“Through Whose Eyes” – Book by Jacqueline Rainey


From Author, Jacqueline Rainey:  They say we can’t choose our family, but when you see the world through a child’s eyes the choice to let go of those who are supposed to love you and care for you always is not always easy; not even when we become parents ourselves do we let go of those who let go of us.  As a child of the foster system I was forced to find something bigger than myself to hold onto, I found God and have faith in what I can’t see with my natural eyes but I know He exist.  I wrote “Waiting for God” to remind myself of that journey and encourage others to hold on because life does get much better.

Just have faith.



You were the vessel I came through if nothing else you should have been more.  You turned your back on me and I found my way to God’s door.





“I stepped out of a house where fear was a dominating emotion and I was forced to become a lost woman-child searching without direction for love, life and God.  In a world where others looked like me, I found no friend, their sense of direction in life didn’t warrant my attention and I didn’t care to give it.  I could never understand why they were fighting so hard to climb into a pit.  People around me weren’t just strangers they were alien and I wasn’t sure who didn’t belong them or me.  I retreated to places in my mind where even I couldn’t find myself, but I’m sure God knew were to find me.  The foster system was filled with lost faces and lonely souls and I was among them, young mothers abandoning their babies after being abandoned and I wondered if they too were waiting for God.”



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