The Owl Messenger

I drink the inner bark of Pau D Arco

Through the rings of these dreaming trees

I watch the earth in the deep immensity

Scrying the stars for an elders story

I offer corn meal and sage

Deer rib and red clover

To the mother of us all.


I her follow her soul tracks

Over rain pocked ice through saplings

Over logs and bark flakes in the deep

Wintering of my life

Lies the owl foot in my next step

Yellow skin and talons

Lying in ice crystals

The rest of the bird no where


To see the owl messenger

Stops me rushing through my life

Moon returns its light

Through smoke and rattle transforming

Into the elder wings brush thoughts

Ride the drums energy beyond time

And find her there wings still flying

In the medicine of her foot left behind

Wing beats of healing song

To the rhythm of my flight



Invocation of the Ogham Trees

A strange bird sings through my sleep

Memories of ancient lyrical language

Wind in Ogham trees creaking in the vernal

Peeper frogs chant the stone doorway open in my body

I pull the painted cart through full of old villages

Through crisp leaves of winters past into spring

Garden snake and black ant holes below the moss


In the hollow log portal I release my honeyed invocation

Feet turned backwards I walk through the mirror

Between her breasts under the two mounds of my ancestors

With my seed of star dust entering the Milky Way


Our voices catch the up draft

In the naming of things of power

Past mind and bones I step out of this drum skin

Riding the white horse with the bee staff of authority


I catch her world dreaming into mine

Tiompan being played with swan feathers

Telling me everything I should know

Horns flaming from my skull

In this ancient dance move

I remember the taking and giving of breath

Her weaving of the thousand songs I’ve longed to hear

A gifting of door ways into the heart she shines

Through my pores for all worlds to see



Nomads Pilgrimage

Nomad moon is made for the wolf’s pilgrimage

Walks with my own step in grass song

Creaking trees try teaching me my roots


Verdant water beads hear the whale heart

Beating through this pebble shore

To the planets beginning before blue

Before seed and green before green


Rolling awake I make chalk marks on the road

Far from the sea driftwood body gathering words

I compile my ink note corridors

Charcoal ants and crows whirl

Through the scrawling air


Heart swells light passing through my bones

Stretching mountain shadows away from the cellular fire

Garden snake leaves the white page of my head

She is the minister before the court of clouds


Behind her mask of mud and straw

She reads from the parchment of truth

A torn moth wing a testimony of hatching

An elders Consciousness through the pupils light

A story pulled from the sky to rest on


Rattling leaves and the stir of ash makes the world

A clear fountain of pure land empty of thoughts

Flowers grow through a mirror of winter mind

Paint brushes the moon over roses beneath snow

Over the troubled bears dream into the hives nectar


I grip the small energetic heart of snake

In the owl hole of shivering silver branches

Wings spread through my hands

In the unseen stream I conjure worlds into form

Healing grey hues of shadows worn.



Bear That Wears The Bee Coat

I’m the bear that wears the bee coat

Each bee was a star

From the beginning of nights flow

My relatives follow me

Out of the ancient stone carving

We will dance with those

That know who they are.


If you want to be a spirit dancer

Dream everyday

And do your work at night

While sleeping in the cave

Of your skull

With your curving blade of thought

Harvest the heart


Beneath pendulum shadows

Breathe starlight fragments

Of your many soul wanderings

Exhale the blood map drift

Blue rivers between clouds


Wake up the grieving body

To the place of becoming

Reach the stone hearts ridge

Light a snow ringed fire

With flint and steel

Burning copal and sage

Chia seed and the old hornets nest


Through hanging bone and feather

We weep prayers into the earth

Smoke filled tree of life

With one branch down

So you’d raise your thoughts in the air

With human antlers uniting

The four quarters of the world


Winged hands raising energy

Clapping down echo’s in the valley

Petition and praise petition and praise

Bears bees and human antlered ones dance

In the quickening stillness of this poem

We release our dried sticks

That connected us to the shadows of others


Suspended like starfish in the dream world

Slowly spiraling to the center

We go our way together now

A new tribe in the fires of energy grids

Vast pilgrimage through the eyes

Of the ancestors who help keep this world together.



