“Love In Form”

We walk this new path

our souls dipped in a divine bath

fluid is our daily pace

expanding in time and space

i let go and swim in your arms

here the waters of love calms

our bodies that situs judi slot online

terpercaya tremble

whilst the walls crumble

i can still feel the ground

and only love is the sound

of the beat of our hearts that walk

and the words of love talk

to say we are love in form

stripped of all uniform

in this caressing kiss

that evokes bliss

Tanya https://www.bedford-hotel.com/situs-slot-gacor-gampang-menang/ Gwizdalla ♥ aug 31 2011

“Expanse of White”


I bleed into an expanse of white

restful patient observing

the everything else

that is a stroke of colour

painted by my colorful mind

sometimes its a mess

abstract random chaos

sometimes its a masterpiece

blending so poetically on the canvas

of this life that so wants to explore

the crazy beautiful all whilst

resting in the expanse of white

thats empty yet so full

and hovers over the void

not knowing when

the void will consume




Tanya Gwizdalla ♥ june 22 2012



“Wake Up”


At first it feels like i am tumbling, stumbling

and falling into the calling

somes days i am stuck and stalling

truth tapping and thumping

me every day

wake up

wake up

walk into your alignment

where your truth guides you

where your steps take you

with ease



where your heart

rises and falls

into the magic

of synchronicity

a constant channeling state

where words of truth flow

where love grows

where light glows

just let go

free fall

into the arms

of god



Tanya Gwizdalla ♥ oct 18 2010



“In This Moment”


Illusion in this moment now is real

breathe love to watch your skin peel

go deeper bite the crust and hit the core

feel where your heart is cracked and raw

let the unspoken words give birth

allow them to walk with voice and come forth

to shine light on your reality

its fullness swallows the insanity

then folds inside itself, like origami

feeding its own soul never to be hungry

love is always available

when the heart is vulnerable



Tanya Gwizdalla ♥ 9/11/11



“Stillness She Moves”


I walk naked with only the touch of my raw heart

to feel where my minds illusions have kept me apart

from the god within that sits eternally patient

in the stillness she moves so gracefully silent

to unite my soul to the unseen collective of love

that is felt from deep in the earth to the skies above



Tanya Gwizdalla ♥  2.1.12