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Seattle Hawks Entry to Guard C. J. Spitle

C.J. C. J. Spiller found a new home in Seattle.

This free player runs to join the Seattle Eagle.

After being cut by New Orleans in the beginning of this month, Spil was also trained in New York jet and oakley sunglasses sale Washington red skin, and now he finally found a new team.

Considering the position of the Hawks who are troubled by the injury, this sign is reasonable. Two-year Run Weight Thomas Rawls Hardbone surgery and rookie C.J. C. J. Prosise Although the returned training but his injured hand expects to wear three-week gypsum.

In the case of the first Christine Michael, only five rounds of Alex Collins and Terrence Magee, Spitle have the opportunity to get The opportunity will be played.

Spiel last season is only 112 yards in Saints. This has spent a lot of effort in the 2015 season, and Springs is disappointed for Sean Payton. But the saints have never found a real role for Spitle, especially Spitle, also suffered a series of injuries.

Spiel never approached the excellent performance in 2012, but the Hawk handled the problem of running guards. They obviously see what they like in Spil, but don’t make mistakes, oakley sunglasses outlet online this season Haiying’s running guards should be & mdash; & mdash; also will be & mdash; & mdash; belongs to Michael.

Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale No Longer a Mystery

Steel people Troy-Polamaru returned

Troy Polamalu will be retired as a 12 session of the Pittsburgh Steelman.

It is reported that Polamar has told the steel man’s own decision, he is a member of the 8 professional bowls, his decision is expressed in a telephone with the SCOUT reporter. He said: “This is for your family. I am living in Pittsburgh now, and I have the opportunity to live with my family since the end of the season, this is perfect.”

Polamar has played 9 games last season. Finally, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping because there were four games in the final 7 games in the team, 8 were completed in the game of Baltima Crow in the team. Hold and run again.

The 33-year-old safety guard said that he did not consider playing cheap jerseys for sale other teams, so he would choose to retire.

It can be said that he is an important component of the steelman’s defense in the past 10 years, won the team 40 and the 43nd super bowl. And his entire 158 career competition completed 800 hugs, 12 times, nike nfl jerseys four-point guard, all completed in Pittsburgh.

Where Is The Best Wholesale NFL Jerseys?

Doug-Madron Ren Jacksonville America Tiger Tiger

Doug-Marrone has got the chance of coach.

Jacksonville America Tiger announced by the assistant coach / offensive front line coach to be the team responsible for attacking. At present, 2 wins and Wholesale NFL Jerseys 12-negative Jagules have fired coach, Bradley after 20-21, was fired after Houston Texas.

Malone is an ideal candidate for temporary coach. He joined the Jagua to serve as an assistant https://talentindonesia.id/ coach in 2015.

After the two-year Buffalobier coach in 2013 to 2014, Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping Malone was selected by the new boss after picking up by the new boss. He won 15 wins in the two years of Bill, but in 2014, Bill has achieved 9 wins and 7-loss records, which is the first time Bill has achieved more than a winner of the season since 2004.

At that time, Malone, who was considered to be a hot candidate of other team coach, was ignored by multiple slot gacor malam ini teams. Marshall has been in silently in the past two years.

Considering Malone’s experience, the Jaguo chose him to lead the team to end this season. This season is a reasonable choice. Moreover, Malone may become a candidate for the coach of the Jirai next year.














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Steelman line Sandshel has returned to Pittsburgh to receive healing

Steel people announced on Wednesday, cheap nfl jerseys RYAN Shazier has returned to Pittsburgh. He will receive further governance at the University of Pittsburgh.

However, wholesale nfl jerseys online the team did not update the injury of Shazur.

Spokesman Pot Lauten said: “He will continue to accept test and assessment, and the team medical group will provide an incidents update.”

Returning to Pittsburgh this fact itself, wholesale nfl jerseys from china it is an optimistic sign of the Shazil spine.

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League top-level security Wei’an, cheap nfl jerseys Harris: Want to stay in Viking

When we are getting closer and closer to the free player market, the market of security guards Anthony Harris is bullish.

After the Justin Simmons, Harris has become a “heavy target” in the free player market after Justin Simmons. If the Viking people can’t renew him, other teams may give him a new year of $ 14 million in a new contract.

But Viking has been cut off multiple people to release salary space, and Harris is willing to stay in the team.

“Yes, if everything goes smooth & mdash; & mdash; from top to bottom, from the boss to the coach to the locker room to the culture to consider the team. I definitely want to stay here,” Harris said. “I love Mingneapolis, love this team, this is a great city. There is really friendly. This team is very competitive, so I think they have everything I want. If possible, I definitely want to leave. “

Excellent Harris last season is a score of 91.1 at the professional football focus network, which is the highest score. He and Simmuss were only two scores of more than 90 security silents.

Harris that enters the league in the United States has become one of the top players of the league. Although it is unexpectedly selected from the last season, he has achieved the maximum number of copies of the league, and he also completed the 60 times to disrupted the ball.

After Harris and Viking have proved to be suitable for each other, the problem is whether Viking can have the ability to offer Harris wants. After a series of layoffs, cheap nfl jerseys their salary space is still only $ 20.7 million.

