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Wilson returns to Texas travel cavalry training camp

Seattle Hawks of the quarter Wilson will return to the Texas City Training Camp on March 8.

Wilson will participate in the training camp whole process and wholesale jerseys free shipping participate in the small alliance competition. Wilson was selected in 2013, wholesale jerseys from china and he also participated in the training camp last year. The general manager of the tourist said: “He has made efforts to win the respect of our players, this is the effort to win the championship. Any time period, if you encounter such a player, this is a very good transaction We can work together. “

Wilson was 26 years old. In 2010, wholesale jerseys online Wilson was selected in Carolina, and participated in the small alliance competition in 2 seasons. After 2012, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping the Hawks were selected by the Hawks, and there was no baseball.

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Despite the first four games, McCaron has a chance to become the first in Bill. He has achieved a success rate of 64.7% in his career, and 920 yards were obtained 6 times to double twice. The four-point guards reached 93.6, and 2 wins and 2 losses were achieved.

When this rule is just announced, many people think that this will play a reverse role, because the team will use more short kickings, force the ball to land in the distance from the score to force the opponent to pick up The ball is rebounded, and unexpected impact will also increase.

Gain and the close relationship between Pertton Manning, who has proven to be a fate, PeiTon Manning, may increase the Falcon’s interest, the falcon may make him and it is the first four four Matt Ryan, one of the assassins.

Glasgow from the University of Michigan in the third round of the 2016 draft, was selected lion. After that, in spite of frequent changes in position, he has been a stable and comprehensive ability of the players.

After 4 years of effectiveness for Cincinnati, McCarron won arbitration in February to obtain the right to become free players. He was previously considered to get the attention of the team that Nenesovan, Cleveland Brown, Denver Musab and New York Jet needed. However, these days have found the first four-point guards, but McCarren unattended.

“For me not to stay not very happy, because I love Michigan, I love the Detroit area, Ann Arbor love,” Glasgow told the Detroit media. “I stayed here for almost 10 years, this segment is a great experience, I really, really like the people in the locker room, I think we have a good team, a group of good players. So cheap Jerseys from China that ways, leave feeling bad. but you do not have to play, so I feel able to join other teams and earn some money is a exciting thing. “

“Whether he participated or not participating in the training camp, it depends on things,” Reide is expressed in local media. “So we will continue to work, I hope he can participate in training at the beginning of the training camp.”

Gates’ strength is the advantage of the four-point guards and the use of tactics in the pass attack, which is an attractive advantage for 49 people. 49 people are currently prioritized. It is a transfer of a bottleneck in a bottleneck in a bottleneck in a bottlek kaepernick. 49 people may consider the team’s current defensive sharp line coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) and the defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as the main coach candidate.

The number of cowbits in 2013 is 4.5 yards. This data is raised to 4.6 yards in 2014. This data last season is still maintained at 4.6 yards, and the new season’s denim ground offense is really expected.

49 people, falcon intends to contact the wild horse offensive coordinatorSan Francisco 49 people and Atlantian Funding Earls were brought to Jim Harbaugh and Mike Smith in the past 24 hours, and the horse did not stop the new head coach.

Chief coach: I believe that the line Wei Houston signs new approximately before the training campKansas City Emirates Justin Houston has no body contrary, and has not signed a privileged player contract, and does not participate in the mini training camp this week. But the head coach Andy Reid is still optimistic that he will see Houston in the training camp.

If the two sides cannot reach a long-term contract before July 15, Houston will only accept the privileged player contract for a 1 year worth $ 13.1 million. If Houston is planning to sign this contract, he can wait until the end of the season, do this again. In fact, the differences between the two sides may go to Houston to return to the team until the beginning of the regular season, this is another privileged player, Dallas denim, dez bryant, is considering.

Gain, which is widely considered to be one of NFL young offensive genius, has gone to other teams to throw the owner of the Olive branch. Choosing a brigade of the Mustang Super Bowl Refused the chance to participate in the coach of Cleveland Brown in January this year.

However, Bill, which completed 2 transactions, has accumulated 5 draft prior to the first 65 shots, including the first round of the 12th time. Bill is considered to continue to enter the top ten and select the four-point guard in the future. They have signed McCarren without changing the plan.

News: The Alliance will continue to perform the 25 yard line of the bottomThe NFL of last season made an interesting rule change, and the bottom is the bottom, the offensive party will start at the position of the 25-yard line. This change is to reduce the execution of the ball.

Lion has no intention of starting offensive line player Graham – Glasgow renewalDetroit Lions offensive line player Graham – Glasgow (Graham Glasgow) entire college career and spent his career so far in Michigan.

In his rookie season, Glasgow center and left guard in front in total starting 11 games. He starts 16 games in a different position in the second season. 2018 season, he was fixed in the center position, only to let the opponent get a sack. Last season, he changed in accordance with the requirements of the team to play the right care front, did not let the opponent get too sack.

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AJ- Green thank his teammates did not blame himself three turnovers

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ- Green (A.J.Green) Sunday performance data cheap nfl jerseys from china the point of view is not bad, but his mistakes almost ruined the team’s victory.

The game Green 7 catches for 189 yards and a propulsion touchdowns, but he also had three fumbles, one is struck off the ball, and twice failed to control the conversion to hand the ball steals.

Green said in an interview after the game:. “I had three turnovers, but the defense did not blame my brothers, Andy firmly support my other teammates have helped me out of trouble today, my team are preserved.”

This is also the reason why the Green can complete the ball 47 yards in the third quarter, he said: “Everyone knows me, knows how I kind of person, how calm I was, how I was ready to go to the game, so I I believe my next performance, so it happened, and I continue to prepare for the next performance. “

Green is responsible for their own mistakes, and wholesale jerseys do not mean to talk about their own mistakes, he is a player, and this is the reason why he can be in the league’s top level.