“Brief Shadow Song”

In this smoking dream

Unplug yourself from the ghost of life

All the entries that describe you

As the last person down the hall

No one understands


A stranger that travels beneath

The leather sun

All meaning extracted

From the corralled herd


You have become sea glass

Worn polished

But no longer clear


Search for triggers that blaze the soul

The tears runway that almost blind you

Bind you in love


Keep searching for the lucid way

The song words of giants inside you

Grow antlers to collect stars

Keep sharpening the horizon

Scrape the sky for new stories


Try reading the slow curve of the day

The brief shadow songs

The ancestors drum for you

Paint or carve you in their art

In cave walls standing next to you

With medicine they open you up


Driftwood guitars

Releasing your see lanes

Oceanic skirmishes with the self

Storm seeking beauty


Breathe beneath the sea

In the calm wilds of third eye silence

Swirling wolf hairs in the eddies

Scribing the earth for you

In river to sea words


Now read the parts of you

You thought were gone

The ones that fell out of this world

And reunite in this other you become

Something you cannot teach touch express


Its how the bear’s dream in hibernation

Passes through the earth

In ritual energy

Scales of bone

Sound of planet

Until you disappear at the edge

Of a chanting memory


Presences pass through your sky mind

Giant shadow heads of trees

Winged beings land

At your cradle board


Their linear notes season your heart

“You’re called to see this so you will

Be what will help awaken earth’s people

Many will recognize you as one of their own

For others you’re a poem that drifts out of reach

Unable to fix linear meaning in the honey hive

Of your pollinated worlds”



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