Be Optimistic in your Life

Be optimistic in your life,

Believe that things will go your way,

And if you need a little help,

Take some time and pray.


You need to have positive thoughts,

The negative needs to leave,

And if you think long enough,

You truly will believe.


So you did think good thoughts,

And being optimistic made things right,

And it was all because,

You saw the light.



Submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni for sharing with Inspirational Storytellers.
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Solarium of Heart Talk

I watch the prophesized shipwreck

In the onyx of my ring


Curio seekers scour the earth for her

For the vanishing language

Of untroubled hours


I resurrect the lady leaning against sea and sky

Trapped holy wings in being too human


I find her shoulder sewn

Attached to the swell of wave

Curling back

To the polished bone


This day you find out who you are

In our solarium of heart talk

I pick up ghost pieces of her shine

White foam of her mouth crashes

Along my shore where she’ll always reside


A reckless angel who thinks

“I had my wings folded in”

“Forgot who I was”


Gather these connections

Grow to listen like a plant in the rain

Place flowers in each other

Filling the forest bottom

Of your troubled hearts


Groom the aching painted flower

To be more than arguments with God


Crows in dying light

Where is the wilder influence


Burrow down next to me and listen

Leaves blow inside this perishing body

The elder is lodged in the heart


Wisdoms demands hold to a child like dust

Knowing the fires magnetism until ash


Wait like a garden of wind

Bring yourself anything to grow

Whatever awakes the sleeping Goddess


My songs to you

Will scatter like ponies in the rain

One will stop by the high leak

Embodied in loves water


For where we drink

Holy fish fly

From where we were

Once without meaning

We feel the rise

Bones splitting into feathers

Amends to the fodder of paradise.



Dip in the Stillness

Dip in the stillness

of inspiration


let the images fly forth

capture the energy

of the wind

against you

on these crisp cool mornings

Feel New York

in California

bathe in the experience

of just being present

for there

is more unwritten

than will ever be captured

in words and sounds

images and visions

and to hint at that

or to brush against that

is drawing

from the living

eternal spring of Grace

that allows us to be

and allows

every molecule

and element.

Non language jumps

out of language

goes back to its source

and poems emerge




healing art

and living forms

take shape

creation continue.

Witness God

through you

as you

as an expression

and be grateful to be alive


© Stephen John Kalinich
All Rights Reserved




Come On Down

Come on down it’s time to shine

And leave your fears at bay

They aren’t real, illusions guise

It’s time you shared your say


Come on down it’s time to be

Present in life’s grand flow

Centered, balanced, trusting thought

Intuits guiding know


Come on down it’s time to share

Your gifts, your life, your core

Sublime march unique to you

Which opens faithful door


Come on down it’s time to trust

Spirits inspired plan

Gentle nudges of support

Firm foundation to stand


Come on down it’s time to feel

Free your heart, mind and soul

Release the pain, taste the joy

Of playing your true role


Come on down it’s time to love

Life, yourself, your story

You are truth, complete and whole

Birthing perfect glory


Come on down it’s time to live

It surges inside you

Your hopes and dreams need to breathe

And shine their colored hue


Copyright G. Brian Benson 2013






The Owl Messenger

I drink the inner bark of Pau D Arco

Through the rings of these dreaming trees

I watch the earth in the deep immensity

Scrying the stars for an elders story

I offer corn meal and sage

Deer rib and red clover

To the mother of us all.


I her follow her soul tracks

Over rain pocked ice through saplings

Over logs and bark flakes in the deep

Wintering of my life

Lies the owl foot in my next step

Yellow skin and talons

Lying in ice crystals

The rest of the bird no where


To see the owl messenger

Stops me rushing through my life

Moon returns its light

Through smoke and rattle transforming

Into the elder wings brush thoughts

Ride the drums energy beyond time

And find her there wings still flying

In the medicine of her foot left behind

Wing beats of healing song

To the rhythm of my flight



A Miracle

Right where you are

there is a miracle

awaiting you

within your own heart

and consciousness

in the sigh there is mercy and hope

for wisdom is within you a code to live by

not written with words or thoughts

published in your blood stream

this inner river

holds the key

to your emancipation

At the point of the distress

is the answer

You hold the key to you

and though

it may appear otherwise

it is nevertheless true

so it is wonderful

to have an exciting life

to go places

but you are always within you

and within you

is the miracle.


