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Lynne Maree – Founder of Inspirational Storytellers


lynne-maree-booksLynne Maree founded Inspirational Storytellers in May 2012 birthed from a deep desire to see others inspired to be all they can be, combined with a deep love of books and storytelling in its myriad of forms. Her vision, born from a knowing that our stories are important to our personal development, was to see us all learn from our own stories and the stories of others. Since the beginning of time storytelling has been integral to the development of humanity through the sharing of stories in all cultures.  Stories teach, entertain, encourage and inspire.

Lynne wanted to create a place where stories in all their forms could be shared and enjoyed.  A platform where video, audio and written stories, and poetry; along with visual stories via art, would inspire hearts all over the globe.


Moyra Irving


moyra-lrgMoyra Irving is a writer, healer and artist whose work has been dedicated to healing and spiritual growth for over 30 years. The foundation of all her work, both artistic and practical, is ‘Soul-centred living’ and the recognition that we are all divine. Her uniquely soul-searching stories are modern day parables that allow us to see more deeply into ourselves.

Moyra also uses the ancient art of storytelling to enable others to tell their own story and thus create a priceless legacy for family and friends. Her Inspirational Storytelling workshops are designed to stimulate the imagination and release the ‘Inner Storyteller.’


For those wishing to explore ‘daily retreat,’ while living and working in the world, Moyra’s first book, ‘Take Me to the Mountain – discovering the you that never dies,’ (published by Inspirational Storytellers) is now available. Its sequel, ‘Fiery Love,’ will be published in 2014. She has also created two illustrated sets of Guidance Cards, ‘Take Me to the Mountain’* and ‘Fiery Love,’ and six meditation, healing and storytelling CDs. Storytelling provided the inspiration behind her charity The Extra Guest (Food for All), an end-hunger charity that supports food-aid and sustainable living projects around the world.


Nancy Wait


nancy-aboutusNancy Wait has been in the arts all her life. She was born in Chicago and grew up in New York City. At the age of ten when she was sent to acting school to overcome shyness, she was hooked. After training at the High School of Performing Arts and Carnegie Mellon, she went to London to study at Rada and made England her home. In the 1970s she acted in film, television and theater under the name of Nancie Wait, but gave it all up after a tumultuous life led to a spiritual awakening at twenty-six.

When she returned to the States she took up painting, and during the 1980s she was a freelance artist of portraits and architectural renderings. She also painted a series of paintings from her imagination called Journey to the Deep, which led her to the inner world of connectedness and feeling, and ultimately to an awareness of a past life. Yet this profound awareness was not experienced consciously until she eventually gave up painting and turned to writing.

The effort to produce her memoir lasted an amazing fourteen years, as she not only needed to learn to write, but to express long buried feelings of painful experience and create a compelling narrative from it. She called her book, The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery, because it was during the writing she at last came to understand the meaning behind the paintings of her imagination, and consequently, the meaning of her life.

Through her work as a writing coach she has assisted other writers in coming to terms with their own lives through the act of writing it down. She feels the benefits of telling one’s story cannot be underestimated as it is through this sifting process, the relentless effort to pare down and peel away, that we may finally come to the truth of our being. The Know Thyself that is the basis and stepping off point for soul awareness, and entry into the higher and deeper life of meaning.


Julian Middleton


563169_289869861140244_1333216113_nJulian was a bookworm as a child and writing his own stories came instinctively and naturally. He’s  been writing for most of his adult life, mostly fantasy fiction. A year or so ago, following several near-misses with London publishers, Julian decided to self-publish. Joanna Beyond The Veil – his  tenth children’s novel – was the first to appear, and also the first to draw on his interest in spiritual matters. Halloween Tales and Midnight Stories duly followed – a collection of spooky short stories! Proceeds from this go to The Extra Guest charity. Julian by no means defines himself as a children’s author, but thus far that seems to be his natural outlet. There are fantasy stories, silly stories and gothic stories, plus a couple of astrology titles also. They will all, we are sure, find their way into print in due course. More recently Julian have published A Short Course In Intuition and Sunrise On The Mountain – four spiritual tales.

Julian first became interested in astrology in his teens when he found myself magnetically drawn to the subject. He studied pretty voraciously at the time and soaked it up; learning a great deal about himself and those around him. Julian continued to work on friends’ and family members’ charts in his twenties but it wasn’t until his Saturn Return at thirty that Julian sought to gain a professional qualification. He studied at the White Eagle School of Astrology and subsequently gained their Diploma following some four years’ tuition. He’s been reading individual horoscopes now for a decade and is also about to publish a fairly hefty textbook entitled The Art of Intuitive Astrology.  In addition to his Diploma Julian also holds a Degree in English.