it is not the unknown, for it is from whence we came.

Dear Light workers, do not think for a moment that you are the only ones living through unwanted experiences. There are many others going through the same thing. The difference being that light workers are able to release lower energies and transmute them into pure light, in other words healing, and by working with higher beings and the gifts of Divine Grace, we no longer hold on to the unwanted aspects of our lives…instead we may embrace the beauty and magic that is our legacy.

Let us not belittle or diminish ourselves by assuming that we need reprimanding or punishment for choices we have made in the past. Instead let us realize that we had a variety of experiences in our lives, all of which led us to who we are now and all of which should be treasured as part of us. Be yourself and connect with your higher self. Bask in the magnificent life that lies before you.

You don’t have to win, you already have.

Keeper of the divine Principles of Grace



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