“The Transformative Power of Love”

I’d been a Navy SEAL for 24 years and at one point reached the highest pinnacle of achievement in our community as an assault team operator at SEAL Team Six. Over my career I had many demanding and challenging duties and when I left the Navy I was extremely satisfied and what meant even more to me was that I had the utmost respect of my peers.

Within a year of my retirement I began providing security for State Department personnel in Iraq. It was on my first such mission that I had what is commonly called a Near Death Experience or NDE.

It was December of 2003 and Saddam Hussein’s former army had devolved into guerrilla warfare. I was in a small metal living trailer just outside the main Palace in Baghdad where the dictator Hussein had held formal control of his nation. We had been shelled by mortars for weeks at night and had grown accustomed to ignoring them because they were mostly inaccurate and landed far away from our living shelters.

One night after having been in Iraq for over one month involved in a daily schedule that kept our team busy for 16 to 20 hour days, I was fast asleep. I realized at one point that I was floating and fully conscious. The thought entered my mind that I must be having an out of body experience. I had read so much about these but had never experienced one so I looked down to see my body. As I looked down I was horrified to see my shattered and dead body.

It was at this point that I realized I was actually dead and was now a spirit making my transition. I had the instant thought that I was disappointed and not ready to go yet. I felt like I was learning to use all the skills I had learned as a warrior to help keep people safe.

At that instant I felt a presence above me and I looked up and saw a beautiful angel with wings outstretched above me. The hair was short and the upper body was covered in a breastplate. The entire being was bathed in a bright white light. I was attracted to the face and my feeling was that this angel was neither man nor women but the countenance of the face was indescribably beautiful. My gaze was pulled to the angelic eyes as they gazed upon me with a look of the most exquisite unconditional love I have ever felt. It was as if my soul lit up from the love that was beaming at me and when our eyes finally met an electric shock flashed through my body and I shot back into my body in my bed as a huge explosion shook the ground and a blast wave rolled over the trailers in the compound I was in.

I remembered as I sat jolt up right in my bed as the explosion sounded that a flash of light had lit the angels wings as if it had deflected the rocket with it’s body. I had instantaneously flashed back into my living body backwards in time. I had the strongest feeling that the angel had saved me because of my desire to help others and that an incredible gift had been bestowed on me. I would learn much more about this gift and it’s tremendous implications over time.

I would eventually learn through several synchronistic events that the being that had saved me was Archangel Michael. AA Michael is the protector of soldiers and can be called upon by anyone to provide protection and comfort during times of great stress or danger.

Over the next several months during that initial time and now many years later I have developed skills that are incredible and have saved the lives of thousands of people. Initially I would be internally directed to project the thought of love in what would later prove to have been ambush points where my team and I should have been killed but escaped attack altogether. Later I would use remote viewing skills to see attacks that were planned before we left our compound and I would hold my team up. The moment our team was scheduled to go through an area after I held it up because of these insights there would be an attack with many casualties.

I would eventually use my expanding remote viewing skills to see attacks coming up to a week out and describe to my team where they would be exactly on a map, the time and date, what the attackers looked like and what they would be driving. Eventually I learned to project my thoughts of love when I knew an attack was coming and stop them. I took this remote influencing skill to an even greater level and began connecting with like minds in the war torn cities I was in. Eventually there would no longer be any attacks while I was in these cities doing this projection. When I left they would begin again. Eventually I expanded this capability as well and the attacks would stop for longer and longer periods after I left to the point where they stopped happening all together.

After years of reflection I’ve traced the spontaneous awakening of these abilities to the point where AA Michael had looked me in the eyes. I had been enveloped in love while floating above my body in an event on the linear time line, as we know it. Time is nonlinear in the world of spirit where I had been floating and when AA Michael and my eyes met the gift of transforming war into peace was sent into the core of my being.

Another part of my coming back from the NDE was to relay my experience to the rest of the world, as I would gradually be led to acknowledge. This part has been the most difficult for me. For years I had been quietly using my gifts. I had refined them by getting repeated confirmations that my thoughts of love were connecting with others of like mind and helping them energize and transform their environments. I watched several cities go from places of horrific war and acts of extreme violence to magically peaceful transformation zones.

My wife Tracy has been my rock and support over the years and as I came to grip with the changes and the awakening abilities to help mankind she was always supportive. It was under her calm advice that I wrote my story down and had it published. I also began to seek out other people that were of similar mind and was drawn to a wonderful soul that channels messages from AA Michael named Ronna Herman.

