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Steel people Troy-Polamaru returned

Troy Polamalu will be retired as a 12 session of the Pittsburgh Steelman.

It is reported that Polamar has told the steel man’s own decision, he is a member of the 8 professional bowls, his decision is expressed in a telephone with the SCOUT reporter. He said: “This is for your family. I am living in Pittsburgh now, and I have the opportunity to live with my family since the end of the season, this is perfect.”

Polamar has played 9 games last season. Finally, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping because there were four games in the final 7 games in the team, 8 were completed in the game of Baltima Crow in the team. Hold and run again.

The 33-year-old safety guard said that he did not consider playing cheap jerseys for sale other teams, so he would choose to retire.

It can be said that he is an important component of the steelman’s defense in the past 10 years, won the team 40 and the 43nd super bowl. And his entire 158 career competition completed 800 hugs, 12 times, nike nfl jerseys four-point guard, all completed in Pittsburgh.

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