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[Kicker] Poland legendary cannon: Sebastian

“Leopard change its spots” This sentence seems a Oakland Raiders players who not applicable. When Sebastian – when Yanni Koski into the league, he has been called “Polish powder keg” & ndash; this nickname not because of his strong left leg, but because he was with drugs, alcohol and stripes pull clear of trouble. Many people think that he will leave professional football 25 years ago. However, Sebastian has not only become one of the most stable and productive alliance kicker, also became – say it is not dare to believe – one of the ranks of the most honest man. Here is his story.

(Translation: gang Oakland Raiders areas where the prevalence, with their silver and black jersey and then tough style, coupled with a high-profile owners and players a variety of off-site problems, the team image in the eyes of outsiders is a gangster & hellip;)

growing up

Sebastian – Yanni Koski, Henrik – and Ha Linna – Yanni Koski’s only son, was born in southeastern Poland Walbrzych close this March 3, 1978 Sunrise was once Czechoslovakia and East Germany town. Henrik was once a professional footballer, thus, the family lived a nomadic life in general bit-part player. Sebastian was seven years old, the family had already removed three cities Walbrzych, Mielec, Krakow, and finally back to Walbrzych.

Henrik and Poland’s top players did teammates and opponents, including being considered the greatest player in the history of Poland Zbigniew Boniek. Henrik’s career peaked in 1981, when he was selected Polish national team in almost 82 years World Cup. Levels decline with age, he finally removed to the United States – seeks to restore roads wholesale nike football jerseys talent, but also to seek a better life for his family to stay in Poland. (Pictured Zbigniew Boniek)

…… and he found nothing. After several northeastern amateur team mixed a few years, Henrik decided to retire. In the United States after his visa expired dark down, three years after he and Ha Linna divorced, he married an American.

The lack of a husband / father in the side so that Sebastian and his mother’s life into chaos. Henrik also to send money home, but most of the time the mother and son to fend for themselves to earn their living. They lived in a small apartment Walbrzych had each other. Later, Sebastian acknowledged that time he began to lead to all kinds of bad habits later contamination of trouble. To earn money, he brushed a rookie at the local pool hall, billiards hall and got the wine never been a problem.

When Sebastian is not in the pool hall mix he used to go to play. Concentrate fully on his stay at the nearby school playground for hours. If he inherited from his father, then had only one thing, that one thing, Henrik love of football. Sebastian left leg strength, speed and agility is outstanding, but also talent, add together these results is that in 1993 he became the Polish U17 national team of one & ndash; when he was only 15 years old.

But a year to 后塞巴斯蒂安 life has been subverted his father. Henrik realized that because of his marriage, Sebastian came to the US legally reunited with him. Of course, this means that Sebastian put his mother to stay in Poland. Ha Linna know the way to the United States will give Sebastian a better future, she insisted that Sebastian boarded a plane to New York. And now this experience brought Sebastian still cry.

Adapt to American life for teenage Sebastian is even harder than the average person. He does not speak basic English & ndash; communication barriers immediately became a problem. In addition to his relationship with his father. (Translation: After all, Henrik abandoned his wife ah) of the two men first met quite embarrassing, I do not know how to face each other.

Henrik and his wife at the time had moved to Orlando, Sebastian began to start reading at grade 10 Orangewood Christian Academy (Annotation: the equivalent of a high domestic). As a newcomer / head / Polish / playing football and want to integrate into the community is not easy. English evening classes on him for three weeks, but almost more than his cackle learned on TV, reading and English and evening classes with the students learned. Luckily, make friends for Sebastian, it has never been difficult, but the environment is still often made him feel uncomfortable.

Each time, Sebastian will seek relief in football. He joined a local club U19, Orlando Lions, the team coached by Angelo Rossi. Rossi emigrated from Argentina to the United States, he is also another high school in Daytona Beach is, Seabreeze High School football coach. Sebastian against his muscular body covered 215 lbs, general trunk thighs, god of flexibility left foot and conquered Rossi. Rossi convinced Henryk that Sebastian to Seabreeze more powerful football team to play against him will be better. But when Henrik did not want to move when Sebastian once again pack up and leave home, live in the Rossi family.

Florida high school sports transfer rules Sebastian in four high (translation: the United States over four years of high school, grades 9 – 12) can represent the Seabreeze appearances, but he has carved out his own at a local football. As a local club team, a chance to fight him and Rossi to Argentina. It is said that in Argentina it was out of a $ 1.8 million two-year contract he wanted to turn pro, was rejected. Nomads had enough of life in general was removed, he wanted a better relationship with his father & ndash; and another desire deep inside, when the time is right to mother to the United States.

Rising star

96 In the spring, Sebastian is preparing the upcoming four high season, his friends persuaded him to let him try to play football. He was wearing shorts and t-shirt casual shoes appear in the training field, support from a ball, then kicked open out. Seabreeze football coach Kerry Kramer is generally loud shotgun overawed when this distance and kick the ball.

Kramer immediately asked Sebastian to join the team. When his friends told him to do NFL kicker can earn better than playing football & hellip; much money when Sebastian joined the football team. Not long after the football field became his personal show. “Polish miracle” reputation spread far, fans lined up to see him training and pre-match warm-up Sebastian little disappointing. 96 season, he scored four 50+ yard field goal, which includes a post-season period when rivals face a crucial victory in Palatka High School 60-yard field goal. That one foot still in the history of Florida High School Football Foundation / University ranked third. That year he shot a free kick 15 9, 31 times all scored additional points, only two kickoff was run back (the remaining opponents all touchback), and boarded the newspaper USA Today named the nation’s best team .

