Illuminate the World

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, you owe me…

Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky!” … Hafiz


I just love this quote, it says so much in those few words, short and sweet and filled with beauty! I feel very good indeed when I read it, offering me an image of such a loving, giving, kind, smiling sun that always shines, no matter what! So why does it feel so good I ask myself? I suppose I never really thought that way about the star that shines so brightly 24/7, day in and day out, relentlessly sharing its light with all that it encounters, having no demands on receiving a ‘thank you’ or a recognition or praise in any way. We are so quick to take our beautiful sun for granted, awakening each day to its light, to its warmth, to its shining in full glory (well sometimes hiding behind the clouds hehe). And if it is hidden by some grey clouds, we complain and moan about it and hope that a re-appearance is made real soon!


So how can we adopt this awareness in our everyday lives. It seems like a tall order doesn’t it?! Well, at least let’s be open to the possibility of it in some shape or form! It certainly encouraged me to think about myself and my life in a different way, reaching for the realisation that it feels good to shine from the inside out with love, offering light and warmth without expecting anything in return, just doing it because I want to. I have been blessed along my journey to have encountered some ‘bright, shining suns’ and, I have to say, they make this quote seem like it was written for them! It is such a wonderful experience to spend time in their company, NEVER expecting anything in return, loving who they are and what they do.  What I have noticed is that, when you experience this kind of unconditional love, you thrive! And, guess what, you start to become it yourself! It’s like you rise to the vibration and become like the energy that you are surrounded by, it is very interesting indeed! The illumination of the person seems to ignite the light within you and this offers you an opportunity to become like the sun yourself, revealing your true essence!


So really, the concept of this quote is to ask yourself what you can bring to the world rather than what you can get from it! How can YOU share your light, what can YOU do that will brighten up somebody’s day? What are your gifts and talents that you, and you alone, have that are just bursting to be shared and enjoyed! The planet is waiting to be illuminated by YOU, the choice is yours! Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you neglect yourself either… in order to give 100% of yourself, you must feel 100% fulfilled. In fact, it seems to be an automatic thing that, when you feel fully filled, you just overflow naturally! And, here’s the thing, when you give with an open heart, the Universe will conspire to the nature of your song and shower you with all the love in the world! It’s totally MAGIC…


So, together, let’s ILLUMINATE THE WORLD!!!


Love from me, Marie X



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