“The Amazing Journey” by the Amazing Richard F. Holmes

Formerly titled “Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me”.

Renamed “The Amazing Journey” and officially relaunched July 3rd 2013.

Have you ever experienced conscious astral travel? Author Richard F. Holmes, in his book “The Amazing Journey” has documented many of his incredible and deeply personal experiences with astral travel.


One of the most incredible of those early journeys was when I was transported to a house. I was dropped off outside and I remember stepping through the door and finding myself in a place that was dark.  Whenever I recalled this experience I always referred to the house as “the dark and dingy place”.  I seemed to step onto a landing and I was just standing there when all of a sudden my right hand felt warm.  I looked down, and to my amazement, there was a small black child holding my hand.  I recall at some stage that a rather rotund black lady appeared on the scene.  I understand that I was being shown this house as a place that I was connected with in a previous life.  It was a house where children suffered but the large black lady and I did our best to help these children.


The Amazing Journey is a book aptly described by it’s previous title, “Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me”.  The book begins with Richard relaying his many documented conscious astral travel experiences.  Along with Richard’s interesting and well articulated accounts, we glean insight into his inner life and lessons, as well as some of his more memorable experiences culminating in Richard’s pilgrimage to India and Sai Baba’s ashram.

Richard shares some of his innermost thoughts and beliefs …

…There is only the here and now, nothing else.  The here and now is all there is.  However there are many aspects, many facets of the here and now (in the kingdom of Heaven there are many mansions so to speak).  We are eternal, Divine beings of light; facets of that Universal Super-Consciousness we call God.  With this in mind, it would be fair to say that we are all tiny droplets of The Universal Absolute, The Ocean of Life; tiny droplets of God, or little Godlets if you like.  The only thing is, we don’t know this, or to be more precise, we have forgotten. Because of this we are on a journey (the spiritual pathway) of re-membering. Not learning but remembering.  We are all Divine; therefore at our very deepest and purest level we have infinite knowledge, and as such, cannot learn what we already know…


Richard’s accounts of his time in India at Sai Baba’s ashram are heart warming and insightful. His pilgrimage occurred after his mothers passing. Sai Baba shares this about our mothers.

…He (Sai Baba) also emphasised the importance of not forming relationships on the basis of the body and to always focus on the in-dweller, or spirit within. Baba then explained to the students the importance of loving and respecting the earthly mother, “Never forget your mother, treasure her form in your heart. We come from the heart of our mother, and mother should always be in our heart. Therefore your mother never leaves you and you should not leave her. Mother and children are united with each other forever…”




The Amazing Journey is a fascinating and well written account of a man’s amazing journey of learning and inspiration through multidimensional experience. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. Richard has a refreshingly captivating writing style and I highly recommend this book as an entertaining and informative read!

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Inspirational Storytellers Meets The Shticks

It was such a pleasure to meet Veronica Anderson and her companions The Shticks last month when Veronica was the 1000th person to [Like] Inspirational Storytellers on Facebook. Since then I have called by to see what The Shticks are up to…and finally, I was  no longer able to resist extending an invitation for Veronica and The Shticks to come join us at Inspirational Storytellers dot com….I was not at all prepared for Veronica’s response…


Lol!! We are honored Veronica by your overwhelming response. We hear from The Shticks that your husband was reported to have commented that not even his marriage proposal elicited such a reaction! 🙂

We are so honored to have you and The Shticks on board Veronica ♥  WELCOME ♥


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Polemics, Poetry and Peace: Stephen J Kalinich

Introducing and welcoming Stephen John Kalinich to Inspirational Storytellers! We hope you enjoy this video introduction and will call by Youtube and leave a comment or like there too! Thank you! 🙂

BIOGRAPHY: “The great American poet and lyricist Stephen John Kalinich has been a profound voice of the rock ’n’ roll era for four decades. When Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, two of the most prominent icons in rock history, recorded “A Friend Like You” by Kalinich and Wilson on an album featuring Elton John and Eric Clapton, it was a testament to the lyrical poet at the height of artistic achievement.