Some professional scouts think Sebastian has reached the NFL level, this evaluation led to contention between Sebastian’s top college teams a recruitment war. Involved in this battle of the schools, including Florida, Miami, Michigan, Penn State and Tennessee’s top rugby schools and so on. Some schools even out the conditions so that he could rugby and football alike.

Florida State University (FSU) be regarded as a latecomer in Yanni Koski battle. Bill Sexton FSU assistant coach Bobby Bowden insist on trying to make Yanni Koski a scholarship, but FSU has a very good kicker, Bill Gramatica. (Translation: This man is the NFL level kicker, 01 selected its forty-round rookie season, sprained ACL while celebrating scored FG & hellip; his brother Martin Gramatica over Tampa Bay to get the 2002 Super Bowl) Bowden finally agreed to look at Sebastian Sebastian video, then this one becomes again and again & hellip; finally, want to stay in Florida, Sebastian decided to join the FSU. Direct transfer after the summer of 1997, he successfully squeezed firmly secured the main Gramatica, who heard the news. (The picture shows Bobby Bowden)

Yanni Koski soon as Bowden has a very strong team & mdash; & mdash; pre-season top ten country & mdash; & mdash; has added a new weapon. FSU year’s offensive group includes quarterback Thad Busby (translation: the year almost all ACC QB data first), two good running back Rock Preston and Travis Minor, and a E.G. Green led by the outstanding external groups. Defense also has a high-pressure defense group consisting Andre Wadsworth and linebacker Daryl Bush / Sam Cowart led.

FSU regular season that year to open season 10-game winning streak directed at the national championship, but after the November 32-29 loss to the University of Florida national championship dreams went down the drain. The final FSU to 31-14 in the Sugar Bowl Ohio State ringing off the hook end of the season, eventually ranked third. Sebastian freshman nearly perfect shot 21 shot 16 shot 37 39 additional points. After the September game against the University of Maryland, and his kick 49 yards shot landed in the fifth row of the auditorium goal. University of Miami for the game, kicked his tee shot hit the post where the other goal nearly 6 meters off the ground. After the period of the season against Wake Forest, he kick 56 yards shot broke the record in school history. But his greatest contribution throughout the season kick-off, he kicked out 26 times touchback, and frequent opponent into a disadvantageous position began to attack.

In addition to the stadium, Sebastian as a tropical storm swept through Tallahassee (FSU location). His bald head, half-baked English, as well as the first play of the second learning style so that he became a campus legend. After this style also gave him toward career path has brought trouble more than once. As a sports management students, he spent too much time in nightclubs and brothers converge at the meeting, and the time in the classroom and library handful. Throughout his college grades were rocking in the NCAA’s academic qualifications online. First off serious problems Sebastian occurred in August 1998, he was involved in a fight with an outside bar in Tallahassee. He was charged with refusing to leave, chose not to accept the plea misdemeanor penalties, fined $ 295.

The timing of this incident can not be any worse. Many people think that FSU in the 1998 season to win the national championship. Offensive group on paper metamorphosis powerful. Peter Warrick and Laveranues Coles is the country’s top external portfolio return after Minor eye-catching performance in the freshman season, Chris Weinke & ndash; once popular culture objects Toronto Blue Jays baseball team & ndash; looks ready to take over in the Busby. Defense group and the speed of the previous year as there is pressure. Although defensive coach Mickey Andrews need to enable five sophomore starters, he was full of confidence dominant reproduce in 1997. This time FSU want to see that locker room interference. Bowden decided to deal with this cold, fined more than laps Sebastian trouble.

FSU opened in unfavorable early September lost to North Carolina State. In order to preserve compete for the national title hopes, they must be rolling the audience, they did. The next 10 games, Bowden’s team victory at the same time has been 355 points, their opponents to only 107 points.

Sebastian broke out this season. This season he created the FSU and the ACC’s shot record (27 in 32 shooting), 40-yard field goal in 13 shot 10, the farthest hit 56 yards. Additional points 43 exit 42 tee 79 not run back 47 times.

In the last game of the regular season FSU 23-14 home win over the University of Florida game, Sebastian scored 4 shots. The next day he made headlines & ndash; just because a man is charged with assault and cheerleaders fight in the bar. Although the government finally decided to immunity from prosecution, the accident is still to FSU and Sebastian cast a shadow.

Just like last time, the timing of the accident is not any worse. After winning the University of Florida, FSU – by the new BCS college bowl game system & ndash; to be in a festive bowl and Tennessee compete for the national championship. However this plays Sebastian fights to the media before the game that can stir the topic. This is also billed against both the kicker battle: one side is simple and crude off a powder keg issues continue Poland Sebastian Yanni Koski, the other side is a career without blemish Tennessee kicker Jeff Hall . The result of the game? Two people can not affect too much. Tennessee’s defense It has repeatedly takes place in critical moments, and finally Tennessee won the first national champion since 1951 23-16.

The only comfort of Sebastian is a bunch of season selection trophies. He received the Lou Groza Award on behalf of the country, and was selected by the National Football Reporter Association in the United States.

