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League top-level security Wei’an, cheap nfl jerseys Harris: Want to stay in Viking

When we are getting closer and closer to the free player market, the market of security guards Anthony Harris is bullish.

After the Justin Simmons, Harris has become a “heavy target” in the free player market after Justin Simmons. If the Viking people can’t renew him, other teams may give him a new year of $ 14 million in a new contract.

But Viking has been cut off multiple people to release salary space, and Harris is willing to stay in the team.

“Yes, if everything goes smooth & mdash; & mdash; from top to bottom, from the boss to the coach to the locker room to the culture to consider the team. I definitely want to stay here,” Harris said. “I love Mingneapolis, love this team, this is a great city. There is really friendly. This team is very competitive, so I think they have everything I want. If possible, I definitely want to leave. “

Excellent Harris last season is a score of 91.1 at the professional football focus network, which is the highest score. He and Simmuss were only two scores of more than 90 security silents.

Harris that enters the league in the United States has become one of the top players of the league. Although it is unexpectedly selected from the last season, he has achieved the maximum number of copies of the league, and he also completed the 60 times to disrupted the ball.

After Harris and Viking have proved to be suitable for each other, the problem is whether Viking can have the ability to offer Harris wants. After a series of layoffs, cheap nfl jerseys their salary space is still only $ 20.7 million.

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