An originator of the California sound, Kalinich rose to fame as a young man when he began writing songs with Brian and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys on their Warner Brothers/Reprise record label. During his 30-year collaboration with the group, it became “America’s #1-selling rock band,” according to Billboard. Brian Wilson described Kalinich as a “poetic genius” and credited him with stunning the music world by unleashing Dennis Wilson’s full creative potential.

“Be Still” and “Little Bird” by Kalinich and Dennis Wilson, classic hits from the Beach Boys’ historic Friends album, brought a new spirituality and self-awareness to rock music of the late 1960s. “Little Bird” went gold with the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations boxed set and has been recorded by international musicians. Kalinich’s “Rainbows” and “Love Remember Me” were featured on the acclaimed 2008 reissue of Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue album. The Beach Boys’ second anthology, Hawthorne, CA, contained Kalinich’s “A Time To Live in Dreams.” His “California Feelin’” is among the all-time hits on The Beach Boys Classics Selected by Brian Wilson and appeared on California Feeling, a collection of Kalinich’s songs released in late 2010 by MsMusic.

When legendary songwriter P. F. Sloan, most famous for “Eve of Destruction,” recorded Kalinich’s epic poem “If You Knew” and “Soul of a Woman” on Sail Over in 2007, the poet realized his lifelong dream of working with his mentor. Among the other top musicians who have immortalized Kalinich’s lyrics are Mary Wilson of the Supremes, singing “You Dance My Heart Around the Stars”; Odyssey, whose recording of “Magic Touch” was a top 40s hit; and Randy Crawford, with “Only Your Love Song Last.”

Although he has risen to the highest echelons of the music industry, Kalinich considers himself a poet first. A voice of conscience comparable to Bob Dylan, he has inspired audiences around the world. Kalinich was invited to Washington, D.C., to recite his epic poem “If You Knew” before members of Congress to benefit Children Uniting Nations. Actor Stacy Keach recorded his poem “The Magic Hand,” and former Beach Boy Al Jardine’s EP A Postcard from California features actor Alec Baldwin reciting “Tide Pool Interlude.” Newscaster Jerry Dumphy appeared on a video in which he read “America I Know You” by Kalinich. Jez Graham’s 2004 CD featured Kalinich’s poems “America Is You and Me,” “Life Against the Wind,” and “You Can Soar.”

A performer whose spoken lines are as powerful as the music that carries them, Kalinich played to thousands on a recent European tour of his Galactic Symphonies, written with internationally acclaimed guitarist Richard Durrant and recorded on CD and DVD. One reporter described the audience’s “sense of awe” as the poet delivered the title poem to an audience transfixed, “managing to get out the last words without collapsing, but maintaining so much power and dignity.” Kalinich’s poetry readings have an emotional impact comparable to that of poet Maya Angelou.

After being lost for nearly forty years, Kalinich’s masterpiece “A World of Peace Must Come” was rediscovered and appeared on Attic Records’ 2008 CD boxed set devoted to the poetry of Kalinich. Another early composition, “Leaves of Grass,” was released on this CD, accompanied by Mark Buckingham and produced by Carl Wilson.

Kalinich continues to write poetry for films and music from Los Angeles, the city he loves. “As long as I have breath, the river of love will speak through me,” says Kalinich. “When I look back, I will ask, Did I stir someone, reach one soul. . . . Did I help them understand that when the breath of love poured itself into others, it didn’t forget them.”


“Be a good person
above all.
The poet is not special
and the good poet knows this.
One is not a poet or a writer
but one who lives as poetry
through his actions
and kindness.
A poet is not one
who sets himself apart
from the every day struggles
of every soul
but embraces them
so that in his own way
he may lighten the burden.
A poet need not be famous
to be quoted.
Poetic wisdom
can come
out of a shoe maker
as it does out of mine
who mends the soles
of shoes
and touches mine
with his infectious smile.
A mechanic named Alfredo
who knows each part
of my car
and how to heal it.
These poets
of the every day
appeal to me
and allow me
to see poetry everywhere
in the every day.”