Enter the 1999 season, Sebastian successfully made his name away from the newspaper headline. FSU once again considered one of the most powerful competitions in the national champion before the season. In terms of offensive, Warrick is one of the Esman’s candidates of the iron, Weinke has a seasonal experience, and MINOR has four waves over 100 yards in the final five games last year. In terms of defensive, Corey Simon is selected in the United States last year, and there is Tommy Polley leading to a daunting line guards, and the second line is also experienced and stronger. Due to the existence of Sebastian, FSU has an advantage over the special group.

The FSU is very smooth, and the top five balls will win and each game is at least 40 points. The first hard battle of the team was at home in October, Miami, and FSU won 31-21. Sebastian kicks four additional points and a 38-yard shot. After two weeks, Sebastian played a key role in facing Clemson away, and he kicked three shots including the hit of the fourth quarter, team 17-14 tough wins.

FSU’s remaining schedule One Ma Pingchuan, after winning the last three games, the team made a sugar bowl (also the National Championship in the Year of the National Championship, facing the Vriginia Tech led by Michael Vick. Sebastian won the Groza Award for the second consecutive year and became the first person in the history of Lianzhuang Groza Award. He also selected the best lineup of Walter Camp, Football News, and US Rugby Journalists Association.

Sebastian shooting 30 shot in the country and has no shot in the 45 yard. His kick is still proud of the audience, and wholesale jerseys online more than 65% of 83 times will have no return.

History is always amazing. In the past few weeks before the championship, these data gave a new trouble.

The first is a question about his competition. He has told Bowden and teammates before the sugar bowl he will leave the school to participate in NFL after the sugar bowl. It is not a student who seriously read the book, and the driving force behind the end of Sebatian has been less power, and the final exam is the basic requirements of the FSU to participate in the students’ students. In the end, he still talked about it, so much, no one knows now.

Then, the New Year, one night before the game, Semastean was discovered to play Bourbon Street to play (translation: bourbon street is a well-known entertainment street, some extent is the symbol of New Orleans). But in the case of only one step away from the winning season, Bowden decided to let his player will continue to play. When asked this very obvious double standard – Bowden once stopped the defensive player Roland Seymour – FSU’s coach joked the “International Terms” of the team in Sebastian.

Afterwards, FSUs do not need the thighs of Sebastian to win the sugar bowl. At half a half, they laughed 28-14, although the second half of Vick led the team to retry the lead, but starting the FSU to take over the game, finally 46-29 overcome the VT, the season 12 battles, the FSU has also become the first since 1950 The first year is ranked in the Associated Press to occupy the first team.

After the sugar bowl is over, the Bastian is full of NFLs, and there is no problem in his dice. Professional scouts are not worried about his leg, gauge or exercise. Although he is only 6 feet in 1 inches, more than 250 pounds, 40 yards can run for 4.6 seconds and perform well in agile testing. In fact, many people think he is the best playing star in history. However, his emotional and pair of pairs is a problem that many people are really worried.

These issues are reflected in January. After the FSU celebrates the full-national champion, the FSU has a full-national championship, and Sebastian and a few friends want to go to a nightclub called the Grove. When I went to go in, I was arrested when I was arrested. There are a few people to ask the police officer (at that time, the police were employed in the nightclub to do security) how much can put their friends, wholesale nike jerseys paypal and Sebastian is one of them. According to reports, Semastian put 3 hundred dollar banknotes on the legs of the police when the police sat in the car. Therefore, Sebastian was arrested for the name of trying to bribery. If the crime is established, he will face the last five years of prison life and 5,000 fines.

Drinking this possibility may go to the baggage, and Sebastian’s draft is expected to decline. Originally, the team will rarely use the high selection right to choose to play the ball, and these field factors in Sebastian have led him to a potential risk in most teams. At this time, Al Davis and raiders appeared. AL has never been a person who acts in accordance with the chapter, and the Silver Black Legion is eager to play a player. In 1999, the 8 games they lost were lost within 7 points. They kicked 13 shots, and in the last six games kicked one. Taking into account these, the raid people decided to gamble, and took the first round of 17 in the first round of 17 in the first round of Sebastian.

At first, the raid person decided to look very savvy. When the bribery case of Sebastian was in Tallahassee, a four-men and two women judged to be guilty in Sebastian. Sebastian himself testified, claiming that he just wanted to pay a fine of a friend arrested. Although the police believed that Sebastian was definitely a bribe him, the jury was only used in less than an hour to determine the sin of confidment of Sebastian.

However, after the end of the draft, Semastian was involved in greater trouble. In mid-June, Sebastian was arrested by the FSU police, and the crime was held with GHB, GHB another name? * River crab *. According to the police report, a casual assembly found that Sebastian and two people in the Tallahassee bar gates out of the cup, a transparent liquid, and the test found that the liquid is GHB. According to Federal Immigration Law, holding controlled drugs is “moral corruption behavior”, and possible punishment includes expelled outbound. Fortunately, Semastean has come to the United States for five years, so the first * river crab * criminal can be free from repatriation. The repatriation is escaped, but this accident and the suspicion of Semastian’s doubts make him all criticized. The media opened in his fire. ESPN magazine issued a short message, the topic is “Dumb and Dumbest” (Dumb and Dumber is American evil comedy, ESPN is in this image of Sebastian without brain). Even the raid fans also began to doubt a player who did not relieve the random of a raided person.

