Excerpt #1 from “Never Alone” by Linn B Halton

“Ever since that day in the coffee shop where I’d had that awful experience, I had continued to smell roses from time to time. Often the scent was so heady it was almost overpowering and it always occurred in unusual places. Never close to a garden or in sight of the actual flowers. Once it happened in the middle of the night. I awoke suddenly from a dream and I found it comforting at the time. I looked on the Internet and apparently the presence of some spirits can be heralded by a smell that is reminiscent of them in some way. The problem was, until I spoke to my father I had no idea if I could link the roses to my grandmother. I had my suspicions, and when he confirmed it, I was relieved. At least my instincts were serving me well and I decided that too was a sign. Perhaps she was trying to let me know that I need to listen to myself more often. I told Celia and she was amazed. She said that she too had smelt the overpowering scent of roses in the cloakroom that day. It didn’t solve or prove anything; other than I’m not totally insane if someone else has experienced the same thing. Celia wouldn’t lie to protect me or make me feel better, and hearing her acknowledging that small thing was a relief in many ways.


There’s something else. When Will was giving me an update on talks with the company based in LA, something very strange happened. He was explaining how he thought things would develop. He saw us spending more and more time in California, and for practical reasons we would need a base there. He described a life I’d never even considered for us and it sounded exciting. As he was talking things began to get a little blurry. At first, I thought it was a problem with my vision. I was rather tired, it was at the end of a long working day and I rubbed my eyes, expecting them to clear. When I looked back up at him, it was akin to looking at two pictures, one overlaying the other. I could hear him speaking, but I couldn’t make sense of what he was saying. There were two conversations going on at the same time. He was there in double, the real him and then a shadowy Will slightly to his left. The whole room was doubled up; everything appeared to be slightly overlapping. The two conversations weren’t the same, so the words all sounded jumbled. It lasted for several minutes and I must have had a weird look on my face, because Will stopped talking and came over to me. He put his arms around me and looked into my eyes.


“Hey, Chick, what’s wrong? I know it’s all happening so fast, I can hardly take it in myself. You’ll love it, we’ll get to travel and meet all sorts of people and they’re so friendly. Life will be even sweeter each time we come home, because we’ll miss all this when we’re away. We’ll get the best of both worlds.”


I felt slightly stunned by the words he had chosen to use. He couldn’t know what had happened, but it was such a coincidence—was it a sign of some sort? Was I missing some simple message being passed through him? Two different worlds or perhaps two parallel universes? Will and his shadow speaking at the same time; two images superimposed that didn’t quite fit because they weren’t merely mirror images. He mistook my nervous laughter for doubt and spent several minutes reassuring me that we would have plenty of time to adjust to the idea. No one was forcing anything on us any quicker than we wanted to take it forward. I let him think he’d succeeded in addressing my concerns and we hugged. I could sense the joy coursing through his body. The adrenalin was lifting him higher than he’d been for a long time.


It only happened the once. I hope it doesn’t happen again, because I still don’t know if there was a message in there somewhere for me. If there was, I missed it.


My mother is convinced something is wrong and I keep getting phone calls from her, checking on my well-being  It’s awkward, so I’m trying to steer her into focusing on Matt and Celia. We talk about how wonderful it would be if their dating develops into a long-term relationship. I think that if she has a love interest unfolding in front of her, it might give me some breathing space. I feel mean at times. Poor Celia and Matt are getting regular invites to family dinners and weekend barbeques  Thankfully, they don’t seem to mind too much. Matt is enjoying having someone on his arm to show off and Celia’s clearly delighted to be spending time with Matt and the family. Next week the two sets of parents are going to meet and I’m so glad I managed to wriggle out of attending that little get-together. Will is so busy; it’s a great excuse to bow out of a family gathering at the moment.


I went back to the crystal store in Cirencester and bought a few more stones. I now have some in a pouch in the car and a small collection in my drawer at work. Ironically, I think they are working despite the increased activity around me. I do seem stronger somehow, less emotional and more energised. I deal with each strange episode as best I can. I don’t beat myself up afterwards and I’ve stopped doubting myself. If I see or sense anything unusual, I accept it and don’t try to come up with weird and wonderful explanations. That in itself is a giant leap forward.


However, my intuitive self is telling me loud and clear that I can’t continue to ignore it forever. It’s time to seek out someone who can teach me what I need to know in order to protect myself from any potential harm.”


Linn book


You can find Linn’s book, “Never Alone” in the Inspirational Storytellers Bookstore.  Paperback retails for $12.99 and Kindle Edition $1.50.







Linn B Halton

linn halton-65 (216x300)About the author: Linn writes contemporary women’s love stories that reflect life, the baggage we all carry around with us and the complexities of relationships. You are always guaranteed an uplifting ending that won’t disappoint and often a psychic twist that will make you stop and think… what if?

Linn signed with US publishing house Sapphire Star Publishing in 2012; The Quintessential Gemini, a heart-warming romance was released in June 2012 and The Restaurant @ The Mill, a collection of life/love stories based around an old mill, was released in August 2012. Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Linn also has three self-published books – Touched By The Light & Never Alone are uplifting stories that make you think about what lies beyond… and Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy – a diary of events/true story of the wonderful personal experiences Linn has had throughout her life. It has made her re-think many things in her life and she is convinced that life isn’t just about the ‘here and the now’.

Linn is the creator, and one of the editors, of loveahappyending.com and loveahappyending.org. In February 2013 loveahappyending.com is becoming Loveahappyending Lifestyle, an online lifestyle magazine, which will also be available several times a year in the format of a downloadable eMag.



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