Stephen John Kalinich



Website and Social Media Links:






Born Remembering

carol-lambThis coming Tuesday (4/23) join Nancy Wait as she chats with Carol Lamb, writer, teacher and founder member of Rainbow Light Foundation, an international teaching organization based in the North of England.

Born Remembering is the story of the journey of the soul and the continuity of consciousness, a true account of premonition, pre-cognition and retained soul memory of other lives. How channeled communication indicating a predetermined plan to establish a healing network became a reality in line with the dynamic shift now occurring, as medical science and the soul sciences merge.

For the past seven years The Living Memory Research Trust has collated a comprehensive archive of documented and monitored clinical case studies acquired over a twenty-year period through their clinics and therapist training programme. These inspirational healing experiences reveal the multi dimensional nature of consciousness and the eternal journey of the soul.

The seminar and Workshop programme ‘Converting Celestial Energies into Bio Chemical Formulas’ explores the link between soul memory, epigenetics, medical astrology and healing through sound and will be available online in June 2013 through The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.

Direct Link to Inspirational Storytellers Radio Show with Carol Lamb ~ “Born Remembering ~ Spiritual Genetics”, Tuesday 23 April 2013, 5pm Eastern.




This is the story of the journey of the soul, the continuity of consciousness beyond the body and most of all, remembering.

A healer’s paranormal experience of retained soul memory of other lives, of premonition and pre-cognition, never discussed until a predestined meeting forty years later triggered a tsunami of events.

An investigation into paranormal experience, memory of other lives and angelic connection. A true account of spontaneous soul recognition of shared lives, initially experienced by an unsuspecting group who came together in 1991 to become the storytellers from the past.

Born Remembering documents the benevolent communication of Ascended Masters guiding planetary evolution, as we face the challenges of the transition to a new age of consciousness.

Direct channelled communication and the step by step fulfilment of prophetic guidance indicated predestination. The unfolding of a divine blueprint revealed a Life Plan and shared purpose along with a request to:

‘Tell them… You come to the Earth of learning… you learn or you fail to learn… you return and return again to the vain forgetting and the endless remembering of home.’


Chapter 1

I was born remembering. It would be some years before I realised that others did not. As I gazed up at the twinkling stars in the black velvet night sky, they seemed to my childish eyes to beckon and to call. Which one of them was my true home, I wondered, for I was sure that this was not. As I heard my mother’s voice calling that it was bedtime, I came back to the awareness of my body and the coldness of the stone step on which I was sitting, arms folded around my knees. I stared down at the scuffed shoes and wrinkled ankle socks, suddenly feeling very small once more. I was six years old.

In the early 1950s the harsh realities of daily life in a Lancashire mill town in the North of England left little room for dreams. The people around me were practical, hardworking and friendly with the dry humour for which Lancashire folk are renowned, qualities I came to value in later life. Children were expected to be ‘seen and not heard’ and a strict code of behaviour was the norm. Almost all the adults I knew, women as well as men, worked in the local cotton mills; the post war years had left a legacy of an emancipated female work force reluctant to return to their former financial dependency upon male breadwinners. Some mothers remained at home to care for children but many worked full time with childcare shared between close relatives and near neighbours. Equal opportunities and the ‘new man’ had not yet arrived; housework and childcare was almost exclusively the province of women with ultimate discipline generally vested in the fathers. Throughout my childhood I remember only one single parent family, the mother in question being a widow.

In the nineteenth century, traditional cottage industries of spinning and weaving had provided the cloth for which Lancashire and Yorkshire were to become world famous. By the twentieth century the Industrial Revolution had evolved, spawning the huge cotton mills of Lancashire and the woollen mills of Yorkshire. My own parents both worked in the same cotton mill, my mother returning to work when my baby sister was three months old. The management of the Lilac Mill had shown great foresight in their attempts to retain their skilled women workers; childcare was available to employees for children from six weeks to twelve years of age. Part-time work was unknown; parents brought their children to the nursery at 7.30 am and collected them at 5.00 pm. Nursery nurses cared for the under fives, while those of school age were escorted to and from the local infant and junior schools before being collected again by parents at the end of a long day for all concerned.