Sebastian finally apologized as promised to change lifestyle. The raid team is supported by Sebasti Safety. The team gave him a 6-year 5 million contract, and then the position of his dressing room was between the two veteran Rich Gannon and Bobby hoying. The main coach Jon Gruden took him in the training camp, the latter is the five-year show of the same year, from the Texas Agricultural Machinery College, is the number one candidate who discarded the player position. The meaning of the team management is clear: we want you, but you have to learn to be a professional player.

Sebastian teammates look up agree with management ideas. They accepted the turmoil of Sebastian and thought that he might be the lack of the team champion puzzle. The players gradually began to like this person. Sebastian outwards, funny, and very inclusive. He often participated in the disgusting activities, and he quickly got respect with a left leg quickly.

The raids in that year are absolutely on the rise. With Gruden, they have created one of the most dangerous offensive groups of the alliance. Gannon passed to Tim Brown. This combination almost unstoppable, Tyrone Wheatley finally demonstrated that he was the strength of the giant first round. With the addition of Andre Rison and the new Xiu Jerry Porter, Gruden’s weapon library has two weapons. If the raid is weak, the weakness is definitely in defense. Darrell Russell is a full star, but he also has a game attitude issue. The boss of the second line is Charles Woodson, from Michigan to NFL in the third year, it is still looking for its own location. Snow is adding frost, the secure deeper Eric Turner gastric cancer is unfortunate.

After 9 weeks of play in the 2000 season, the raids look like the best team of the league. In addition to the horses lost to the wild horses, the raid people ruled the game, and both ends of the attack were bright. However, Semastean is very interested, and 13 shots kicked 7 times. There was a 34-28 overtime to defeat 49 people. He kicked two shots after the game, Gruden was very dissatisfied, complained him The rookie kicks did not take care of work seriously.

After a week, Sebastian contributed to the team for the first time. In the face of the emirate game, after kicking twice in the first half, he calmly kicked the 43-yard shot of the victory in the game, led the team 17-14 to win. In the last week of October, he faced lightning. He wrapped 15 points of the team, led the team 15-13 to win, team record 7-1.

The raid person ends the regular season in 12-4 and gains the home advantage of the playoffs. After the partition is rushed to the Miami dolphins, the raid people ushered in Baltimore in the main scene of the championship. The defensive defense of the crow that year is too powerful, completely blocking the attack, and finally the raid 3-16 will go home to see the holiday.

For Sebastian, the rookie season can be said to be a volley. He got 112 points, ranked fifth, but only 32 shot 22. He also missed two games due to bacterial infections. The bacterial infection caused him for five days and accepted strong antibiotic therapy.

After the rookie season, Sebastian knew that he had to increase the hit rate, especially the hit outside of the 40 yard. Although there is almost no dump in 40 yards, his long-range level is always unable to maintain stability. He began to die, lost 15 pounds and started to control drinking. The kick is a very satisfactory aspect of him and the team. In 2000, I would like to thank the third place for his violence.

As a team, the raid is also seeking progress in other locations. Jerry Rice and Charlie Garner joined for free players. For Gannon, the first quarter of the AFC Passer Rating, this outer group can already be swayed. However, the team’s score is still to see defensive performance. The most urgent defensive demand for raids is rushing and anti-transmission. In 2000, the opponent’s four-point guards won the 25 more than their head. Although Trace Armstrong is coming, the raid person needs Russell to return to the level of the top defense line. In order to strengthen the second-line, the raided selection is selected to Sebastian FSU teammate security Derrick Gibson. The raid person also selected the speed of the AREGON State Delawrence Grant.

In the 2001 season, everything looks so beautiful. The first scene challenges the chief, and Sebastian kicks four shots, including the winner of the 31 yard before 15 seconds before the end of the game. The next four game raids won three games, Semastian 8 shot 7, jerseys com china 40 yards.

But Sebastian quickly encountered more venue troubles. In October, he was a nightclub in one of the most rampant regions of the three drugs. Snowdrift lounge was dizzy, and his face was scratched. He was sent to the hospital to sew 5. The nightclub’s door said that he might have a GHB excessively fainted, but the Grudeen and the team refused to comment. Since the team chooses to be silent, the influence of this accident should be reduced as much as possible.

After getting rid of this accident, the raid person continued to raise the song, and the next eight game won six games. At first, Sebastian does not seem to have been affected by the accident, and the shooting 11 shot 10, including a long shot at the Seattle. But he and the raids are not guaranteed by the late festival, and finally lost to Titan, wild horses and aircraft. Sebastian once again been plagued by bacterial infection, only two games, and only kick the battle Titan four times.

Although the raid people saved the head name of the United States, 10-6 records force the team to go to the card. 10-3 After defeating the plane at home, when the partition was a patriot, they lost a very big penalty for disputes. At that time, Woodson killed BRADY and caused the ball, and the raid was picked up. But this ball was resettered, according to the famous “tuck rule” (the TUCK RULE is now no longer). Sebastian is getting out of time and getting out of these two games, kicking Three shots were added twice, and his two shots kicked into the snow in New England were especially impressive.