©2010 Stephen John Kalinich
All Rights Reserved




Invocation of the Ogham Trees

A strange bird sings through my sleep

Memories of ancient lyrical language

Wind in Ogham trees creaking in the vernal

Peeper frogs chant the stone doorway open in my body

I pull the painted cart through full of old villages

Through crisp leaves of winters past into spring

Garden snake and black ant holes below the moss


In the hollow log portal I release my honeyed invocation

Feet turned backwards I walk through the mirror

Between her breasts under the two mounds of my ancestors

With my seed of star dust entering the Milky Way


Our voices catch the up draft

In the naming of things of power

Past mind and bones I step out of this drum skin

Riding the white horse with the bee staff of authority


I catch her world dreaming into mine

Tiompan being played with swan feathers

Telling me everything I should know

Horns flaming from my skull

In this ancient dance move

I remember the taking and giving of breath

Her weaving of the thousand songs I’ve longed to hear

A gifting of door ways into the heart she shines

Through my pores for all worlds to see



Polemics, Poetry and Peace: Stephen J Kalinich

Introducing and welcoming Stephen John Kalinich to Inspirational Storytellers! We hope you enjoy this video introduction and will call by Youtube and leave a comment or like there too! Thank you! 🙂

BIOGRAPHY: “The great American poet and lyricist Stephen John Kalinich has been a profound voice of the rock ’n’ roll era for four decades. When Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, two of the most prominent icons in rock history, recorded “A Friend Like You” by Kalinich and Wilson on an album featuring Elton John and Eric Clapton, it was a testament to the lyrical poet at the height of artistic achievement.

An originator of the California sound, Kalinich rose to fame as a young man when he began writing songs with Brian and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys on their Warner Brothers/Reprise record label. During his 30-year collaboration with the group, it became “America’s #1-selling rock band,” according to Billboard. Brian Wilson described Kalinich as a “poetic genius” and credited him with stunning the music world by unleashing Dennis Wilson’s full creative potential.

“Be Still” and “Little Bird” by Kalinich and Dennis Wilson, classic hits from the Beach Boys’ historic Friends album, brought a new spirituality and self-awareness to rock music of the late 1960s. “Little Bird” went gold with the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations boxed set and has been recorded by international musicians. Kalinich’s “Rainbows” and “Love Remember Me” were featured on the acclaimed 2008 reissue of Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue album. The Beach Boys’ second anthology, Hawthorne, CA, contained Kalinich’s “A Time To Live in Dreams.” His “California Feelin’” is among the all-time hits on The Beach Boys Classics Selected by Brian Wilson and appeared on California Feeling, a collection of Kalinich’s songs released in late 2010 by MsMusic.

When legendary songwriter P. F. Sloan, most famous for “Eve of Destruction,” recorded Kalinich’s epic poem “If You Knew” and “Soul of a Woman” on Sail Over in 2007, the poet realized his lifelong dream of working with his mentor. Among the other top musicians who have immortalized Kalinich’s lyrics are Mary Wilson of the Supremes, singing “You Dance My Heart Around the Stars”; Odyssey, whose recording of “Magic Touch” was a top 40s hit; and Randy Crawford, with “Only Your Love Song Last.”

Although he has risen to the highest echelons of the music industry, Kalinich considers himself a poet first. A voice of conscience comparable to Bob Dylan, he has inspired audiences around the world. Kalinich was invited to Washington, D.C., to recite his epic poem “If You Knew” before members of Congress to benefit Children Uniting Nations. Actor Stacy Keach recorded his poem “The Magic Hand,” and former Beach Boy Al Jardine’s EP A Postcard from California features actor Alec Baldwin reciting “Tide Pool Interlude.” Newscaster Jerry Dumphy appeared on a video in which he read “America I Know You” by Kalinich. Jez Graham’s 2004 CD featured Kalinich’s poems “America Is You and Me,” “Life Against the Wind,” and “You Can Soar.”