My day began when I was awakened by my mother at 6.15 am. My clearest memories are of winter mornings and the reluctance to move from the warmth of the bed. My first view of the day was seen through the beautiful leaf patterns traced by the heavy overnight frost, not on the outside but on the inside of my bedroom window. Central heating was unknown and there was no heating at all in bedrooms. I would hurry to the warmth of the kitchen in my nightgown to dress before the open fire in the clothes my mother had laid out the previous night.

The bus depot was situated opposite my parents’ house. Each morning mill workers congregated at the end of the street to queue for the convoy of buses which would take them the thirty minute journey to the mills in the next town. Men automatically gave up their seats to allow women to sit, often standing for the duration of the journey; it was unheard of for children to take a seat if an adult was standing. My earliest awareness of pregnancy was when I was no longer able to sit on my mother’s knee at five years old because of ‘the baby in her tummy’. ‘Standing room only’ meant I would spend the journey clinging to the chrome bar of the seat as the bus lurched and swayed, trying to ignore the waves of travel sickness to which I was prone. I would jump down from the bus with relief to walk the remaining quarter of a mile to the cobbled mill yard and the welcoming warmth as we entered the factory building.

The warmth of the nursery enveloped me as we entered and hung up our coats and scarves, leaving our Wellington boots by the door, the numbness of my fingers and toes thawing as I anticipated a breakfast of tea and toast. By the age of seven I was sometimes allowed to assist in the kitchen by carrying the trays of toast into the nursery. Mrs Ramsden, the cook, might have stepped straight out of a Dickens novel: middle aged, a round, ample bosomed figure, sandy brown hair swept up with wisps continually escaping from her cap. Always smiling, she was a handsome woman, yet somehow there was also a hint of sadness around her which I didn’t understand. She would slice the bread and my job was to butter the huge slices as they popped up from the giant toaster. Bustling around the kitchen, setting the trays of drinks, she would encourage me to ‘Put plenty on now, don’t scrape it off again.’ There was something very satisfying about buttering the mountains of toast to carry them through to the waiting children.

One morning as Mrs Ramsden toasted and I buttered we chatted away and I asked if she had any children. Her eyes misted over as she replied that her little girl was now in heaven, gone to join her daddy. I asked why her daddy had gone to heaven and she explained that he had been ill and was very tired and so had gone to Jesus. Her daughter, she explained, had been so sad that she had died of a broken heart. As tears filled her eyes she said, ‘One day I will see them both again, till then they’re with the Lord.’ I wasn’t too sure who The Lord was and had stopped buttering the bread, wondering why she could not see the little girl who was dancing round the kitchen as she spoke, for I somehow knew this was her daughter. She wiped the tears away saying, ‘Come on now, lots of butter, we must get on.’ This was one of my earliest experiences of ‘the other world’ and I instinctively knew not to ask any more questions or to volunteer the information……

You may download [Chapter 1 ~ Remembering] by clicking here.



Carol’s publications – http://www.bornremembering.com/Publications.html

The Rainbow Light Foundation – http://www.rainbowlightfoundation.net/Welcome.html

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences


Some links and key people and research mentioned during the Radio Show:

Professor Bruce Lipton – Cellular Research Scientist, Epigentics ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjjvimJRevQ

Rupert Sheldrake – Biologists Morphogentic Fields ~ http://www.sheldrake.org

Bruce Lipton’s website ~ http://www.brucelipton.com/

Marcus Pembrey: Professor of Clinical Genetics, Epigentics and inherited Memory ~ http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/horizon/ghostgenes.shtml

Amit Goswami – Professor of Physics ~ http://www.amitgoswami.org

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences ~ http://www.theacademyofspiritualsciences.net

Paranormal Matters Blog Talk Radio ~ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/paranormalmatters

The Living Memory Research Trust: http://www.rainbowlight.uk.com/Living_Memory.html



When Wolf Steps In

Wolf, brother and guide to man….

james-beardThough I have been attending Native American ceremonies for a few years, there were still many native people who would basically be cordial, but distant.  Especially the women of the tribe.  An Anglo stands out in this population and the people have become leery of visitors to their sacred ceremonies.