Remove the game of Titan (and the last season in the season), Sebastian performance is not bad, shooting 28 shot 23. But his appearance problem covered him on the scene. In response, he started high-strength physical training in the offset period, with the aim of enhancing leg and endurance. He and the team also hoped that this will let him kick, and be less than being on the scene.

It was not bad for a few months, but he was caught by drunk driving in 2002. In October, he was arrested again, driving at high speed to 86, blood alcohol content. 20, twice the statutory standard for California. Sebastian chooses not to defend against drunk driving allegations, and finally sentenced to three years. According to his own memories, this time to arrest, let him enlighten him, he said that he didn’t drink alcohol from then.

At that time, the raid was inexplicably connected to four games after September, but the raids quickly recovered, and the offensive group was spent, especially Gannon has entered the discussion of the MVP candidate. But the performance of the defensive group is another thing. Insufficient experience is the reason – the raids have two rookies, the mid-range guards Napoleon Harris and the corner hyperi phillip buchanon. Overseas must-be Romanowski is also a player of the new team, but he is working hard to combine the defensive group.

The biggest change in the raid occurs in the coaching group, Gruden is put on Tampa to change the votes. Bill Callahan was appointed. Bill before the four years from the near-side frontal coach – offensive line coach – the offensive coordinator all the way, the team’s understanding does not lose anyone, the coaching style of his follower may be the team needs.

After changing the handsome, the raid people won four games and won the Herbia West District. These four in Ryersbastian shooting 12 shot 10, including long shots other than the two 50 yards. After falling the wild horse and lightning season, the team not only won the partition and locked the home advantage of the playoffs.

Sebastian played a vital role in the team recovery, 33 shot 26, with 128 points to win the Division, 97 times, 22 times forced each other to give up the return, far more alliance any Other players. For this, he was selected for professional bowls.

The Association season, the raids basically solved the battle with Sebastian. Easy to take 30-10 for the plane, the partition championships face Titan, and the raid in half will cause Titan’s mistakes twice, and finally 41-24 defeated Titan. Two shots and five additional points in Sebastian have no miss. After two times in the super bowl, the raid was finally entered into the super bowl.

In the face of the National League Champion Tampawan Pirate, Sebastian uses a 40-yard shot to pull the attack. Experts analyzers in front of the competition must be a good job in the face of the strongest defensive pirates of the league, and Sebastian and the raids have opened a good head. The pirates can rely on weak offensive today to make many people feel surprised, and I have just burst into the eagle led by Donovan McNabb. Pirates hopes to use the same way to kill the raids of the first offensive of the league.

The spear encounters the secret shield, and many people are not surprised by the game to finally rely on one foot. Sebastian is ready to illuminate on this stage.

Then what? The pirates are full, and after 34 points, the raid will begin to fight. At that time, Sebastian had become a visitor, and even the chances of additional points were not – each raid person would choose to play two points. The anti-flee is not fruitful, coupled with the fourth session of the two copy attacks, Tampawan 48-21 wins.

The raid man’s disaster performance finally became the epitome of 2003 – everyone feels suddenly the same, especially Gannon and Brown – Gannon only hurts 7 games, Brown got the worst data since 1992. In terms of running, Wheatley is only 678 yards as the number one run. The team retreats is obvious, and in the end, we must sign the quarter-free Rick MiRer from the re-employment group. There is not much better defense. The opponent has averaged nearly 370 yards per game, and 379 points will be lost. At the end of the season, the record of the raids was the terrible 4-12, and Callahan didn’t have a meal.


Sebastian is one of several highlights. There is no explosive news – it is not easy for him – he has gained a stable season, shooting in 25 shot 22, and kicking 55 yards farthest in your career. He has improved the most obvious place from 40-49 yards, 10 shots 9, the time you are still being thrown away.

In the 2004 season, the raid people invited Norv Turner to do the master coach. In order to improve the defense, Turner enrolls Belichick’s follower Rob Ryan. He did the patriotic coach in four years before. Ryan did not allow the defensive group to die. – The defensive group made the opponent 370 yards per game and nearly 28 points. At the same time, the offensive group is also struggling. Turner’s system requires a strong running front, but the racing of the raided union cushion (1295 yards) is not available to provide such a person. The quarter-breaking Kerry Collins performs a rule of the rules, but there is no running attack to make this all-star quarter-free pressure. He has made too many mistakes on the court.

Sebastian is a good ball for a year. In 8 shot 25, the 40 yard is 12 shot 10. In the game lost to the Falcon, he kicked 52 yards in the season. He also has progress in the kick, kicking 12 Touchback, 5 times more than last year. Insufficient in the United States is that he has been broken in the 39-time 45 yards in the game to Texas – his one foot 35 code shot is partially on the right side of the goal.

What is more important than the score is that Sebastian has once again controlled his emotions. He changed his attitude, plus the excellent performance on the field, touched the boss Al Davis, Al gave him a renewal contract for 5 years nearly 11 million. Although the free market can be trial, Sebastian chooses to be loyal to this first round, and let himself become the highest salary in history.

