No Reason To Fear Death

Many consider death to be the end of their existence, yet it is merely a transition point. We don’t really ‘die’. It is our physical bodies which ‘die’ when spirit leaves the physical form. We are reborn again and again, continuing from where we left off. This cycle repeats itself for hundreds of thousand of lifetimes, until we finally wake up, and realize that we are soul, eternal and free.

Death is merely a door into another state of consciousness.

I remember the very first time I consciously left my physical body. Since that time, I no longer fear death.

If you’re not living your life to the fullest, it doesn’t matter whether or not there is life after death.

Don’t be afraid of living,
No reason to fear death.
You’re much more than a body,
Inside lies untold wealth.




Invisible Strands

Invisible strands of love, light, and sound connect all souls.

During a casual stroll through Nelson BC’s Rotary Lakeside Park, my heart was open and I was reminded that all creatures all connected by invisible strands of God’s divine love.




Be Kind With Your Words


It’s amazing what words can do

they can charm, seduce and captivate

or deceive, attack and alienate

they can be mean and suspicious

or kind and delicious

there’s so many flavors galore


be kind with your words

put a smile in your thoughts

and a scrumptious loaf will leaven

but I’ve yet to meet

any words so sweet

that they could talk their way into heaven



“Love’s Sweet Ecstasy” – poem


My precious dove of love

sent from heaven high above

your gentle smile and star filled eyes light up my life

you’ve touched me deeply in ways that words cannot express

my senses swirling in your sweet breath

our lips do meet

our skins embrace

as I touch your angel face

how blessed am I

how blessed are we

entwined in love’s sweet ecstasy

I thank God for our joyous meeting

two feathered wings with one heart beating



“I was Listening to the Wind Today”

I was listening to the wind today

it beckoned me

whispering your name

unleashing a legion of fire breathing dragons

from deep inside my veins

splashing onto my glistening skin



dancing in a torrid ecstasy

gliding across my quivering body

saturating me with your swirling passion

and at the height of their celebration

I heard a faint distant sound

a stirring from deep within

a rustling of leaves in a primeval forest

expanding into a thunderous drum

rendering all of my senses asunder

my breath inhaled you

my every pore exhaled you

as the splendour of your precious liquid love

erupted and overflowed

giving golden wings to my grateful heart

carrying me to the edge of the universe

I lay there smiling

as the dragons marched into my eyes

returning to their peaceful slumber

I was listening to the wind today

it beckoned to me

whispering your name



I was listening to the wind today – Song in mp3 format