This particular ceremony was in the fourth day and it was nearing midnight. The ceremonies were ongoing and started early in the morning for that day. I was standing near the doorway of the teaching lodge listening to the teachings being given in the fom of oral stories of the people. An art and a way that is timeless in passing on the knowledge of the people.

To my surprise, a young woman in her early twenties walked up to me as I stood near the lodge listening to the teachings being given inside.  “Excuse me”, she said, “I want to ask if you could help me.  I need a ride back to my motel.”  She looked down at her son, who was about four, and continued.  “We have been here since six thirty this morning and my grandmother is in the lodge right now.  It looks like it will be going on for a long time and my son is exhausted.”  I answered that I would be happy to give her a ride.

I could not help but feel honored that a woman of the people would trust me.  It must have taken a lot of courage for her to even ask.

When we got in the car she commented to me, “I am thinking of leaving the lodge!”

I thought about what she had said.  Why is she telling me, an outsider, this, that she would be thinking of leaving the lodge.

“Why would you want to leave the lodge?” I asked.

wolf song 2“I don’t want to, but my aunties on my rez are all Christian and they are always after me about my beliefs.  They tell me I am a pagan and devil worshiper.  That I will go to hell if I do not change my ways.  I am tired of their constant criticisms and if I leave the lodge they will get off my back.” She replied.

I answered.  “I really don’t know what I can tell you to help.  I am not a member of the Medicine Society and can’t be since I am not an Indian.  I guess all I can tell you is why I, a white man, would come to these ceremonies.”

I told her how I had come to be invited to ceremony a few years ago.  I spoke about how my brothers, Austin and Pellie, befriended me and began to share teachings that changed my life. How each time I come and help, I feel re energized and whole with myself.  What I had learned about myself and where I came from, so as to understand where I am going in this lifetime and on.  How I learned to laugh.

When I finished she said to me; “You have helped me see that this is my path.  I am going to stay in the Midewiwin Lodge and I now understand why this is so important for me and my son.  You know, it really is special how Creator puts signs on our road to help us when we need it.”

Wolf-White-Wolf-Pictures-HD-Wallpaper“Yes”, I answered.  “This trip seems to be all about seeing the signs.  On the way here, Pellie, my brother, and I went through several white out snow storms.  When it looked like it could only get worse, we saw a white wolf run across the road in front of our car.  We both knew the road would clear up after that and it did. Then, a little further down the road, we saw a grey wolf on the side of the road, watching us pass.  We knew then that the road would stay dry for the rest of the trip.  I never would have accepted that a few years ago.  Today I know that Creator works with each of us in mysterious ways.”

There was dead silence in the car and I looked at her.  Her face was aghast as she looked at me.  I asked; “What is the matter?  Are you okay?”

She answered slowly and with deep reverence as she looked down at the little boy sleeping on her lap, “My son is White Wolf and I am Grey Wolf.”

Nothing more was said until we arrived at her motel, some fifty miles from the Rez.  We both knew something very profound had happened, and it was not a coincidence I was the one to give her a ride to her motel.


by: James Beard aka Noodin ~ an Excerpt from: White Mocs on the Red Road, Walking Spirit in a Native Way


Copyright © 2012 James B. Beard
All rights reserved.



Interview with James Beard, aka Noodin on Inspirational Storyteller Radio 04/16/2013 5 pm EASTERN

“To be centered is to stand alone together”


Mission Statement: To make available to all people an understanding of Native American culture in order to provide strong personal and community values.