The raids play 5 wins in 2004 in 2004, the bottom of the Meilai West Area. The raid people have had experienced experience in the endless rebound for two consecutive years, but the three-year winning rate has returned to 1962. Unfortunately, the world is changing, and it is getting worse. Until the first 10 years ended in the 21st century, the raids have never seen a more than a small season. The attacks of raids between 05 to 2009 can be basically ignored, which also seriously limits the chance of score of Sebastian. Fans are also thinking about this question: When a team is the best two players who play kickers and discard kickings … How can this team rebound? (Figure Janikowski and Lechler)

In 2005, Semastian Shot 30 shot 20, with a 30 shot, team record 4-12.

In 2006, the raid only won two games, only 16 reacted. Sebastian has an additional branch again, but only kicks 18 shots, and the score of 70 points in the season is much lower than any year of career.

In 2007, the raids were 4-12, and Sebatian kicked 23 shots, and the season scored 97 points. In 2008, he chased this score, including a fax foot 57 code to defeat the aircraft. That feet is the farthest feet in the history of overtime. Unfortunately, the raid is only winning 5 games.

In 2009, the offensive group fell again to the bottom of the valley, only 17 times a year. Sebastian kicks 26 shots, with a hit rate of 89.7%, helping the team to return to 5 victories. In the face of Brown, he kicked a 61-yard shot, rewriting his records and team records. In addition, he also faced a small 59-yard shot. At the last season, he got the first 1000 points of career.

In the face of wild horses in 2011, Sebastian continued to rewrite the team record, 63 yards kicking. This feet also packed the record of the alliance created by Tom Dempsey. Before the 2011 season, the raidists and Sebastian have continued for about four years, and Sebastian once again called the tips for the alliance wages.

For the raid fans, 2010 and 2011 were two years a good day, the team got 8 wins and 8 losses, and they were also struggling to come back. The best year of Sebastian career is also coming from the 2010 season. That season, he kicked 33 shot leading alliances, and he scored a list of 142 points of Range League Second (translation: Music’s David Akers in Philadelphics first). In the 2011 season, he won 129 points in 36 shots, and the top ten of the ranking alliance. After the end of 2011, he was selected for the first professional bowl of career. At the career bowl, he won 11 points, and recorded a record into 8 additional points.

In 2012, the trunks were returned again, and only four games in the opening season won. But that victory was made from the steel man, so the fans also had a hopes. After a break, the raid people got a powerful falcon and force the American tiger and the chief, and the record rose to 3-4. The story later is like to know: One of the whole November, the raid people were once again hit back to the United States.

Although the fate of the raid is not often determined by the Struthful left leg, he is still a reliable guarantee when needed. It may be more importantly, he can hide the news in the past few years, and become a stable symbol of the team in the past ten years. Who can think of this Poland guy who has been unrestrained, English is not good, will it become now?

Player characteristics

Sebastian big pieces, strong, and not afraid of physical contact. When many players are difficult to kick the ball to the end area, he can often kick the ball over the terminal. This article lets all the other offensive coordinators are enemies with him.

Sebastian herself in his strength in strong thighs and hips. His experience in playing football is obviously helping for his achievements in football. From the start of the run, he only needs 1.1 seconds to kick out the ball, which is 0.2 seconds than the alliance. This caused a lot of pressure to the people who made the ball. This also means that his shoot is more difficult to block.

Although he is just a player, he has proven to be a personal winner. He played a lot from the university period and a bureau of great talented teammates, but he also learned how to shoot under the pressure. As his field problem is thrown, Sebastian has grown into a teammate can trust.

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[Average 前] The 10th week of Sunday, the patriot @ 马

This week’s Sunday Tournament will be a repeat of the 2015 Meeting final. The 21st century wholesale nfl jerseys online strongest Strong Strong New England Patriot will come to the Mi Gao ball in Denver Plateau to challenge the wild horse. Although the wild horses have stepped on the superb bowl, in the 6 games in the two teams, the patriot won five games. Can it be a horses who have been wholesale jerseys from china the home to slam in the home? I think this is really difficult.

Danfo Ye immediately washed with the eagle blood in Philadelphia in Philadelphia. Because I can’t stand the four-point WiTrevo-Simaian’s life, I will once again sacrificed the four-point guards who have given a hopes, and will he become the savior of the wild horse again? It is still still in the wait. The Wild Horse Created The Saving Committee failed to play a average level this season, CJ-Anderson and cheap jerseys free shipping Jamar Charles’s state is not as good as before, the pavement attack is weak, they have been on the attack. Overseas Wei Feng-Miller is still the most reliable member of the team, and facing his play of patriots is always extravagant. In the past 6 times in the past, Miller sent a 7.5th kill, 2 times to create a ball, 1 successfully returned to the ball, 1 copy, such as such a comprehensive manifestation It is indeed worthy of the title of the strongest outer defensive person in the Alliance.

Let’s take a new England Patriots, last week they ushered in this season’s short holiday, although this season did not last season of terror, but they still ended the half season with 6 wins and 2. The four-point Wei Tem-Bred-Braddy, which has become a legend, still does not stop his footsteps. In the past three games, the averaging 335.7 yards, a total of 6 times, and the pass score reached 104.9. At the nearly 40, he could not see the state, since the 2016 season, Braddy has passed the 44-time Damadam but only 4 times of being copied, and the CD-trial reached the horror of 11/1. Under the leadership of the old man, the patriot is still the biggest hot in the super bowl, and the wild horses are likely to be the ghosts under the next knife.

