Driftwood Guitar

Stop listening to men and women with

Heads full of knowledge

Stepping over winter ice

Carrying treasure

Chests full of transient Shadows

Self important artifacts of passing drama

Hold counsel wise heart

In your fire lit stories


Seasons change in the melting

Become a driftwood guitar of salt-blood flames

Reaching far horizons where we live

In each others dreams

Reach back through the sun

Setting sunflower center piece

In the place of someone’s troubled heart

Those that have not made the bloom

Frozen in winter’s garden


From the strings and rhythm of deeper felt sense

Ride the crest of your wafting serpentine colors

A drifting sky is not without direction

Arrival on the green island

Is a grain of sand in time

Get use to wind and tide

Visions implore you deeper


Song images playing through the eons

Of your wind swept memory tent

After I leave you in the dawn

I’ll be with you when I’m gone


Ease up trying to fill egos emptiness

With competitive need for attention and grasping

For more transient things to flatten the pain

The garden is exhausted from this perennial wanting


What message are you sending to the universe

When crowded in with ancestors and spirits love

Feed them something everyday

Gratitude and prayer offering to help

Open your heart


The world will dream of you

We will be together

As river mind and tree knowledge

Bear in your dream and cactus at dawn

A pony running for the apple

By the hearts stream

Star prayers keep your power

With judgment clean

Call wild passion courage out

Those who run or ridicule

Are not keepers of the flame

Fear not their time to ignite


Be the heart spoken mirror

Open inside out let’s see all of you

And you will see all of us

Ancestor spirit walkers

Through the veil

Lighter stories we weave

Wear this all of you

For your spring dance.



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