Painted Vision

Deep through this painted vision

Under the veinous hues of my hand

The ancients come through

Earthen stone desert power

Bridge of the eternal

Call us close

This crystallized story

We travel a far horizon

Learning our own colors

As we learn the ancestors

Come through for us all

Source of all life renewed

In this ritual weave of wrist

Wind stirred headdress

Igniting granite and spruce

Hands and ears of cedar and fire


My passage leaves a charcoal

Design of the cosmos

Skin of mountain shadows

Nomadic clouds

Where seeds are growing

Beneath what we feel


This nesting season

In the dream body

Center of all horizons

Drum beats weaving the circle

Sprouting new gods and goddesses

Our souls free wandering

The inner vision

Truth held above all else

By heart stories

The way the world use to be

And still is



Driftwood Guitar

Stop listening to men and women with

Heads full of knowledge

Stepping over winter ice

Carrying treasure

Chests full of transient Shadows

Self important artifacts of passing drama

Hold counsel wise heart

In your fire lit stories


Seasons change in the melting

Become a driftwood guitar of salt-blood flames

Reaching far horizons where we live

In each others dreams

Reach back through the sun

Setting sunflower center piece

In the place of someone’s troubled heart

Those that have not made the bloom

Frozen in winter’s garden


From the strings and rhythm of deeper felt sense

Ride the crest of your wafting serpentine colors

A drifting sky is not without direction

Arrival on the green island

Is a grain of sand in time

Get use to wind and tide

Visions implore you deeper


Song images playing through the eons

Of your wind swept memory tent

After I leave you in the dawn

I’ll be with you when I’m gone


Ease up trying to fill egos emptiness

With competitive need for attention and grasping

For more transient things to flatten the pain

The garden is exhausted from this perennial wanting


What message are you sending to the universe

When crowded in with ancestors and spirits love

Feed them something everyday

Gratitude and prayer offering to help

Open your heart


The world will dream of you

We will be together

As river mind and tree knowledge

Bear in your dream and cactus at dawn

A pony running for the apple

By the hearts stream

Star prayers keep your power

With judgment clean

Call wild passion courage out

Those who run or ridicule

Are not keepers of the flame

Fear not their time to ignite


Be the heart spoken mirror

Open inside out let’s see all of you

And you will see all of us

Ancestor spirit walkers

Through the veil

Lighter stories we weave

Wear this all of you

For your spring dance.



“Proclamation of Excavation”

By the long moon of the crows

My hands feathers help give the wind a ride

Emptying my many selves

Into one shining flock

Place where we all begin

Late in life – able to see the vastness


This cloud truth of our nature

Dissolving into itself

I put the wafer of the moon

Under my tongue – diamond stillness


I have died here many times before

In this space of power

After the old shape gives way

My white hair fall’s a dream death


Leaving the body sheath behind

I spiral into the ancient gathering

Piercing bone whistle

Through the fevered night

Drums held up for the wind

To play the life song

Of my inner village


Skeletal change humming

Past the invisible cage

See the cocooned mind

Built things up over the years

Now falls away

In tender resolution

For the higher self


What ever we learn comes after

The contradictions of hungry brain

Tethered bird – in a skull of sighs

Reborn between blades

Of whirling thought


Purple wings pass through me

Vacuuming the dust

From my eyelids

Stretching my presence

In fragrant visions


Traffic of stars inside

Glittering pieces of the world

In tender exaltation

This book of wind reads

All worlds inside me

Close to everything now – even this drifting poem


Along the colors of my body

A proclamation of my excavation

Taking the suns glint

In wordless knowing



“Brief Shadow Song”

In this smoking dream

Unplug yourself from the ghost of life

All the entries that describe you

As the last person down the hall

No one understands


A stranger that travels beneath

The leather sun

All meaning extracted

From the corralled herd


You have become sea glass

Worn polished

But no longer clear


Search for triggers that blaze the soul

The tears runway that almost blind you

Bind you in love


Keep searching for the lucid way

The song words of giants inside you

Grow antlers to collect stars

Keep sharpening the horizon

Scrape the sky for new stories


Try reading the slow curve of the day

The brief shadow songs

The ancestors drum for you

Paint or carve you in their art

In cave walls standing next to you

With medicine they open you up


Driftwood guitars

Releasing your see lanes

Oceanic skirmishes with the self

Storm seeking beauty


Breathe beneath the sea

In the calm wilds of third eye silence

Swirling wolf hairs in the eddies

Scribing the earth for you

In river to sea words


Now read the parts of you

You thought were gone

The ones that fell out of this world

And reunite in this other you become

Something you cannot teach touch express


Its how the bear’s dream in hibernation

Passes through the earth

In ritual energy

Scales of bone

Sound of planet

Until you disappear at the edge

Of a chanting memory


Presences pass through your sky mind

Giant shadow heads of trees

Winged beings land

At your cradle board


Their linear notes season your heart

“You’re called to see this so you will

Be what will help awaken earth’s people

Many will recognize you as one of their own

For others you’re a poem that drifts out of reach

Unable to fix linear meaning in the honey hive

Of your pollinated worlds”



A Painted Story (video)


An acknowledgement and thanks from Brian Brogan:


“Many thanks to the highly gifted Kris Farquhar at EMF Environmental Music Films, Her mastery of voice and sound greatly enriches my work – a deeper, visceral, soulful experience. A collaboration made in heaven.”