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NFL nearly 50 years of classic campaign: Meadolan 3.0

In 1978, Herman Edwards grabbed the ball in the end of the competition and returned to the battle to help the Philadelphus eagle got a miraculous victory in the Giant Stadium. In 2003, it was a giant court. Brian Westbrook received 1 minute and 34 seconds before the end of the game. The 84-yard is returned to reaches the array, and the giant is killed. The time has been on December 19, 2010, and the game has 8 minutes and 17 seconds. The giant leads to 31:10, what happens?

As a key game in the promotion of the playoffs, the New York giant and the Philadelphia eagle have no way, and the Eli Manning is obviously better. The first game has 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Eli is an accurate side of the side. His best partner Mario Manningham has established a leading 7: 0 early. The next half competition was almost ruled by the giant, and completed two times and a shot score; anti-view of the eagle offensive, changing the wrong, the number of the number, Jeremy Maclin even appeared in the case of almost no collision, squatting down Major mistakes.

In the second half, the eagle seizes the giant’s mistakes. In the third quarter of the competition, it will be divided by Vick and Maclin before it is divided into just 14 points. After the beginning of the fourth quarter, Desean Jackson took the ball after a time, and once again took the eagle into the darkness. Eli Manning once again passed the ball to the ball, 31-10, at this time, there is 8 minutes and 17 seconds from the end of the game. At this time, it seems that the balance of victory has tilted the New York giant. At this time, there was a person standing out, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale his name is Michael Vick.

Re-retry the ball, Michael Vick quickly stighed a wave of offensive, a scales of surgery, and found the proximal front Celek in the frontcourt, the latter was killing the giant twice End zone, 31-17. And the time is less than a minute from the giant. The next game gradually became dramatic, the Eagle’s special group successfully used Onside Kick (gambling kick), retransmit the ball again. The Horn counterattack is also completely blown. The next attack, Vick demonstrated his amazing running ability after escaping the giant defensive group, and after the flash of the flash of the running ball, it was only the data from the giant terminal. There is a distance of about 5 yards left. And Vick is not expensive, running again and reaches up to Dance, 31-24, the eagle is only backward! At this time, the ELI is no longer the ELI of the wind and rain. Under the constant oppression of the Eagle Defensive Group, his pass has lost the number. After the failure of the three-stop conversion, the giant will not have Punt, put the ball to the right hand. . And the eagle has no waste of the giant to send this gift, and it is VICK. After finding the right pass target, we will run twice two consecutive times, and bring the ball from this part of the 12 yard to the other party’s 13 yards. . After that, Maclin’s ball gathered as if water to the drain, and the score finally scored 1 minute 16 seconds before the end of the end of 31.

Then the eagle snatched, through a relatively relatively beautiful attack, the giant’s attack was started at the 36 yard of the party. However, the next two offensive Eli failed, with the 3rd gear to defend the eagle’s defensive cut Trevor Law, the ball is 29 yards, the giant will then consume all possible time. After that, I called a pause in 12 seconds before the end. Then the referee returned to 14 seconds, the giant abandoned the kick, and the long-player Zak Dessie opened a high ball to discard the kick Matt Dodge, then Dodge quickly kicked a straightforward Punt instead of the world to give DESEAN JACKSON. The next scene is absolutely unforgettable & hellip; & hellip; Jackson brought the ball at 35 yards and then fell to 30 yards after picking up the ball, but reasonably chose the running route, and successfully broke through the giant player to chase the block and cut into half, outside Under the beautiful blocking of Jason Avant, thoroughly smash the giant’s entire number of special groups and ran 65 yards. Finally, Jackson also ran a few steps in front of the entire giant’s rest area before the end area, and determined that the time was completely consumed to run into the Arhead, announced the end, the final 38 is amazingly reversed to defeat the giant. The grandfather of the giant coach Tom Coughlin was anxious to lose the tactical plate on the ground, lost to the same district, and did not kill the playoffs for two consecutive years. He can only help.

The eagle completed the task of almost impossible to complete the task & mdash; & mdash; Mi Doudz miracle reproduces! DESEAN JACKSON has also become the first player who uses Punt / Kick to return to the killer while ensuring the time. At the same time, this great attack is also rated as the greatest classic moment by many fans.

This game Michael Vick passes 242 yards, send 3 reachable arches and 1 copy; the running ball is 130 yards (more than the two running guards of the giant), once a time. This is not easy for those who just get out of life. Although the eagle fails to go farther in the playoff game, as a steel man, I deeply fell in love with the eagle after this game, in love with me, I think it is good in wholesale nfl jerseys history. Quadruplicate Michael Vick!

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Haiying Safety 106 consecutive play records

Seattle Hawks Safety Ehr – Thomas has been synonymous with the NFL Alliance Iron Man since the selection of the team in 2010.

However, he encountered an inspigenic injury last week, which led him to absent this Sunday team’s game of Tan Palwan, and ended its own 106 consecutive game records.

This week’s earlier, Denver Broncos jerseys free shipping Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll, Denver Broncos jerseys free shipping indicates that Thomas’s injury may absent several games.

This season, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys free shipping Thomas completed 46 2 copies of 2 copies, and is an important member of the Habi Defense Group. But the other safe satellite of the company is returned to Kam Chancellor.