Living Large with “Johnny Angel”

A Continuing Meta Fiction by Arielle Faith Michael


What is it like to be in a spiritual relationship – Spirit and human? Is it even possible? A decade ago, I didn’t believe such a thing could exist but I do now. Why? Because I’m in one and I bet I’m not alone.

Spirituality was for those individuals whose place of residence was Woo Woo Land. I had no desire or interest to live there. So why did the Universe (or whoever was in charge up there at the time) choose me for this ‘experiment’? I figure it must have been a slow night in Heaven and the angels needed some cosmic relief to break the monotony. All I know is I became a different person overnight. Something happened but I couldn’t wrap my human mind around it. The ‘event’ was anything but logical. How can you explain a powerful energy force entering & merging with your being in a way that nothing on Earth could compare? How is it possible to experience this while being totally drug, alcohol, meds and stress free? And even more frightening, while still being wide awake? That was over 10 years ago. A lot has happened since then and I thought it would be good to jot some of this down. Maybe it will help others come out of the spiritual closet. If anything, it’s good for a laugh in an all-too-serious world!

What would you say if I told you I had the choice to go ‘home’ to my angelic family every day and be on Earth as a human simultaneously? When I connected to my higher self, I AM Presence, angelic half (or whatever label you want to call spiritual union with the Divine), there was a completion within that transcended any earth plane relationship. It redefined how I would look at the world and myself. And though it may sound like a match made in Heaven (pun intended), let’s be real. Living in two worlds with your significant other in a light body has its highs and lows. To get my point across, I’ve made a short list of the pros and cons of being in a spiritual relationship with my angelic other half which I will nickname “Johnny Angel” after the song (yeah, I’m that old) to protect the innocent and not trigger the human ego. So here it goes:


Perks of being in a spiritual relationship:

  1. You don’t have to worry about what to make for dinner, if the person snores, steals the blankets, leaves the toilet seat up or aims correctly.
  2. No matter what you look like, you are unconditionally beautiful ALL the time.
  3. You have a 24/7 sounding board (angelic listening optional – especially if they have heard the same complaint a million times before.)
  4. Spiritual bliss is spontaneous despite menstrual cycles, age, time, place or current weight.
  5. Bonding between the two of you is eternal like celestial super glue.
  6. Can opt to go home to the higher realms whenever you want (but not when you’re driving).
  7. Your sacred space is always the right size (even for 20 ft. high angels – wing span included).
  8. You get the best protection plan at no cost (expires when you do).
  9. It’s okay to paint the house lavender! They don’t mind.


Challenges of being in a spiritual relationship:

  1. Can’t introduce the person to your family and friends at gatherings.
  2. Picture taking can be challenging.
  3. Have to learn to zip up your own dress and hook your own necklace clasp.
  4. House repairs, yard work and car washing is on YOUR ‘honey dew’ list.
  5. Others think you are talking to yourself (until you master the art of internal dialogue). Then they simply think you are schizophrenic.
  6. Spiritual class is always in session – learning and reviewing never stops even if with IPod plugged in and volume on “high”.
  7. The angelic realm does not need sleep and sometimes forgets we do.
  8. Privacy is an ‘earth’ thing – you cannot escape by going to the bathroom.
  9. They are aware of everything you think, feel, say and do. Vision and memory impairment does not exist in their world.


The lists can go on forever but one thing I can tell you – life is never dull or status quo. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone and when you read my stories of being on the road with Johnny Angel, you will see why. So stay tuned and enjoy the ride at my expense! (BYODC – Bring your own dark chocolate).

Authors note: “Living Large with Johnny Angel” is a continuing saga of angelic /human adventures. May they inspire you to laugh, cry, remember and eventually share with others what you have learned in walking alongside your “Johnny Angel”.



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