I have a very busy schedule that is constantly shifting, changing and taking me out of the country to war torn areas to protect dignitaries. I was able to eventually schedule a seminar that Ronna was having and eagerly looked forward to attending it. I remember getting to the seminar room early so that I could get a front row seat for my wife and I. Once I got our seats saved I began to explore the many crystals, books and artwork that were available. I was looking at some beautiful large crystals arranged on the stage when Ronna walked in. The room was already somewhat crowded with about one hundred of the one hundred and fifty people that were scheduled to attend. Ronna walked up onto the stage and sat down on a chair and began looking through papers. After a few moments she stopped and I could actually feel her looking at me. I looked up and she stood and walked towards me and as she approached I could feel a similar unconditional love sensation that I had felt from AA Michael many years before. She asked about me and though I am a very private person she got right to the point of my AA Michael experience. She was thrilled and asked me to talk about it and I agreed to.

My book had been published but had not yet been released to the general public yet. So for her to know anything about me or the book would have been impossible at least in this reality that is. I remember when she asked me to come up on stage and speak about my experience. I had spoken in front of thousands of military personnel throughout my career as a Navy SEAL some of them the highest ranking officers and administration officials in the US and foreign countries. When I had been stationed at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. I had calmly and professionally spoken to the entire school of midshipmen and the whole faculty of senior military officers about terrorism, which is my specialty. The auditorium I spoke in had a seating capacity for several thousand and had been filled. Here I was going to talk for the first time in front of less than two hundred people about my experiences in nonphysical reality and I was quite nervous.

I had no reason to be concerned because this was my soul family, as I would come to know and appreciate them. When I walked up onto the stage Ronna just beamed at me with that unconditional love look that I have etched into my being from AA Michael. She sat to the right side of me holding my hand as I spoke and I could feel the love envelop me. As I looked out into the eyes of the audience I felt the same love radiate back to me as I told my story of that momentous night long ago.

I spoke of how we are all endowed with the ability to project love as I had learned and that as more of us began to connect with the love that we are and connect with others that are of love we can change our world from one of war to one of peace. As I finished speaking and left the stage everyone in the room stood up and applauded. I felt like I was floating again as I moved back to my seat.


The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons From a Navy SEAL on How to Unleash Your Hidden Potential was released not long after that day and although it has not been a monumental seller initially, I feel that when the time is right it will take off. I am, however, very encouraged by the hundreds of people that have written me and tell me of how the book has inspired them to begin to awaken their own intuition. Many military men and women have also written me about how they have had great success developing and using the skills I talk about in the book. Many of them like me are beginning to stop attacks. There is hope.

Ronna would later write me a specially channeled message from AA Michael in, which he said that I was one of his angels of light. Another accomplished intuitive would tell me at a later date that I had been AA Michael’s right hand angel before descending to earth to help humanity.

The possibility for humanity using love to eliminate war after thousands of years is within our grasp. Meditation and prayer groups have had astounding success and science has documented many of these in controlled testing for over twenty years. Each of us has a connection with source. This love energy or Prana, Ki, Chi or life force energy runs throughout all life. It is what connects all of us to every living being. As we concentrate our thoughts to connect with this energy field it can connect with like energies and build a frequency that can influence those that are prone to violence to also change their frequencies to love. Love is who and what we are at our most basic level.

Whenever we see or hear about violence or if fear comes into our lives if we can send it thoughts of love we can begin to change those energies and calm them. When we do this as a group the energies are magnified many times. By going about our days as we normally do if every now and then we sent out the thought of love we would have a tremendous influence throughout our local environments. If those thoughts were directed at war torn areas those areas would be calmed.

I was given a wonderful gift to return to my body and continue to live. I have saved many lives through the power of my thoughts. I have connected with others and changed environments for the better. Not only can these thoughts calm war torn areas but they can also calm earth energies like storms and earthquakes.

I am now sharing my story and helping others to come to the realization that we all can become healers of our wonderful planet. Love is all around us, it is the ground we walk on, the water we drink, the food we eat, the plants, animals and people that we come in contact with everyday. Love is inexhaustible so don’t worry about giving it away you will always have more. In fact as you give it away it will be multiplied back to you many fold.

Love your self first and as you become fulfilled share it with others. A lack of love of self causes most stress and anxieties in our lives so shower your self with love. I hope you have enjoyed this story and I am most grateful that you took the time to read it. May Love fill your life always, Michael Jaco



The Intuitive Warrior

Editors Note: Michael’s book “The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons from a Navy SEAL on Unleashing Your Hidden Potential” is available for purchase in paperback and kindle in our Inspirational Storytellers BookStore.



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