A note from the Publisher

The Inspirational Storytellers website is currently down and undergoing maintenance.  In the meantime please enjoy a selection of stories and postings from some of our authors.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to be fully back online very soon! 🙂

Lynne Maree – Founder of Inspirational Storytellers


Lynne Maree founded Inspirational Storytellers in May 2012 birthed from a deep desire to see others inspired to be all they can be, combined with a deep love of books and storytelling in its myriad of forms. Her vision, born from a knowing that our stories are important to our personal development, was to see us all learn from our own stories and the stories of others. Since the beginning of time storytelling has been integral to the development of humanity through the sharing of stories in all cultures.  Stories teach, entertain, encourage and inspire.

Lynne wanted to create a place where stories in all their forms could be shared and enjoyed.  A platform where video, audio and written stories, and poetry; along with visual stories via art, would inspire hearts all over the globe.