A performer whose spoken lines are as powerful as the music that carries them, Kalinich played to thousands on a recent European tour of his Galactic Symphonies, written with internationally acclaimed guitarist Richard Durrant and recorded on CD and DVD. One reporter described the audience’s “sense of awe” as the poet delivered the title poem to an audience transfixed, “managing to get out the last words without collapsing, but maintaining so much power and dignity.” Kalinich’s poetry readings have an emotional impact comparable to that of poet Maya Angelou.

After being lost for nearly forty years, Kalinich’s masterpiece “A World of Peace Must Come” was rediscovered and appeared on Attic Records’ 2008 CD boxed set devoted to the poetry of Kalinich. Another early composition, “Leaves of Grass,” was released on this CD, accompanied by Mark Buckingham and produced by Carl Wilson.

Kalinich continues to write poetry for films and music from Los Angeles, the city he loves. “As long as I have breath, the river of love will speak through me,” says Kalinich. “When I look back, I will ask, Did I stir someone, reach one soul. . . . Did I help them understand that when the breath of love poured itself into others, it didn’t forget them.”


“Be a good person
above all.
The poet is not special
and the good poet knows this.
One is not a poet or a writer
but one who lives as poetry
through his actions
and kindness.
A poet is not one
who sets himself apart
from the every day struggles
of every soul
but embraces them
so that in his own way
he may lighten the burden.
A poet need not be famous
to be quoted.
Poetic wisdom
can come
out of a shoe maker
as it does out of mine
who mends the soles
of shoes
and touches mine
with his infectious smile.
A mechanic named Alfredo
who knows each part
of my car
and how to heal it.
These poets
of the every day
appeal to me
and allow me
to see poetry everywhere
in the every day.”


Stephen John Kalinich



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Our Hands

Like an oval stone

worn smooth by time

and constant tide,

my hand fits into thine.


Familiar is the shape

that fondles mine

and deeply satisfies

this aching palm.


Through passages of life

our hands had worked apart;

from selfishness and need

the Sculptor’s work would start.


These hands that toiled

constrained and carried,

bruised, accused, and buried,

wore smooth the calluses of pain;

and through the passages of time

stretched its palm to touch another

and found thy shape fit mine.



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Light Dancing on Water

Today, I felt the desire to bring beauty and sparkles to you through one of my favorite poems so far. Please, take a moment to deeply let this nourish and love you at your core. Let the image tell you its story and and let the energy elevate your being. Enjoy!


Light Dancing on Water (Part One)

Loving Light Dancing on Water

Lucid diamonds in the sea

you, divine Beloved… darling from beyond this earth

are what it is I smell and hear – and what I always see


Sun rays mirror your perfection

more magical than ever before

it is my honor and my pleasure

to reflect who you are… forevermore


Moonlight sends its midnight light

the stars caress the heavenly sky

while children fly with freedom angels

after the last day said good bye


The colors of a moonlight rainbow

crown your raving royalty

your sparkle, shine and awesome wonder

shows that Spirit loves to be


The morning dawns with flaming skies

such glory in this newborn day

the splendour of your sacred journey

your soul forever on its way


The sun now rises, day gets brighter

the fire of your energy

moves and grows and heightens beauty

cell-ebrating divinity


Molecules of Love in form

dancing diamonds of brilliant delight

your dreams came true

for you ARE your visions

A delicacy of creative might


Deliciously you delve divinely

into the ocean of all living

you, Beloved, are unique

and are receiving as you’re giving


As light dances on water

on the sapphire and jade of the sea

where a hint of turquoise says: “I love you!”

and your Spirit whispers:


“Blessed Be!”


Copyright © 2012 Tanya von Zychlinsky