Cultural Story Teller, Educator, Speaker and Author James Beard, aka Noodin, lives in Monadnock State Park, in Jaffrey, New Hampshire on Mt. Monadnock where he works as a Park Ranger, Interpreter, Camp Host and Wilderness Responder. He maintains an area of the park to honor this special place he refers to as Mona, with a ceremonial fire, a medicine healing lodge and areas for native and cultural gatherings. These things are done to protect Mona.

His first book, White Mocs on the Red Road – Walking Spirit in a Native Way, is uniquely presented to aid people in gaining insight to the mysteries of the Elder teachings of the Traditional Native American.

Programs offered through Northeast American Cultural Resource provide insight to cultural values and personal ethics to aid people in finding ways to enrich their lives. The intent of this site is to encourage awareness of Native American teachings and Native American people. It is a pathway to give those seeking knowledge of their heritage a place to begin. The hope is that all people will understand and respect Creator as well as the Native American people with their rich culture.

In the words of Noodin,

“My white heritage is enhanced by ancient teachings we all once had. I walk a
red road in order to better understand the original teachings of all people.”



“Through Whose Eyes” – Book by Jacqueline Rainey


From Author, Jacqueline Rainey:  They say we can’t choose our family, but when you see the world through a child’s eyes the choice to let go of those who are supposed to love you and care for you always is not always easy; not even when we become parents ourselves do we let go of those who let go of us.  As a child of the foster system I was forced to find something bigger than myself to hold onto, I found God and have faith in what I can’t see with my natural eyes but I know He exist.  I wrote “Waiting for God” to remind myself of that journey and encourage others to hold on because life does get much better.

Just have faith.



You were the vessel I came through if nothing else you should have been more.  You turned your back on me and I found my way to God’s door.





“I stepped out of a house where fear was a dominating emotion and I was forced to become a lost woman-child searching without direction for love, life and God.  In a world where others looked like me, I found no friend, their sense of direction in life didn’t warrant my attention and I didn’t care to give it.  I could never understand why they were fighting so hard to climb into a pit.  People around me weren’t just strangers they were alien and I wasn’t sure who didn’t belong them or me.  I retreated to places in my mind where even I couldn’t find myself, but I’m sure God knew were to find me.  The foster system was filled with lost faces and lonely souls and I was among them, young mothers abandoning their babies after being abandoned and I wondered if they too were waiting for God.”



The Story Behind Denny Morales of “The Last Formula”


Denny Morales started his career at the young age of 16, becoming one of the youngest directors in television. Over the course of 14 years, he worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and Fox directing and technical directing, where he won his first Emmy technical directing. His attention within the television realm waned, and he desired for more bigger and better things, such as becoming a Hollywood producer and business owner. He would constantly be starting businesses on the side, and making short films on side when he wasn’t at his day job, such as working on the 3-time award winning Paul Cruz: Latin Actor as production coordinator and working on the Flipping Vegas reality show pilot, getting it picked up with just a shoot-to-edit reel.


At the age of 27 he went through his midlife crisis, losing everything he ever gained in his life, including his house, cars, and wife. In a struggle to make his life successful, he turned to spirituality. This guided him through his struggle, and showed him not to give up, and how the use of spirituality can give you anything you’ve ever wanted in life. When he was laid off from Fox in 2008, he took his chance on his dream full on. Living off of unemployment, he started his next business venture. At this time, he got involved in the world of teaching filmmaking and internet marketing. While struggling to make a successful company, he went into many business ventures, which brought him to working with multimillionaires such as J.T. Fox and Jordan Weirsz. After speaking onstage with J.T. Fox, he fell in love with teaching others. Through using tools that spirituality had presented, success had begun to come into his life and in business. He finally focused on being a producer and started his own production company. From there, he had been making connections in Hollywood, teaming up with Palladium Books to expand their media material, and had landed a deal with a person he always dreamed of working with, 7-times best selling author, Neale Donald Walsch. Denny is currently developing a feature film and focusing on running his production company, Watery Flame Productions.


We hope you enjoy this special video message for Inspirational Storytellers from Denny.




