Inspirational Storytellers – 1st Radio Season Finale!

Wow, what a wonderful way to end our first season here at Inspirational Storyteller Radio by having some amazing guests call in and share their stories with us on-air! Grateful to have been able to share with you these amazing ladies on the show:

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Top (left to right): Mariette Bermowitz, Carmela Tal Baron, Michelle Casto, Tanya von Zychlinsky. Bottom (left to right): Jane Doyle, Memphis Robson-Frentz, Jeanne Ross.


Jane G. Doyle – Jane is writing a book, Expect Your Miracle, a collection of miraculous healing stories of people who are living theirs. The book’s purpose is to inspire others and to redirect their thinking and actions so they can create their own personalized healing formula, or a unique prescription for wellness. Once Jane realized this, she was able to create and expect her own miracles. To learn more, please visit and
Tanya von Zychlinsky – Tanya von Zychlinsky is a world citizen, visionary spiritual guide, inspirational storyteller, and creative channel, Tanya has been on America’s ABC TV, returning special guest on radio shows, co-directing ”Evolution’s Child”, and emoting her own poetry on stage. Tanya is a word weaver, published author: A creative vortex, visionary, and voice for good. She connects people with their passions activating their clarity, creativity, commitment, and courage to make their dreams real. If you want to experience real magic in your love, life, and leadership, you’ve got to ground and grow your Spirit on earth. Tanya can show you how. To learn more about Tanya and her work, please visit:
Carmela Tal Baron – Carmela is the Founder of Designs for Enlightenment · New York. Carmela is an interdisciplinary artist. She sings, writes poetry, paints and creates prints. As a bilingual (English-Hebrew) writer, she has written and illustrated children’s books, and has shown and performed her visionary art in many different venues in the U.S. and Israel.
Michelle Lynn Casto – Michelle Casto is a guiding light and Destiny & Success mentor. An advocate for ‘everyday enlightenment’ and full soul expression, Michelle Casto, “The Destiny Diva,” expertly blends human psychology, spirituality, and the science of success into a powerful formula for personal transformation. Her proven Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed) empowers people to grow beyond victim mentality and shows them how to be conscious creators of their life. FREE Gifts and inspiration at : and
Jeanne Ross – Jeanne is the author of “My Life in Disguise”, an inspirational story about her life as a disguise technician for the CIA. She is a poet, writer, painter, and gives lectures on Esoteric Color, The Spiritual in Art, Color Consciousness, and the Seven Rays as it applies to the color spectrum. She has traveled extensively throughout eighty plus countries, and has been an occult student of the South American Andean traditions. Jeanne is living, writing, and painting in Baja Mexico. Learn more about Jeanne here:
Memphis Robson-Frentz – Memphis is a graphic designer with a difference! She has a dream to sell ONE MILLION GREETING CARDS to raise money to build 100 homes for families in the slums of Tijuana, Mexico. For more information on the One Million Cards Project please visit : And to visit the website of Memphis and her amazingly funky and creative designs and products, please click here:
Mariette Bermowitz – Mariette was born in Brussels in 1938. Her father, the only other survivor of the family, brought her to live in Brooklyn when she was twelve. By making a career of teaching the French language and culture, she inspired her students and stayed connected to the world she had lost. She is a co-founder of the Miette Culinary Studio and has traveled extensively and is fluent in several languages. In Mariette’s book, “Mindele’s Journey, A Memoir of a Hidden Child of the Holocaust” Mariette gives a voice to those who were silenced

If you click on the book links you can also find more books by these authors on Amazon.


flower-bouquetAnd a very BIG bouquet of flowers and much love and gratitude to the one and only, Nancy Wait, the very shiny light who led the way as Hostess for our first season on Inspirational Storyteller Radio! Nancy will be beginning her own radio show anew once more @ Art & Ascension.

nancy-aboutusFor those who know Nancy you know she has hosted many a wonderful show at Art & Ascension! We will keep you updated on Nancy’s upcoming shows as well as news about when Season Two of Inspirational Storyteller Radio will begin.

Thank you one and all for joining with us! Whether you have shared the inspiration, or been inspired….we are very grateful to you all.



Sharing Our Stories – Radio Season Finale

You are invited to call in and share your inspirational stories with us for our Radio Season Finale!  Our northern hemisphere team have books to write and a spring and summer to enjoy!  So for our first Radio Season Finale we’ve decided to celebrate with a VERY SPECIAL show.  Please join Nancy Wait and Lynne Maree on-air and share your story!


  • April 30th at 5 pm Eastern.
  • Maximum length: 10-12 minutes please.


To ensure your spot in advance, please contact Lynne Maree at:


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou


nancy-aboutusQuoting our very own Nancy Wait from her article “Memoir As Soul Work” ~:

All art is expression.

All expression is a way of putting it “out there.”

As soon as we put it out there it’s no longer inside us, or merely inside us. It has been expressed outwardly. So we can now hear it, feel it, see it, touch it – outside of us. And so we get to know ourselves better in the world. And so we become more knowing.

This is especially true of memoir.


Memoir is the story of us. It is about who we are, who we think we are, who we think we might have been, and who we were.

We write our stories with the hope they will be read and that readers will have a response, that they will be moved in some way.

But whether or not they respond in ways we expect or desire, whether or not our books fly off the shelves, something utterly amazing has occurred within us along the way of transforming our memory into prose: we have become conscious of who we actually are.


Look forward to hearing all your stories!  Please remember to reserve your spot on the show with Lynne and we’ll catch you on-air on the 30th!

Link to the “To Inspire” Radio Show on the 30th of April ~ Share Your Stories                Please share with your friends!