“Higher Vibrational Life Reflections” – Book Launch Nov 13th


“Higher Vibrational Life Reflections”

365 Expressions of Pure Divine Potential which Reflect the Loving Creative Spirit We Truly Are.


We as humanity are evolving from a competitive control based society to a society that intuitively knows there is a greater life to be lived. When we bring forth our own message, and share its gift, we contribute to a state of harmony and wellness for all. We can no longer settle for the role of victim or blame while conforming to what others want us to do. We are each a unique piece of the puzzle, of creating a better world for all. When you are inspired and blissful because your vibration is high, you bring forth the best of who you are, or the authentic you without the heavy weight of childhood or lifestyle programming. Your inner spirit essence knows and wants to express your genius and it does not need a heavy programmed mind in order to do so. When you set aside all the limits and beliefs that have shaped your life until this moment, you find an essence within that is ready to guide your life. This essence is your Higher Self and is the spiritual aspect of you.


We all have days in which we can benefit from the voice of empowering inspiration and this book is one such voice! This is so, because these daily messages come from a place of profound understanding of spirituality and the Human-Energy-Body. Each of the 365 expressions reflects your connection with the higher vibration of your own inner spirit essence.  As you leaf through the pages scanning the profound wisdom your vibrations rise. The energy behind every written word is powerful but never as evident as when you absorb the words within this book. You will find support, encouragement, inspiration, empowerment, wisdom and a clear portrayal of a profound subject, all in the easy-to-read format of perusing one message a day.


Who around you tends to look at life with a negative perception of reality? Then this would make a perfect gift for them. Do you, yourself, just love inspirational content? Then you will also find treasure in these pages.  So share some Higher Vibrational Life Reflections, amidst its timely presentation, as we all go through a human and planetary shift.


Author Bio:


Author Tanya Jopson

Tanya is an author and coach. She is best known for her ability to portray the Human Energy-Body, vibrational frequencies, and there effects in everyday life. From her wisdom clients learn how to live a spirit-guided life. Her skills include discerning the energetic reflection her clients have within their reality and how to successfully overcome any unwanted situation by changing the vibration they emit, this often entails removing any limiting childhood programming. She works with clients individually, on issues with relationships, parenting, life goals and clearing ones perception of the various limiting effects of a childhood programming. Her clients say she has healing abilities but Tanya puts this down to doing what she loves by helping others to live an authentic life, by expressing your genius.


As the author of five books all available on amazon.com she has received comments like “where do you get this stuff” or  ” I have read many spiritual books, and you describe higher vibrations in an fresh way,” again showing that she really has a unique perspective in her work, which she attributes to spirit guidance. Her passion flows through her work and she if often humorous, but always compassionate, empathetic and wise as she works in a unique way with her clients, who always feel enlightened, empowered and incredibly inspired. Tanya is the creator of both Raise Your Human Energy-Body Vibration and The Tipping Point of Transformation, a ninety day coaching program that deals specifically with a clients unique situation taking them to a vibration where they are never again affected by the lower vibrational content of human mass consciousness and are therefore spirit-guided and living an authentic life.


Tanya grew up in London England and Mayo Ireland and now lives in Florida USA with her children and Siamese cat. She considers herself a consummate attendee in the school of life and is enjoying all that this offers. Her days are filled with harmony and joy as she ventures more into the media, with interviews and speaking engagements. And she assures us there are more books on their way!



Book launch 13 November 2012!!

Please visit Tanya’s website.  There is an amazing array of free gifts available to you with this book purchase.






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100% of the profit from the sale of these books goes to the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers to support their travels.



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Richard Holmes on “The Author’s Show” this coming week!



One of our inspirational writers, Richard Holmes from the United Kingdom, is featured on US radio’s “The Authors Show”. He is talking about his book Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me and also about some of his life experiences; including his battle with alcohol. I’m sure you will find it fascinating to say the least. The interview is being broadcast from 12 September to midnight EST on 13 September. It’s definitely worth a listen so check it out. Just click on the link below.